It’s Driving Me Crazy – Law School Ep 7 – 12 Review

This is a review for Episodes 7 – 12 of the Netflix Kdrama series Law School – Starring Actor Kim Bum.

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Ah, what can I really say to defend myself here? 

Is it wrong for me to review five episodes of Law School at once despite most likely only focusing on the most recent episode at hand? Yes. 

Am I going to beat myself up over it? No. 

Sorry if that makes you angry. 

I had a few personal things going on in my life concurrently and decided to take a little break for the sake of my own mental health. Despite taking a break from reviewing this series, I never stopped watching it.  

Especially since I view watching kdrama (and other tv shows and movies) as a bonding experience between myself and my mother. 

So ironically, I watched a few Cdrama during this time as well, in addition to starting and now finishing Revolutionary Love just an hour before watching ep 12 of this series.  

I don’t want to make a habit of this, but just know that I didn’t mean to leave a gaggle of episodes to review at once like this – and I still am enjoying this crime story and drama. 

Anyways, on to the review! 

So yesterday I was reading some theories on one of the forums I visit, and a lot of people were suddenly suspicious of Prof. Kim. After all, isn’t it odd that the actress has top billing, despite being relegated to a side character for almost the entire series up until this point? 

Last week, when she decided to work with Assemblyman Ko and submit the bill to help out the Bad FaMa case, I didn’t find it odd.  

To be quite honest, I almost expected it. 

I know that laws are different everywhere, but I’ve been trying to look into the laws here in the U.S. in an effort to know my rights.  

While doing this, I learned that the lawyers basically work for the court, despite defending their clients. Which makes sense why prosecutors are often called up to the judge’s bench to discuss a case, or have a quid pro quo on which cases to take, or the sentencing. 

I even watched this really screwed up movie the other night with Keanu Reeves called “The Whole Truth” that like Seven Seconds, made me want to burn the whole judicial branch down and start anew. 

And it’s not even that all of the judges, prosecutors, and lawyers knew each other.  

It’s not that the cops were not interrogated about covering up evidence, or asked to elaborate their statements “out of respect” for their position.  

It’s the simple fact that all of this was perfectly legal. 

And if you don’t know your rights, or the law – you can be taken advantage of. 

Which…was it not Prof. Yangcrates who said that you have to watch a prosecutor who knows the law a little bit too well? 

And all of that lead me to really feel for Joon Hwi when he said that becoming a prosecutor had never scared him until now. 

I mean…who the hell wants to end up like Prosecutor Jin? And as much as I don’t like him…he’s done nothing illegal. 

No slip ups, no mistakes. 

Only suggestions. Private conversations. Knowledge he’d be privy of due to an occupational incident. 

Experience on the job to back up any possible legitimate tips he receives on the case. 

I mean, after all – who would believe a (lowly) law student (or intern) at the top law university in Korea over an established prosecutor who is in the back pocket of the next big assemblyman – and who knows who else? 

What power do ordinary people have who go to free legal clinics? What power does the average citizens have if they do not know their rights

Or if they do, and get frazzled, like Seung Jae. 

Where their guilt is used against them, and they fold under the pressure?  Enough to be manipulated in situations they would otherwise shine in? 

Or let’s take Ye Seul, who froze up even more initially after her dirtbag abusive boyfriend showed up and put on a play in the courtroom. Only to then be seen in his hospital room fine, eating fried chicken and talking shit to his father’s subordinate. 

But…the jury doesn’t know what he’s like. Only the viewer does. 

Which is why it was so easy for Prosecutor’s like Bae and Jin to twist each and every word Ye Seul had said, and fabricate this elaborate fairytale (or “novel”, as the Netflix translation enjoys using) that Ye Seul was a two-timing, gold-digging whore who was using and hurt poor delicate Assemblyman Ko’s son.  

Despite having evidence to back up what really happened, until Ye Seul used her own voice, and took herself out of the situation (which is hard to do)- she would have lost that case. 

And this is not me dismissing the abuse, gaslighting, and other trauma Ye Seul experienced.  

She was still in shock, and made to take the stand. Which is something that unfortunately happens each day to many women, and even some men who are abused and raped by their partners. 

None of it is right, but I’m glad that Prof. Yang walked Ye Seul through the situation, and had her see the case from an objective point. Especially since there was a case like this at the very beginning of the criminal law class – I’d have to go back to the first few episodes to see what the outcome was. 

