Cheap Junkyard Shots – Tokyo Revengers Ep 18 Review

Kazutora and Valhalla are already playing dirty against Toman? This is a review and discussion for Episode eighteen of the Tokyo卍Revengers anime.

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Well, Draken’s eyes looked especially dead this episode, didn’t they? 

Meanwhile, Mikey’s had some shine despite his overall murderous intent.  

Funny, huh? 

Anyways, I was pretty sure this episode was filler up until the junkyard fighting scene.  

The only real scene of note was Takemitchy speaking with Baji, and Chifuyu’s cryptic reaction which will be explained eventually. Oher than that…I feel like we could have cut a lot of this out?

I understand the need to build tension and explore the character’s mental states, but it just kind of…dragged? 

Gorgeous shot of Mikey with his brother's bike in quiet contemplation before the oncoming storm. Tokyo Revengers Episode 18
Gorgeous shot of Mikey with his brother’s bike in quiet contemplation before the oncoming storm. Tokyo Revengers Episode 18

Oh, Takemichi got the matching four-leaf clover necklace from Hina, so I guess that was the second actually important thing that happened. 

It was great seeing Kisaki’s salty face when Mikey said that he wanted to save Baji, instead of crushing him along with Valhalla. Also, really interesting that there was no immediate retaliation to Kazutora knocking that gang fight referee Hansen out. 

I understand that he was just the referee, but what was the point of setting up this fight the proper way if Valhalla just shows up and ignores the rules? I know Kazutora isn’t right in the head and essentially ‘snapped’ when he heard Draken mention they were “taking Baji home” – but still. 

Either way, it was nice seeing the rest of the gangs that run Tokyo…even if they all do look super old, haha. I mean seriously – how many of these kids had cigarettes in their mouths? Some of them look like they are even paying mortgages off, haha. 

We also got introduced to the Haitani Brothers (who become relevant in the Tenjiku Arc that I didn’t read), and Leanman eating his WcDonald’s on top of a junkyard car. 

So… that’s pretty much it for now. 

The Haitani Brothers have pretty cool character designs. Tokyo Revengers Ep 18
The Haitani Brothers have pretty cool character designs. Tokyo Revengers Ep 18

Excited to see how this fight turns out, and wondering if anything changed in the first timeline with Takemichi’s brief one-on-one with Baji. 

But, tell me your thoughts.  

Why do you think Kazutora snapped at the thought of Mikey still wanting Baji back in Toman over him? 


What is with all of these abandoned places the middle school kids fight at?  

Is there no adult supervision in the Tokyo Revengers universe? 

Mikey Sano's intensely dead anime eyes. Tokyo Revengers Episode 18
Mikey Sano’s intensely dead anime eyes. Tokyo Revengers Episode 18

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