Takemichi Fumbles Hard – Tokyo Revengers Ep 9 Review

This is a review for Episode nine of the Tokyo卍Revengers anime.

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I’m sorry, but what the hell was this? 

And no, I’m not even going to give Takemichi  the benefit of the doubt here for this.  

Takemichi is a grown man in his twenties. The time he spent wallowing in a puddle crying could have been spent searching for Draken. 

It’s 3 vs 100 Moebius men? Mikey shows up and evens the odds just a little bit. 

It’s 4 vs 100 Moebius men? The rest of the Toman crew show up. 

So, when the brawl begins does anybody target Takemichi? Nope. 

Is he flying under the radar (with the exception of being reprimanded by a Toman division leader for flailing around and doing nothing) without anybody from Moebius targeting him? Yes. 

Could the Toman lads – actual middle schoolers at this point and not a grown man who time traveled to his teenager self – handle themselves in all of their fights? Yes. 

Takemichi had one job. 

One job. 

Hanagaki Takemichi lays wallowing in a puddle in the middle of a gang fight instead of looking for his buddy Draken and saving him from being stabbed. Tokyo Revengers Ep 9
Hanagaki Takemichi lays wallowing in a puddle in the middle of a gang fight instead of looking for his buddy Draken and saving him from being stabbed. Tokyo Revengers Ep 9

Are you telling me that despite being invisible during the 100+ man fight, he couldn’t get his self together enough to (even calmly) search the parking lot for Draken? 

He had to waste time and cry, instead of searching for Kiyomasa? 

As far as I’m concerning right now, Takemichi might as well have shoved that knife in Draken’s gut along with Kiyomasa. I’m sorry, but that was piss poor on his part. 

Yes, he has PTSD and still retains his weaker personality – I get it. 

If this were 3 or 4 vs 100, I would cut the guy some slack. If the entire Toman gang didn’t show up I would cut him some slack. But instead – Takemichi wastes this golden opportunity to save Draken by falling into a puddle and crying? 

Sorry, but that is unacceptable to me. 

Our main character needs to do better. 

I don’t know how much more of a ‘perfect’ situation that could have been in regards to the odds of saving Draken before he was stabbed. 

I just don’t get it. How did Takemichi fumble this chance so badly? 

Doesn’t he want to save the future Akkun? Or create a future for Hina? 

And why did we even need a 3+ minute recap of the events that happened last episode? Takemichi could have used those extra 3 minutes to try and save Draken! 

My goodness was that weak….but – tell me your thoughts. 

Does Takemichi save Draken next episode? Or rather, is Takemichi even capable of dialing 119 to get emergency services to Draken? 

Can Takemichi even handle that much? Or, did his bullet-proof cellphone get wrecked while he was wallowing in self-pity while in that puddle? 

Does Peh Yan see the irony in teaming up with Moebius – the crew that raped his buddy’s girl, beat up her parents and kicked his butt? Or, the fact that if he just talked to his best buddy Pah-chin, he would have realized that he volunteered to stay and turn himself in for what he’d done to Osanai? 

Does anybody even talk anymore in this anime series? 

Wow. It really took 50 guys jumping Draken in the first timeline to take him out. That's powerful. Tokyo Revengers Ep 9
Wow. It really took 50 guys jumping Draken in the first timeline to take him out. That’s powerful. Tokyo Revengers Ep 9

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(Editing now: sorry, don’t mind me. I think the puddle triggered me because I was just thinking about the absolute loser Eren Yeager has become in the SnK series finale. Forgive me. I have some Shonen-induced trauma I’m trying to work through right now. Haha ☺ ) 

((I still think Takemitchi fumbled his change to save Draken though. And fumbled it hard, too.)) 

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