Quest to the Top – Tokyo Revengers Ep 17 Review

An unlikely friend fills in the gaps to Kisaki’s plans for Toman. This is a review and discussion for Episode seventeen of the Tokyo卍Revengers anime.

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I could really do without the three-minute recap montages each episode.  

Since the scene where Hina and Takemitchy kissed, it’s gotten pretty old.  

All it essentially does is eat time up in a twenty-four-minute episode, so that the studio has a nice stopping point for the arcs in the series. 

Also, full disclosure – I started reading the manga. ☺ 

Originally, I was just skipping around to make sure it was worth my time and emotional investment (the AoT ending really hit me hard). I was pleasantly surprised at how solid the Tokyo Revengers core storyline is.  

It also helps that the character designs are aesthetically pleasing – even if it is a little weird seeing middle schoolers for the most part portrayed in an almost sexualized way. 

I read: 

The Black Dragons Arc (which was fantastic by the way and currently my fav) 

(More than half of) The Bonten Arc 

Skipped the Tenjiku Arc 

And started reading some of The Final Arc 

I know Kisaki’s lame motive for causing chaos (which I had already spoiled myself to weeks ago while trying to find out if Hina ever finds out about Takemitchy’s time travel powers) but for the most part – I have no clue what happens for the remainder of the Valhalla Arc.   

Of course, there are a lot of flashbacks to integral parts of the series, so most likely I was probably spoiled to the current anime events while reading ahead, and I just don’t realize it yet. 

But anyway, I just wanted to mention that going forward.  

Anyway, enough talk – let’s get to the episode review! 

I may be biased, but Chifuyu is indeed best boy, as many in the fandom have claimed. I initially thought Akkun was solid, but Chifuyu is the true definition of an unbiased, accepting friend that everybody should have in their lives.  

Takemitchy is really lucky to have him – especially going forward. 

Takemichi talking to Mikey with his hand that changed the future in focus. Tokyo Revengers Episode 17
Takemichi talking to Mikey with his hand that changed the future in focus. Tokyo Revengers Episode 17

I can understand where Mikey is coming from with Kazutora – despite their past friendship, he still did murder his older brother. I also just don’t really care for Kazutora as a character, so I’m alright with things not going his way. 

The Kisaki scene was amazing.  

When Kisaki referred to himself as the moon and stated he couldn’t shine alone, one of his eyes is drawn like a new, or “dark” moon.  

Kisaki Tetta with one eye that looks like the dark moon, and one like the burning sun. Tokyo Revengers Ep 17
Kisaki Tetta with one eye that looks like the dark moon, and one like the burning sun. Tokyo Revengers Ep 17

The other eye with the dilated pupil is implied to be the sun – or our golden boy Mikey.  

I love how they are setting Kisaki and Mikey up to be two opposing sides of the same coin.  

Considering the end of episode revelation about Mikey becoming head of Valhalla, Kisaki is really trying to live his sick power-trip fantasy out in each alternate timeline. 

It should be an interesting ride…but, I think I’ll end this one here. 

Tell me your thoughts. 

Did Osanai fill in some blanks to Kisaki’s grand master plan?  

Why is Kisaki so obsessed with Mikey? 

Is he just attracted to his strength? Or, is there something deeper below the surface we as the audience just don’t know about yet? 

Leave your thoughts in the comment section below, we’d love to hear from you! Also be sure to follow us for more Tokyo卍Revengers reviews and discussion during the spring anime season! 

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