Hina Dies Again – Tokyo Revengers Ep 12 Review

Hina really came back just to die? This is a review and discussion for Episode twelve of the Tokyo卍Revengers anime.

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I don’t know if I’m more annoyed or frustrated at what just happened. 

I knew it wasn’t going to end well. Things were way too happy, and Takemichi and Hinata bumping into one another again must have been fate. 

Takemitchy was right for not wanting to see Hinata after twelve years. It would have been completely weird. I understood where he was coming from, and thought it was an uncharacteristically good decision from him. 

Then of course, they end up together. 

Takemitchy still has his past memories, while Hinata has another set of memories.  

It turns out that in the new timeline – Hinata was not the one who dumped him. Past Takemichi was kind of feeling himself a bit too much after taking down Kiyomasa, but we have no clue how his “real” past self took it. 

After all, his “real” past self was hooking up with Emma in a karaoke bar for whatever reason. Not to mention that the past self does not grow along with current Takemichi, so he’s still pretty much a loser. 

(A loser just with cooler friends, now.) 

Why Akkun though? 

I thought he got his life together. 

Akkun never stabbed Kiyomasa, so he never went to juvie. 

Realistically speaking, Akkun should have absolutely no ties with Toman in the present.  

He should not be repeating the same dialogue word for word.  

Unless…it’s really all just futile in the end. 

This was such a touching reunion scene. You'd better save her, Takemitchy! Tokyo Revengers Ep 12
This was such a touching reunion scene. You’d better save her, Takemitchy! Tokyo Revengers Ep 12

Hinata still dies, and Akkun still has a hand in it.   

Akkun is still afraid of Kisaki, and Hanma is still crazy. 

Takemitchy is still failing to ask himself the right questions. Like, obviously something happened differently in the past if Hinata is still wearing the four-leaf clover necklace you gave her.  

He’s supposed to be a 26-year-old man, not a 12-year-old school child.  

Just talk to the woman, damnit! 


It’s like midnight. I think I’m going to end it here. 

Why is Akkun still so afraid of Kisaki? 

Is there a reason both Hinata and Takemichi are being targeted in this timeline? 

Where did Naoto go off to on his police mission? 

You know, there are so many people I don't want to like in this anime. Hanma is one of them. But damnit if he isn't just so well dressed in the present. Tokyo Revengers Ep 12
You know, there are so many people I don’t want to like in this anime. Hanma is one of them. But damnit if he isn’t just so well dressed in the present. Tokyo Revengers Ep 12

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