Same with the needle thing too, where Joon Hwi was guilty of the lethal injection but lied and acted like he wasn’t during the mock trial.  

Now we find out that Lee Man Ho dealt with organ trafficking, had an article of the ‘clean murder’ on his room wall along with (other) cases about him, and is now threatening Yang with the same method of death. 

Then we have Prof. Kim talking to James on facetime, whom Lee Man Ho is looking for. 

Not to mention it seems Assemblyman Ko is blackmailing and using Lee Man Ho.  

I’d say I feel bad for him, but I don’t. 

Last night I came across someone on a forum mentioning that Lee Man Ho might be based on a real case that happened in South Korea. Of course, there are better sources than Wikipedia, but I couldn’t stomach looking for articles in the Korea Times after reading the mere details of that case. 

Which can be viewed here, if you are interested

Lee Man Ho is getting screwed by everybody on the cast and I am here for it. Law School Ep 12
Lee Man Ho is getting screwed by everybody on the cast and I am here for it. Law School Ep 12

I started out just being mildly interesting in learning where this case would go in Law School, and ended up disgusting myself. 

Who could have foreseen looking up a case about a pedophile rapist would indeed, disgust someone looking up case details about a pedophile rapist? (sarcasm) 

Anyway, I should start wrapping this up here.  

This world is just filled with bullshit, and maybe it is up to us to change it.  

I think that starts with knowledge, and knowing your rights. 

So, if you’re interested, and you are in the United States (which is a corporation as of 1871, and not an actual country), you can start here: 

Meet Your Strawman: And Whatever You Want To Know”…as David E. Robinson has a lot of great books for only $5. 

It’s really mind-blowing to know just how many things around you in your daily life simply are not real. 

Operating under maritime law despite being on land, the “Color of Law” basically being bullshit courts make up to slap false charges on those who don’t know their rights to (allegedly) simply cash the bonds they make from the jailtime to grow rich, or that most countries recently came into existence. 

Like Spain being founded in December 6, 1978, and India (formerly Hindustan) on August 15, 1947 (according to Google). 

It’s such a joke, that I can’t even be mad anymore. 

Because what is, simply is. 

And it’s important to know your rights. Because they could save your life, just as they saved Ye Seul. 

But, nobody cares about that legal stuff, right? You just came to be entertained, and talk about a simple kdrama. To speculate between the romance between leads Sol A and Joon Hwi, right? 

Because that’s what’s really important. 


Screw all of those free resources out there that not being takeadvantage of. Etymology dictionaries? Thesaurus? That’s boring! Who has time to learn Latin in this day and age? 

So, tell me your thoughts: 

Laugh while you still can, Assemblyman Ko. Law School Ep 12
Laugh while you still can, Assemblyman Ko. Law School Ep 12

Do Joon Hwi and Kang Sol A have chemistry together? Was she the one he cares about the most in the study group?  

Were Ji Ho, Seung Jae, and Kang Sol B wrong for wanting to preserve themselves over the people in their study group (commonly referred to as ‘friends’)? 

Leave your thoughts in the comment section below, I’d love to hear from you! Also be sure to follow us for more Netflix Law School Kdrama Reviews! 

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2 thoughts on “It’s Driving Me Crazy – Law School Ep 7 – 12 Review”

  1. It wasn’t intended to be a funny scene but I laughed so much when Assemblyman Ko got wheeled into the court room. But really, I despise his character so much – I hope he gets what’s coming to him.
    Your speculations about Joon Hwi and Sol A have now thrown doubt into the mix since I just assumed that he liked her and what if we get the most bizarre plot twist at the end and it’s not her?
    Haven’t seen the next ep yet but intrigued to see how Joon Hwi’s knowledge about Kang Sol B’s paper pans out

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I laughed and then was really angry that he put on a play in the courtroom, lol. The fried chicken scene afterward was the icing on a terrible cake.

      (wait until you see the preview for next week’s episode with the boyfriend and his father. He might not be done terrorizing Ye Seul yet.)

      That’d be hilarious. I think the two actors have chemistry, but I thought Joon Hwi liked Sol B only to then switch to Sol A. Ep 13 kind of goes into why Joon Hwi was giving Sol B so much attention in the beginning. I wonder if there’s a similar reason for Sol A now, too.


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