Who is The Real Mastermind – Law School Ep 13 Review

This is a review for Episode 13 of the Netflix Kdrama series Law School – Starring Actor Kim Bum.

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Okay, if Kang Dan was serious about atoning for the sins of her past, I’m going to need her to get fully on board with taking down Assemblyman Ko. And to stop withholding information via international phone tag. 

(Do you know how much that bill must be racking up?) 

All jokes aside, Kang Dan might be a coward who is causing more harm than good turning up right now. 

I thought she would have more relevancy on our story, but with three episodes left – what more can she do?  

Especially since she couldn’t find it in her gracious heart to even tell Prof. Yang some pretty crucial information about Lee Man Ho’s son, James.  

Who…seems to be absolute best video chat buddies with Prof. Kim.  

Who…is looking shadier by the second. 


I can’t believe this woman might have been spying on Yang for Assemblyman Ko this entire time.  

Given recent episode revelations, I just keep thinking about how Prof. Kim also exchanged words with Seo Byung Joo before his untimely death.  

Now we get in this episode that Prof. Kim says she gave Ko the Lee Man Ho Act bill, when the phantom Kang Dan supposedly wrote it? 

The plot thickens. 

I do wonder though, what was the goal of Prof. Kim “sending” Kang Sol A to Ko for an internship? Especially when it was Kang Sol B who made the connection between the Assemblyman and the murder of Ji Ho’s father.  

I also want to come clean and admit that I was giving Kang Dan too much credit in my earlier reviews.  

Clearly, she is not a mastermind manipulator who posed as her twin sister to investigate the wrongdoings against her. Dan really is just a timid girl who was too weak to stand up to pressure in law school, and a bully during her school days which resulted in her sister Sol going to juvie. 

Another potential bad ass character bites the dust. 

At least we still have Joon Hwi, and his wry wit. 

Not to mention, all of the trojan horses he keeps uncovering.  

If it wasn’t already established how smart he is (Mr. “Second Round Judiciary Exam”), I would think Joon Hwi: 

Witnessing his uncle Seo Byung Joo writing the (plagiarism) article 

Finding a sack of his belongings, including a Spy Cam pen with footage to support Yang’s alibi cops missed (I know this was Yang, but it might as well have been Joon Hwi, or a mythical lead by Joon Hwi based on his ‘gut’) 

And presenting concise evidence to convince Prosecutor Jin to put Lee Man Ho behind bars  

Are just a string of events leading to plot convenience. 

Unless, they are.  

And Vice Dean Kang resigning just to serve as a legal counsel of some sort on Lee Man Ho’s trial to put Assemblyman Ko behind bars is another plot convenience, as well. 

Ah, who knows. 

It’s hilarious that Sol B, Sol A, and Ji Ho all got fired from their internships.  

Only thing is, why on earth was Ji Ho late to class as well when he didn’t drink with the rest of the study group gang? 


So as the series wraps up, what are your final bets on “who done it”? 

Was it Lee Man Ho as a contract killer for Assemblyman Ko? With his son James’ location as the bargaining chip? 

Was it Assemblyman Ko himself, to frame Yang for some reason and ‘reprimand’ his longtime friend Seo Byung Joo for not taking his side? 

Was it Joon Hwi, and he’s been lying this whole entire time (or keeping silent) about crucial case details? 

Or is this all just a mirror of the first mock trial case.  

Where someone was murdered and got away with it, but they did it out of love for the decedent? 

Nice to see Kang Sol B finally reflecting on her actions. Law School Ep 13
Nice to see Kang Sol B finally reflecting on her actions. Law School Ep 13

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