Too Many Shady Players – Law School Ep 6 Review

This is a review for Episode 6 of the Netflix Kdrama series Law School – Starring Actor Kim Bum.

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So I’m not even going to lie, the ending to this episode kind of annoyed me a bit. 

It’s bad enough Kang Sol A suddenly has zero peripheral vision to not even notice Lee Man Ho sitting beside her, but Joon Hwi just happens to find a letter from Kang Dan? In the book that he brought from her three years ago and said he read cover to cover? 


Kang Sol A really has no peripheral, huh? Even Joon Hwi can't believe the convenience! lol - Law School Episode 6
Kang Sol A really has no peripheral, huh? Even Joon Hwi can’t believe the convenience! lol – Law School Episode 6

And Sol A just happens to walk into Prof. Yang’s office (without even really knocking) and Kang Dan is suddenly on the phone? 



This show is messing with us. Or, it’s an elaborate hoax. 

And don’t tell me you believe for a second that Sol A doesn’t remember Joon Hwi, when even her little sister does.  

All the times this girl has quite literally “run into” him? And studied with him?  

Something should have jogged her memory. Especially those books. 

This is not Sol A, this is totally Dan. The twins have some elaborate ruse going. 

Was it even mentioned which sister was being arrested/threatened with detention for punching that prosecutor’s daughter for messing with the other twin?  

Then there was a twin who entered university because they tried fighting the case, but ended up having to settle and it took all of their life savings.  

So they entered university on a scholarship. 

(And remember ‘Kang Sol A’ was confused when Prof. Yang started talking about an ‘apology’ in the hallway in what, episode one?) 

Sol A mentioned in the flashback to Byeol that Dan’s old books were no longer necessary.  

(Because Dan apparently just cut ties with her family and fucked off to Boston for no apparent reason with what little money she had.) 

Sol A (if that was her in the flashback) clearly had no need for them, and never even thought to flip through them.  

‘Sol A’ had no sense of justice, and (although needing money) did not seem like she wanted to “get back” at those people in the legal system and demand an apology.  

She seemed more like a scheming delinquent in that flashback, if we’re being honest. 

The only common factor we have between the flashback ‘Sol A’ and the current Sol A is the ponytail thing. The detained girl did it before requesting Yang order her food, and then Sol A did it once in class – which made Yang call on her (“ponytail”). 

This ‘Sol A’ also wanted to eat with Yang, and requested he order the same dish as three years ago if I’m not mistaken. But, he made a point to say that he does not eat with students. 

Between that, and eagle-eyed Joon Hwi who can spot Kang Sol B throwing a sugar packet away discreetly from a second-floor balcony, but missed a huge blank envelope in a book he said he read from three years ago is nonsense – I am highly suspicious of both characters. 

Didn’t Joon Hwi flip through the book when he first got it? He should have noticed the envelope there. 

And sure, he could have left it there with the rest of the notes, but given what of his personality we’ve seen so far – I highly doubt he would just leave that there.  

Especially when he’s just been lurking around campus watching everything lately. 

Just before I move on from Sol A… does anybody else find it odd that her little sister Byeol has the same blood type as Lee Man Ho? 

And that Lee Man Ho has the same blood type as Yang Jong Hoon? 

I just did a quick google search and couldn’t find what I was looking for, but I’m pretty sure that children cannot donate blood in South Korea. 

Which means…Sol A attempting to rush to the hospital once finding out Yangcrates was critical after being stabbed while randomly mentioning her little sister Byeol has the same rare blood type…was Sol A going to donate blood to Prof. Yang? 

(Is that scene implying there is some sort of blood or familial connection between the Kang, Yang and Lee families?) 

Does Sol A, or ‘Dan’ share the same rare blood type as her little sister? While the other twin may not?  

(I know that sounds weird, but stranger things have happened.) 

Which leaves us with our next point: the copy room guy is shady. 

He first peaked my radar when mentioning how many times he failed the bar exam. 

Then again when he mentioned the clueless public defender had a tab, and that he knew his wife, and would tell all of his secrets. 

Then yet again when he mentioned knowing the head of their national forensics office. 

Besides Sung Dong Il hiding in a box like a creep last episode, we have his photograph being taken by media outlets all because one reporter found him ‘creepy’. 

Then it hit me – Sung Dong II had Prof. Yang’s shoes the day of the murder. Or rather, he ‘borrowed’ them for a funeral, of all things.  

So… why wasn’t he on the list of suspects, as well? 

I'm on to you, old man.  From Law School Ep 6
I’m on to you, old man. From Law School Ep 6

He works at the facility, and since he knows everything that goes on (especially after letting the kids closest to the case frequently ‘study’ in the print shop back room) he can keep tabs on the latest legal developments. 

He most likely also knows the combination to the doors, as Kang Sol B knew the combo to her father’s office. 

I don’t know if this one is a long shot, but I’m going to be keeping my eyes on Sung Dong II. 

Especially since I think those two boys referred to him as the ‘troll’ under the bridge while trying to copy that textbook for substitute Yang’s class before.  

This ‘troll’ also keeps tabs, and threatens extortion if people do not pay a ‘toll’ to him, like with the lawyer. That analogy has to mean something… 

Also, Kang Sol B’s mother is absolutely off the walls and miserable, and I applaud Mr. Kang for attempting to seek help for his family. Bonus points for trying to take down that damn family portrait that drives his wife nuts, or “triggers” her “trauma”, as Joon Hwi put it. 

Yes! Take the Kang Family portrait DOWN! (and go set fire to it around back)Law School Ep 6
Yes! Take the Kang Family portrait DOWN! (and go set fire to it around back) – Law School Ep 6

(It kinda seems like nosy Seo Ji Ho in the glasses is really a mopey rich kid?) 

Anywho, what did you think about today’s episode? 

Who is your main suspect for the (alleged) murder of Seo Byeong Joo? 

[I say alleged because Netflix’s suicide warning before each episode is quite suspicious to me.] 

Leave your thoughts in the comment section below, I’d love to hear from you! Also be sure to follow us for more Netflix Law School Kdrama Reviews! 

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