The Sweetness of Youth – Our Beloved Summer Ep 3 & 4 Review 

Just as Yeon Su and Choi Woong agree to work together, unnecessary complications cause troubles beyond the horizon. This is a review and recap for Episode 3 & 4 of Our Beloved Summer on Netflix.

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Episode 3 

Wow, and here I thought Yeon Su was just an “evil” tsundere who caused problems in her relationship with Choi Woong. It turns out they are both equal parts crazy! Haha ☺ 

So now the one major question on my mind is: why on earth did they break up? 

Yeon Su went about her life, clearly acting like it didn’t bother her that they broke up. While Choi Woong became self-destructive and at the end of his ‘emotional episode’ turned to art for some sort of relief. 

I also may be misremembering this, but I think they mentioned in the drama somewhere that Choi Woong only draws places he has been to himself…so were all of those places in his art memories he shared with Yeon Su? 

I enjoyed the conversation between Yeon Su and Ji Woong.  

He’s definitely great at his craft. I wasn’t even one of the parties looking to do a documentary, and was moved by his speech about “preserving a period in your life”. I know both Yeon Su and Choi Woong lied about re-watching the episodes, but the original producer really did capture their “Springtime of Youth” – so to speak. 

I wonder how it’s all going to pan out. 

Speaking of which – is NJ just bored, or is she really this insufferable in her personal life? 

I know it was mentioned that she suffers from depression, and needing to hide this depression (and medicated appearance) from her fans and work causes even more internal suffering…but does NJ have to channel that energy into obsessing over Choi Woong?  

Is this just how famous idols are portrayed in the show? 

I mean…it’d been what, a day when NJ was freaking out about Choi Woong not contacting her? 

Then NJ lied to her (friends?) through text by changing their relationship from Choi Woong being a ‘fan’ to him suddenly admitting he liked her? I can understand if she is trying to save face because she felt like she got played but…was there even any game to begin with? 

Honestly, it seems like manager Eun Ho is way more into NJ than Choi Woong would ever be. And that’s even without Yeon Su fully back in the picture. 

Either way, I enjoyed this episode.  

But, tell me your thoughts. 

I just really love this image of Yeon Su and Choi Woong sitting together in the rain. seems the rain effect was hosed down here... From Our Beloved Summer Ep 4
I just really love this image of Yeon Su and Choi Woong sitting together in the rain. Although…it seems the rain effect was hosed down here… From Our Beloved Summer Ep 4

I wonder why Yeon Su specifically said that Choi Woong is the only thing she could for sure “throw away” – what do you think she meant by that?  

Do you think NJ is purposefully causing trouble by liking Manager Eun Ho’s IG post as a celebrity in order to start speculation that her and Choi Woong are dating? (which would then possibly out his artist identity?) 

Do you think NJ is actually the other artist masquerading as an art enthusiast? 

Leave your thoughts in the comment section below, and let’s continue on to episode four! 

Episode 4 

You know what? I actually take back what I said about NJ, I think she’s growing on me. 

And here I thought Mr. Jang was a somewhat decent – albeit shrewd man.  

It turns out, he really is just an asshole. 

That is such a trashy thing to do to an artist – especially when he is essentially your client as well. Why on earth did they tell Nu-a about the collaboration before Choi Woong or even Yeon Su, who is supposed to be managing the collaborative relationship with Soen? 

I really thought Mr. Jang was a decent guy. 

Does he actually like Yeon Su as her teammates suggested?  

If not, I can’t think of any other reason for him to cause a misunderstanding between her and her ex-boyfriend/the artist she is supposed to be managing in their work deal.  

Especially when Mr. Jang knows their complicated backstory after Yeon Su (who claimed that she could hold her liquor) got drunk in front of  Jang and ended up spilling all of her feelings.  

How trashy. (Of Mr. Jang, not Yeon Su or Choi Woong.) 

I do wonder where they are all going with this. 

I actually thought the little segment with NJ taking Choi Woong shopping was quite nice. Them sharing some personal thoughts over tteokbokki and water was a nice nod to possible (future) development of NJ’s character.  

But at the same time…I don’t want her just to be a plot device to make Yeon Su jealous. The same way Mr. Jang’s character seems to be going. 

Yes, it is moving the plot forward  – Choi Woong is forced out in public, set up for possible conflict between he and Nu-a, exploration of his relationship with Nu-a and overall school/college days – but is it really necessary? 

Also, does Ji Woong have feelings for Yeon Su?  

I was so sure about it two episodes ago, but now I’m not so certain. 

Maybe it’s a thing where he enjoys “studying” her? 

I’m guessing next episode we’ll see Yeon Su and Choi Woong share their first kiss, and since Choi Woong moved the camera (that was supposedly out of batteries) on the last day of the documentary shoot toward Ji Woong coming down the stairs in the epilogue, we’ll get his reaction soon. 

(I wonder if that was on the raw footage he watched?) 

Which will probably be the same reaction he had when “observing” the confrontation between Yeon Su and Choi Woong at the party. 

I hope it’s something more than that, though. Otherwise, that would be quite boring… 

But, tell me your thoughts. 

Did Choi Woong's "llege" sweatshirt bother anybody else? From Our Beloved Summer Episode Four
Did Choi Woong’s “llege” sweatshirt bother anybody else? From Our Beloved Summer Episode Four

Is there more to NJ than meets the eye? 

What is the history between Nu-a and Choi Woong? And, does it have anything to do with Yeon Su? 

What is up with Mr. Jang, who hates “wasting people’s time” causing unnecessary problems between two people he is supposedly working with? 

Leave your thoughts in the comment section below, we’d love to hear from you! Also be sure to follow us for more weekly Our Beloved Summer kdrama recaps and discussion!   

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