A Delinquent Beach Party – Tokyo Revengers Ep 16 Review

Exploring Valhalla members Kazutora and Baji’s history with Toman. This is a review and discussion for Episode sixteen of the Tokyo卍Revengers anime.

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Man, and here I thought we were just going to have a nice episode of delinquents at the beach. 

Guess I was wrong. Very wrong. 


So, I’m wondering what the point of all of this was. 

To be fair, I’m not even mad at Kazutora over what happened. The kid clearly wasn’t wrapped too tight to begin with, and got triggered by seeing a happy family celebrate a child’s birthday. I’m not sure how or what his home life is looking like, and frankly after this I really don’t care. 

I know in the last review I said Kazutora irked me, and I still stand by that. But – I don’t hate him.  

I just want nothing to do with him. 

I don’t want to see Kazutora on my computer screen. I don’t care about his backstory. I don’t care about his deranged reasons for flocking to Valhalla. I don’t care to see his mental-breakdown induced wish to kill Mikey come into fruition. 

Hell, I’m wondering what it is about Mikey at this point that everyone either adores him, or loves him so much that it turns into hatred. 

I mean seriously – there is no in-between with this kid. 

Takemichi? Adores Mikey (and Hina) enough to traverse time and space to give Toman a better future. 

Draken? Adores Mikey enough to take a stab wound to the gut and fights to survive and stay by Mikey’s side. 

Baji? (Secretly still) adores Mikey enough to risk his life to keep him safe.  

Just like he risked his life protecting the Street Hawk moped, just for Mikey to destroy it himself after seeing Baji hurt from protecting it. 

Kisaki? Adored Mikey so much that he began to hate him after the realization that he could never be as cool. 

Kazutora and Kisaki are literally heads and tails of the same coin at this point to me in the story. 

And I truly feel like Baji is not going against Mikey.  

The Tokyo Manji Gang Founders have a lovely day at the beach on their bikes...Tokyo Revengers Episode 16
The Tokyo Manji Gang Founders have a lovely day at the beach on their bikes…Tokyo Revengers Episode 16

I don’t blame Baji for what happened to Shinichiro and it seems like neither does Mikey. I mean – there must be a reason why it’s only 5 recognized founders of Toman, when there were clearly 6 people in the photo.  

The reason Mikey wanted that bike was because his brother had that same bike, and he idolized him. Since Draken mentioned that they had no one to pass on a real bike to Mikey, I guess Mikey would have ended up inheriting his brother Shinichiro’s as time passed.  

Maybe he would have gotten it sooner when Shinichiro found out he destroyed his Street Hawk while protecting a dear member of his gang. 

I don’t even know if I’m making sense at this point, but I truly don’t understand Baji’s logic right now if he seriously does love Mikey and feels guilty about aiding and abetting his brother’s murder. Especially since Mikey said episodes earlier that Baji was his neighbor? That makes it even worse. 

I know sometimes little kids don’t remember adults or older kids they meet, and this seemed to be the case. Shinichiro knew Baji was one of Mikey’s friends, but Baji realized who he was speaking with too late. 


Just really poor impulse control on Kazutora’s part but again – I’m not going to blame the kid too harshly since he already had something wrong with him prior to this event. 

This was just a really bad situation all around. 

I’m not even really sure what else to say about this episode but, tell me your thoughts. 

Who would have thought that this was how the episode would end? Tokyo Revengers Episode 16
Who would have thought that this was how the episode would end? Tokyo Revengers Episode 16

Do you think Kazutora is to be blamed for what he did to Mikey’s brother Shinichiro? 

What internal conflict caused Baji to be on probation within Toman?  

Why did this cutesy delinquent beach episode go horribly wrong in its last moments? 

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