Reinhard to the Rescue – Re: Zero S1 Episode 2 Rewatch

This is a review and rewatch of the Re: Zero – Starting Life in Another World anime series. Covering Season one Episode two (Director’s Cut Edition).

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Hmm, so two things immediately stick out to me after watching this episode. 

  1. Puck doesn’t question how Subaru knows him, and immediately goes with it to save Emilia’s life. 
  1. Subaru makes a joke asking Emilia not to make him into a “frozen statue” or something along those lines. 

Which the latter being really weird, since I don’t think it’s revealed that Emilia froze the forest until later in this season, or sometime in season two. 

I’m wondering…if Subaru somehow retains his past blocked memories on an unconscious level? And there are those around him who somewhat retain knowledge of his actions, or past timelines as well. 

Especially since the dialogue between Subaru, Emilia, and Elsa took a weird turn. 

When Subaru was remembering his past interactions with Emilia that happened in previous scenarios, he states he “finally remembers why he is here in the first place”.   

After his like fourth time of Return by Death earlier, he remembers Emilia, Felt, Old man Rom and everyone else will die after seeing a tomato smashed in the street. That is initially why, on the surface, he decides to go back and save them instead of just running off somewhere. 

So for Subaru to randomly say that after a few flashbacks with just Emilia, is odd. 

He then says that he will kill her, and won’t let her play her trump card. Emilia actually looks terrified while Subaru says this. 

In the context, you would think he is talking about Elsa but to me…it feels like he’s talking to Emilia. Which is why she was afraid. 

I know this makes no sense on the surface, but it is (somewhat) hinted that Subaru and the Witch Satella have some sort of history. I know I haven’t seen the whole series yet, but I am in the camp of people who believe Emilia becomes Satella somehow in the future; in a parallel timeline.  

This takes into consideration that Subaru is actually supposed to kill the Witch of Envy. 

Regardless, how on earth would Subaru know what Elsa’s trump card was? Especially when he and Emilia just had a conversation about her trump card, and then coupled with Subaru’s comment about becoming a frozen statue… 

I don’t know. 

Maybe I’m grasping at straws here, but I’m probably going to continue believing this until I gather more info.  

(I’m only on episode two, after all. Haha 😏) 

Also, the flatline noises when Subaru realized Elsa got him make me think that his body in the real world has already died, or something. 

I feel like I’m rambling at this point. Let’s end it here. ☹ 

(Should I just start an Elsa fanclub at this point?) Re:Zero Season 1
(Should I just start an Elsa fanclub at this point?) Re:Zero Season 1

Is there something more to Subaru’s Return by Death power? 

Does anybody else think that Elsa Granhiert is a great early series antagonist? 

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