A Whole New Identity – Law School Ep 14 Review

This is a review for Episode 14 of the Netflix Kdrama series Law School – Starring Actor Kim Bum.

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 So, we finally get to meet the elusive Kang Dan!  

Except, she’s now a Harvard law student who goes by the name Erica Shin. 

I’m thinking Yangcrates has to have something up his sleeve. They all do.  

No way in hell this man had an entire ‘conspiracy board’ watching all of the players (except Prof. Kim?) hidden behind a curtain in his house just to side with Prosecutor Jin, and Assemblyman Ko.  

Speaking of Ass. Ko – I’m wondering if the Law School kids actually sent him a video with a private link? Meaning, only something that he can view?  

Possibly with the intention of having him freak out, loose face, or make a mistake they could exploit towards solving the Hit-and-Run case. 

Which…we also finally got the truth about. 

So, it turns out Joon Hwi’s uncle Seo Byung Joo actually wasn’t too much of a bad guy. 

Byung Joo purposefully kept the line going when Prof. Yang called him, until Lee Man Ho interrupted the conversation. Then, Lee Man Ho threatens Byung Joo about having a conscience and wanting to come forward – because Man Ho could be implicated and go back to jail. 

This spurs Lee Man Ho to seek out Assemblyman Ko, and as Byung Joo’s driver – steal a copy of the hidden dash cam footage that puts Ass. Ko and Byung Joo at the scene of the decade’s old hit-and-run case. 

Lee Man Ho realizes that he’s been used, and lashes out – threatening Yangcrates with just enough useful information before deciding to up and die…leaving a whirlwind of a mystery behind him. 

Why did Assemblyman Ko send Lee Man Ho’s son James overseas after the trial? 

Why is Prof. Kim in contact with James? And why did she give the Lee Man Ho bill to Assemblyman Ko, when clearly, he is crooked? 

These past two episodes, Prof. Kim has subtly been trying to siphon information from everyone.  

I guess it used to be discreet, but given current episode revelations she just looks like a mole for the assemblyman. Given the fact that I thought Yangcrates suspected her last episode when James called for a video chat. 

Then we have Yangcrates being completely taken aback and not even hiding his surprise that Prof. Kim was talking to James while in her car. 

I know the photograph is new evidence, but for a guy that’s been so meticulous the entire series – it’s surprising to me just how slow on the uptake he was for that one. 

Almost as slow as everyone piecing together that Assemblyman Ko is the determining factor in everybody’s linked cases and past history. 

You know Assemblyman Ko had to do it to 'em. (I'm sorry - I couldn't resist.) Law School Ep 14
You know Assemblyman Ko had to do it to ’em. (I’m sorry – I couldn’t resist.) Law School Ep 14

Professor Kim steals the Lee Man Ho act bill from Kang Dan. Assemblyman Ko pays Dan off for her silence, and Kang Dan does into hiding.  

Resurfaces years later, and changes her name to Erica Shin. 

(If there was some sort of clause in the whistleblower thing that says ‘Kang Dan’ could not sue, but someone else could I swear…I don’t know if I’ll be pissed, upset, or surprised. Haha.) 

Seo Ji Ho’s father commits suicide over allegations that there are harmful chemicals in his toys. Or rather, over indictment allegations leaked by Prosecutor Jin – a mouth piece for Assemblyman Ko. 

Ass. Ko is best buddies with the CEO of I-Bit toy company – Seo’s toy company’s direct competitor. It also doesn’t help that I-Bit CEO is Assemblyman Ko’s biggest supporter. 

Ye Seul experiences dating violence from Ko Young Chang – who happens to be Assemblyman Ko’s son. 

On orders from his father, he tries to coerce Ye Seul to commit perjury, and implicate Professor Yang. 

Young Chang also uses a spy cam to record his rape of Ye Seul in order to blackmail her. Assemblyman Ko planted a spy cam in the Hankuk University study group room (print guy’s backroom) or her dorm room to know that Kang Sol A was heading up an investigation. 

(There is also the issue of the spy pen that Joon Hwi found in his uncle’s possessions – with footage from that day that would acquit Yangcrates.) 

There’s also the issue of Kang Sol B plagiarizing her paper (and currently getting away with it), and her mother’s past relationship with Seo Byung Joo.  

Honestly there is nothing to suggest this, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Assemblyman Ko is somehow involved with why Vice Dean Kang didn’t become a judge. 

The only other string that I don’t understand our genius study group picking up on is the mole. 

Ye Beom has literally wormed his way into their study group uninvited

He currently works under Prosecutor Jin for his internship. 

Prosecutor Jin has been very antagonistic toward both Joon Hwi and Ji Ho (and Prof. Yang). 

Ye Beom is the only ‘new’ person who is just now privy to this information.  

Why on earth would you not suspect him? 

(Or they do, and just want him to trip himself up) 

I can understand not wanting to jump to conclusions (Sol B wanting to sell the group out over her plagiarized paper, Ji Ho wanting to sell the group out over an internship, Seung Jae pretending to study diligently while stealing tests from professors’ laptops, Ye Seul almost committing perjury for her boyfriend, etc.) but man.  

Best study group ever! Law School Ep 14
Best study group ever! Law School Ep 14

There are a lot of plotlines and threads that need to be gathered in only two episodes.  

Can this drama do it? Tell me your thoughts. 

Does Seung Jae still have something up his sleeve after being excluded from every single law school in the country? 

Who is the real culprit of the Law School murders? 

Is it Assemblyman Ko, or Lee Man Ho by proxy? 

Leave your thoughts in the comment section below, I’d love to hear from you! Also be sure to follow us for more Netflix Law School Kdrama Reviews! 

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