Dating Sim Gone Wrong – Re: Zero S1 Episode 3 Rewatch

This is a review and rewatch of the Re: Zero – Starting Life in Another World anime series. Covering Season one Episode three (Director’s Cut Edition).

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I’m pretty sure Re Zero is secretly a dating sim masquerading as a dark horror fantasy isekai series. 

Subaru’s chat with Rem in the forest on the way back from town is exactly like the encounter with Emilia – random cherry blossoms and all.  

Rem spawns cherry blossom petals for the unlocked romance route event. Re Zero S1 Episode 1
Rem spawns cherry blossom petals for the unlocked romance route event. Re Zero S1 Episode 1

I wonder if Subaru has to reset in order to gather bits and pieces of information before realizing the intended outcome. Especially if each time is different, that is another opportunity to learn info that could be beneficial for the next conversation.  

While watching this episode, I was actually reminded a lot of Life is Strange because of the repeated sequence of events.  

Just imagine though, going to bed one night believing all is fine in your world and only waking up the next morning to realize you died that night. I think that would drive anybody crazy. Although, I don’t really understand what’s so special about Emilia that Subaru would literally walk through hell to save her.  

At this point in the story, they barely know each other.  

I was watching the ED and it seems that promise he made her during the raid on Old Man Rom’s shop by Elsa is what started this all. Or, it’s the trigger for this endless Return by Death loop.  

But…Subaru has to have some past memories mixed into his consciousness. Otherwise, his actions would make absolutely no sense. 

Take his interactions with Rem this episode, for instance. 

Subaru just randomly mentions something about demons, and liking them more than gods. This pleases Rem, because she is a demon.  

(Again, I know this because I saw bits and pieces of the series up to season 2 by watching reactors before choosing to watch myself.) 

Ram picking up on Rem’s little crush on Subaru is what caused all of this. But…why does Rem like Subaru? 

Is it because he was nice to her? Is it because he hit on her? Because honestly, Subaru has been hitting on anything that is female and walks in Lugnica.  

There has to be more to these little interactions.  

I know they don’t amount to much right now, but they have to be webs and pieces to the story – even if we (or rather, I) don’t realize it yet. 

Maybe I’m just being stubborn, but I refuse to believe Subaru has never done any of this before. He could have had his memories locked like Emilia, but there is a reason he was summoned to their world.  

Also, I truly believe he died back in the real world.  

He could have got hit by a car after heading home from the conbini, or blacked out at the gaming center in Episode 1 and through constant routine, his mind thought he was doing actions he really wasn’t. 

I don’t know. Tell me what you think. 

Is Subaru Natsuki dead in the real world? Or will he return once the time loops and save points have officially been exhausted? 

Does Subaru idealize the idea of Emilia far too much? 

And is anybody waiting for Subaru back in the real world?  

(Surely his parents care, or he must have had at least one friend who would notice he was gone…?) 

Rem and Subaru walking through the forest after their date was my favorite scene of this episode! Re Zero S1 Episode 1
Rem and Subaru walking through the forest after their date was my favorite scene of this episode! Re Zero S1 Episode 1

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