Kisaki Tetta the Antagonist – Tokyo Revengers Ep 14 Review

Is Kisaki Tetta secretly the best antagonist in this anime? This is a review and discussion for Episode fourteen of Tokyo卍Revengers.

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Mikey! Mikey! Mikey! This was not the play. 

Also, I am a total clown for believing that Takemitchy was given the spot of Toman third division captain. Meanwhile, he’s not even in the gang. 

Totally forgot about that.  

I kind of thought he was a member by association at this point – but Draken, Mitsuya, Baji and everyone else attacking him says otherwise. 

Wow, though. Good on Takemichi for actually attacking Kisaki first.  

Although from the look on Kisaki’s face, it seemed like he already knew our crybaby hero from somewhere… 

I love that Draken supports Mikey 100% and respects him as the leader of Toman, but I really hope he pulls him to the side and has a talk with him about Kisaki.  

After all, the hospital talk Draken and Mikey had a few episodes earlier taught Mikey the value of empathy. I’m hoping that Draken can now teach Mikey to have the foresight of using someone who can go beyond their means, so to speak. 

I wonder what the deal with Baji is. 

Mikey isn’t dumb.  

He may look like a sunflower and eat lots of sweets, but he still has dead anime eyes.  

He still told Takemitchy that he would kill him – and this time he wasn’t playing around. 

I’m pretty sure Mikey just dropped the omamori where he was sitting while Takemitchy was still knocked out. Or used Mitsuya as an excuse to let Takemichi into the gang, while subtly dropping it for him to find. 

After all, if Takemichi is going to “save Baji” from Valhalla he needs to know at least some of the backstory, right? 

Either way, I’m super intrigued for the next episode.  

But, tell me your thoughts. 

The Founding Members of Toman: Mikey, Draken, Mitsuya, Pah-Chin, Baji, and...Kazutora? Tokyo Revengers Ep 14
The Founding Members of Toman: Mikey, Draken, Mitsuya, Pah-Chin, Baji, and…Kazutora? Tokyo Revengers Ep 14

Were you also surprised to find out that Pah-chin was a founding member of Toman? (Hence his importance to the story and the whole song and dance over his arrest breaking up Toman?) 

What do you think the deal is with Kazutora Hanemiya and what’s his (alleged) vendetta for creating Valhalla? 

Now that Baji is gone – and even if he does come back- do you think Takemichi could take the vacant seat of 1st division captain in the Toman organization? 

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