So Many Revolving Plots – Law School Ep 5 Review

This is a review for Episode 5 of the Netflix Kdrama series Law School – Starring Actor Kim Bum.

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So…did Kang Sol A really just leave her bloody nose tissues all over the table and walk away? 

Who is gonna clean that up? Lee Man Ho did the same thing with Prof. Yangcrates… 

Alright so this episode, at least for now, it seems like the missing sugar packet and meth-laced coffee are pointing at Kang Sol B’s daddy, Vice Dean Jang Joo Man. 

So Seo Byeong Joo and Jang Joo Man have a talk about his daughter’s plagiarized paper, Seo brings up Jang’s impotence as a husband, and the latter gets angry and laces his coffee with the recently discovered meth.   

Later on when Prof. Yang goes to see Seo, he goes into (I think diabetic?) shock. 

In addition to the trauma of falling down the stairs beforehand, and the stressful conversation with Vice Dean Jang, Seo’s body was giving out. 

Yangcrates rushes to add the Vice Dean’s dropped sugar packet to the coffee, and inadvertently gives Seo the meth laced drink – which would explain why Seo was grabbing at and pulling Yang’s hair – because he could tell the drug was in the coffee. 

Prior to this, the two argued and Yang found the spare meth packet that Seo had in his little metal tin. He dumped that one down the sink, and the other one was completely ingested by Seo. 

Which brings us to both the drug overdose and brain damage (or was it a hemorrhage?) conclusions by the coroner.  That is…provided the first meth pack actually was put in the coffee by Vice Dean Jang. 

I think we get Ye Seul ‘s episode tomorrow, so no doubt she’ll somehow be a part of this law school murder mystery as well. Even though we thought she just found the body. But maybe, juuuust maybe…she had a vendetta. 

Why you may ask? 

Well, it’s pretty clear that Ye Seul may be dating Assemblyman Ko’s son. And that son seems to have a problem keeping his hands to himself. 

Maybe Ye Seul went to confide in Professor Seo – as the two men were close friends – or maybe Prof. Seo overheard or seen something while leaving work one day, and confronted her. 

Either way, she was told to keep quiet, and when Ye Seul walked into the office Prof. Seo was still alive, but she finished him off with a pillow, then screamed, and walked away. 

Haha, okay I’m just being funny with the last part, but no doubt she’s involved in some way.  

She is a suspect, after all. 

Which speaking of subjects, is anybody else extremely unnerved by Joon Hwi?  

His hot and cold personality is seriously giving me a bad case of emotional whiplash. 

So…now the question on my mind is…does he even really like Kang Sol B? Or, was Joon Hwi just using her to get to her father Vice Dean Jang? 

Because maybe it’s just me, but I don’t see how you have a crush on somebody, flirt with them, and then immediately check the garbage can to see what they threw out and present it to the man indicted with murder charges on him for evidence. 

What game is Joon Hwi playing? Because it’s certainly the long one. 

He even has Kang Sol B hesitating to say anything against him due to her feelings, which could bring about divided loyalties within her due to Sol B’s strained relationship with her mother, and now father. 

Which by the way…Kang Sol B’s mother is just awful. 

So was Yangcrates placed under the Sword of Justice here because he was jumping to conclusions about Kang Sol B's plagiarism? And the truth was really somewhere in the middle between what she and her mother were saying? Law School Ep 5
So was Yangcrates placed under the Sword of Justice here because he was jumping to conclusions about Kang Sol B’s plagiarism? And the truth was really somewhere in the middle between what she and her mother were saying? Law School Ep 5

So…her whole deal is that her husband failed his bar exam and didn’t become a judge like the rest of his family? And instead of just divorcing him or being with Seo Byeong Joo she’s going to just harass her daughter every waking moment of the day when clearly the girl does not have the aptitude for this? 

That is so stupid. And petty, too. 

The mom can just take the damn picture down off the wall if it ‘shames’ her so much. 

I mean…I don’t even like Kang Sol B, but she doesn’t deserve that sort of treatment.  

I thought her answers sounded a little bit robotic in previous episodes. I guess she just memorizes text word for word, and always has a ‘confident’ textbook answer at the ready when called on.  

However, I don’t think Kang Sol B is capable of thinking on her feet like Kang Sol A is, and misses the small details others could pick up in her desire to see the bigger, overall picture. 

Maybe that’s why Kang Sol B’s mother is so threatened by Kang Sol A… because she is the superior Kang Sol. 

Was that mean to say? I don’t really care 😄 haha. I’m sorry, that’s just how I feel. 

(Unless Sol A is really Dan, and that would explain why she is so good at this legal stuff…) 

Anyway, tomorrow’s episode should be another good one. 

Another pretty shot coming out of Law School Episode 5
Another pretty shot coming out of Law School Episode 5

Do you think Ye Seul’s boyfriend is Assemblyman Ko’s son?  

Why is Prosecutor Jin Hyeong Woo (and everyone else for that matter) obsessed with pinning Seo Byeong Joo’s untimely death on Prof. Yang Jong Hoon? 

Is Prof. Kim Eun Sook seriously the MVP of each episode she appears in?  

(And why is that former med student so shady?) 

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