Takemichi Joins Toman – Tokyo Revengers Ep 11 Review

Will Takemichi wear Mikey’s old Toman gang uniform with pride? This is a review and discussion for Episode eleven of the Tokyo卍Revengers anime.

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Wow, what a strong episode to finish cour one out! 

Well, almost finish the cour out. I believe episode 12 will leave us on a cliffhanger regarding Hina, but hopefully it doesn’t.  

Speaking of which – let’s all give Hinata a round of applause for singlehandedly saving Draken by being the only middle schooler smart enough to call an ambulance in the rain!  

Takemitchy also gave Hinata the four-leaf clover necklace she has in the ED, so I wonder how this will now change the past, and the future.  

I know the anime won’t show us this, but I also wonder how past Takemitchy acts now that his future self isn’t in his body anymore. Especially since his future self is the one with the knowledge and (somewhat) cool-ish swagger – does his past self go back to being a hermit? Or doing…whatever he was doing with Emma Sano? 

(Are we ever going to get an explanation for why Takemitchy had Emma half naked in a karaoke booth while they were both alone? I know she gave her reason as wanting to make Draken jealous, but this past Takemichi didn’t even know or speak to Mikey. So…how did Takemitchy meet Mikey’s little sister?) 

Also, Akkun is alive! 

And he decided to become a hairdresser like he told Takemitchy in the past when they were discussing dreams. It’s amazing how such small, seemingly meaningless conversations can have such a strong impact on a person’s future.  

If Takemitchy is still working at the book store in the future (less of a slacker I guess?), what happened to the Toman uniform Draken gave Takemitchy? 

I know Takemitchy said he couldn’t live up to it (which was true), but I thought it would imply he’d actually join the gang and always hang out with Mikey. Given this current future…it looks like Takemitchy still didn’t formally join Toman despite being given the symbol of their very gang? 

To make matters worse, it seems Mikey is hella suspicious of Takemitchy. 

Anybody else getting real strong Naruto and Sasuke vibes from this scene right here with Mikey and Takemitchy? Tokyo Revengers Episode 11
Anybody else getting real strong Naruto and Sasuke vibes from this scene right here with Mikey and Takemitchy? Tokyo Revengers Episode 11

I almost wish Takemitchy just blurted out that he was a time traveler so that Mikey knew, and they could both just laugh it off. After all, Takemitchy’s words definitely do have meaning in the past. 

(Also wondering if Akkun is going to react to Takemitchy blurting out his “It’s going to be hard going back to the future now” line.) 

I’m excited to see where this goes next week. 

But, tell me your thoughts. 

Hinata's Four-Leaf Clover charm necklace from the Ed.  Tokyo Revengers Ep 11
Hinata’s Four-Leaf Clover charm necklace from the Ed. Tokyo Revengers Ep 11

Are you surprised that Hinata (with the help of Emma) singlehandedly saved Draken, Takemitchy, and the Toman gang but gets no credit? 

What do you think happens to Takemichi’s past self when he’s left alone in the present? 


Is Hinata actually alive for real? Or is this some sort of trick to set up the time travel once more? 

Leave your thoughts in the comment section below, we’d love to hear from you! Also be sure to follow us for more Tokyo卍Revengers reviews and discussion during the spring anime season! 

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