Self Expression Through Art – Blue Period Ep 7 Review 

Yatora has a heart to heart with his delinquent friends, and Yuka forfeits the first TUA art exam. This is a review for Blue Period Episode 7 on Netflix.

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Wow, so I was prepared to go into a lengthy in-depth discussion surrounding Yatora’s reaction to Oba-sensei’s advice – but Yuka stole the show for me! 

Did she forfeit the first art exam assignment for TUA? 

I mean in all honesty – I don’t think it matters much. 

I know the United States and Japan are vastly different countries, but it seems like a lot of my feelings regarding situations in this show have been correct. Meaning – it seems like art and artistic expressions are the same no matter where you go in our world. 

Most likely – Yuka might be able to just say that she wasn’t feeling the assignment. Something like “I reject the notion that society imposes on us to self-reflect when it refuses to reflect upon itself” or something artsy like that. Or, she could just tell the examiners/judges to fuck off – that might work, too. 

I don’t remember how many exams they have to take – but she could probably just complete the others and be fine. 

Again, I say this from personal experience. 

Yuka decides not to participate in the self-portrait exam for TUA. Blue Period Ep 7
Yuka decides not to participate in the self-portrait exam for TUA. Blue Period Ep 7

I know I was already in art school at the time, but I had a lot going on my final semester and didn’t hand in either my midterm or final paper. Since it was the only two assignments we would be graded on, I spoke to the professor via email and let him know I had some things going on. He offered to grade my assignments if I managed to hand them in.  

So I did, and ended up receiving an A for that course.  

It may have helped too that I had him the previous semester for a course, and he knew I wasn’t a slacker. 

But in Yuka’s case, she could just put her feelings into her art and I’m sure it will be fine. 

Moving on to Yatora… 

I’m surprised Oba-sensei was so blunt with him.  

Basically, she told Yatora that he’s too much of a people pleaser, and is always hiding his emotions. Which is actually fine in “normal” Japanese society – but doesn’t work so well in the art world with such eccentric personalities. 

I mean, we even had Hashida visibly “getting off” on the thought of viewing art and Oba-sensei basically ignoring it, haha. Then again, what can you do in that situation? 

I loved Oba-sensei’s assessment of her students. They were very astute, and the polar opposite of how Yatora perceives them.  

For instance, Yatora believes Hashida is a master of technique, while the sensei admits that mastery is what causes a lack of originality in his work. He’s rigid due to self-imposed restriction for want of perfect technique, despite making aesthetically pleasing art. 

None of the students quite have that advanced sense of ‘balance’ like Yatora perceives them to in his own mind. 

We also got a really nice scene between Yatora and his delinquent buddy, Koi! 

I acknowledged his name because he seems like a really nice guy. I at first thought it was a little cliché that the big scary guy wants to bake pastries, but in the context of their conversation – it’s not that weird at all. 

Koi pointed out that Yatora’s ability to read between the lines and constantly try to please everybody was born out of insecurity. Even Yatora acknowledges this himself in one of the first episodes of the series.  

But hearing it from his friend who he constantly hid his emotions from deepened their understanding, and moved him. 

So, Koi is okay in my book. Although admittedly, I have been calling the other two delinquents in my head different character names from other works in media. 

Sumida looks like a discount S4 Reiner Braun drawn in Studio Wit’s art style, and Utashima reminds me of the main character from Persona 5 in certain sequences.  

Discount Reiner Braun and Bargain Bin Akira Kurusu make an appearance in Episode 1 of Blue Period.
Discount Reiner Braun and Bargain Bin Akira Kurusu make an appearance in Episode 1 of Blue Period

Then again, I’ve been playing through Persona 5 Royal for a few months now, and re-watching AoT slowly, as well.  

(I keep ditching the AoT series after I get pissed after rewatching and re-reading great moments that literally amounted to nothing.) 

Anyway, I think I’m going to end it here. 

I actually watched this on time yesterday, but just didn’t write the review until now. 

There’s…absolutely no reason why. 

I think I’m procrastinating again, lately.  

I have a bunch of things lined up I need to watch and review by a certain date.  

I need to finish watching the past seasons of JoJo to properly enjoy Stone Ocean in a few days. Then another season of Aggretsuko is dropping soon, and I wanted to re-watch all three past seasons of that show, as well, before starting the fourth one. 

Not to mention, finish my deep-dive of AoT that I’ve been trying to get through since the summer, despite my emotions continually getting the best of me. 

Hopefully I can pull it all off.  

It’d be great timing to reveal some other things I’ve been working on in secret ☺. 

But anywho, tell me your thoughts. 

Does art get you hot and bothered like Hashida? He's a true artsexual. It's honestly hilarious that they showed this scene. Blue Period Episode 7
Does art get you hot and bothered like Hashida? He’s a true artsexual. It’s honestly hilarious that they showed this scene. Blue Period Episode 7

Why do you think Yuka didn’t complete the self-portrait? Is it due to the emotional stress they have been suffering, or something else? 

Were you surprised Takahashi showed up for the art exams? 

Do you actually like the delinquents?  

Leave your thoughts in the comment section below, we’d love to hear from you! Also be sure to follow us for more weekly Blue Period reviews and discussions! 

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