Our Crybaby Hero Revealed – Tokyo Revengers Ep 10 Review

This is a review for Episode ten of the Tokyo卍Revengers anime.

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Did our Crybaby Hero Takemichi Hanagaki finally get his revenge on overgrown bully Kiyomasa this episode? 

Yes, yes he did. 

And let me just say…it was so satisfying to watch Takemitchy choke the life out of bully Kiyomasa.  

That may not be right to openly admit, but Takemichi finally beat Kiyomasa.  

Well actually, that’s still wrong. 

Takemichi finally beats his childhood bully Kiyomasa. Tokyo Revengers Episode 10
Takemichi finally beats his childhood bully Kiyomasa. Tokyo Revengers Episode 10

This is the second round of Takemichi vs Kiyomasa, and hopefully third time is not a charm. Takemitchy has beaten him fair and square twice, despite the latter resorting to weapons and literal gang violence. 

Kiyomasa is an absolute loser, and I hope he stays down after this assbeating. 

Speaking of which – is there a reason Takemichi acts so useless? 

His whole mission was to travel back to the past twelve years ago and prevent Draken’s death. Not only does he miss the seemingly 7 ft tall middle schooler with blonde hair and a tattoo – but he couldn’t even find him in a small parking lot despite not being targeted in the gang war.  

To make matters worse, after Draken is stabbed by Kiyomasa, Takemitchy just sits in front of him in the rain screaming his name. 

Like…hello? Takemitchy? You are a twenty-six-year-old man.  

A twenty-six-year-old man with a cell phone. 

Is there a reason it took Hinata calling an ambulance for Draken to have (presumably) survived this stabbing ordeal? 

Is there a reason it took Hinata calling Takemitchy’s friends The Peanut Gallery Gang to fend off Kiyomasa’s goon squad and buy enough time for the ambulance to arrive to their location? 

I understand people panicking in the heat of the moment, or stress inhibiting normal brain functions but…Takemitchy is supposedly the only one with an adult mind surrounded by middle school kids. 

I don’t know, I just expected something a little bit more…spectacular from him? 

Takemitchy has vague knowledge of the events that are going to transpire.  

Even if one or two major details were changed – the Moebius vs Toman fight essentially stayed the same. Instead of preparing for this, Takemitchy decided to go on a date with Hina, not tell anybody that Kiyomasa was planning to stab Draken, and then loses sight of him in a small parking lot. 

Towards the end of the episode, we get Takemichi giving a Shonen main protagonist speech out loud and then to top it all off he does a Shonen main protagonist scream. This startles his enemies for a moment, before he proceeds to almost get his butt kicked until – his good buddy Akkun swoops in. 

Takemichi Hanagaki doing his Shonen main protagonist scream in Tokyo Revengers Ep 10.
Takemichi Hanagaki doing his Shonen main protagonist scream in Tokyo Revengers Ep 10.

Which is fine and all, but then Akkun gives the same exact speech about never backing down being his nindo way and proceeds to get the ever-loving shit beat out of him. 

And it was at that moment, that I thought to myself “after this, I am completely done with the Shonen genre”. 

It was a cheesy scene, despite being on par for the middle schoolers. But…I don’t think I can do this anymore. Haha. 

Attack on Titan really ruined the Shonen genre for me, and now I have trust issues. 

Don’t get me wrong – I loved Naruto years ago, but everything else I no longer want a part in. 

Especially when it was revealed that it was Takemichi’s idea to become Japan’s top delinquent faction – without he or his friend group being able to fight! 

So essentially, it was Takemichi’s fault that he and his friends suffered all throughout middle school.  

Now while it’s not totally his fault for how Akkun turned out in the other timeline, Takemichi continually running away after causing problems didn’t help those around him via a ripple effect. 

But anyway, I’ve drolled on long enough about this. 

Tell me your thoughts. 

Mizo Mids Ferocious Five Crew (aka The Peanut Gallery Gang) - Tokyo Revengers Episode 10
Mizo Mids Ferocious Five Crew (aka The Peanut Gallery Gang) – Tokyo Revengers Episode 10

Is Hanagaki Takemichi the main reason for the events of the Tokyo Revengers series? 

Why did Kiyomasa bring a knife to a fist fight? 

Does Mikey know martial arts, or is he really just that good at fighting? 

Leave your thoughts in the comment section below, we’d love to hear from you! Also be sure to follow us for more Tokyo卍Revengers reviews and discussion during the spring anime season! 

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