The Deep Blue Ocean – Blue Period Ep 10 Review 

Yatora and Ryuji bare it all at the ocean. Did they make it back to the surface unscathed? This is a review and discussion for Blue Period Episode 10 on Netflix.

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I watched this episode early in the morning after waking up, and it’s almost midnight right now. 

I’m not sure why, but this episode hit me hard for some reason. 

While I was initially annoyed at Yatora for booking the seaside room under “two males”, I kind of understood it as: 

  1. Yatora being Yatora and recognizing his friend as Ryuji 
  1. It would look really bad if his school found out he shared a room and spent the night with a female 

After hearing the revelation that Ryuji only wanted to be known as a female due to not wanting confusion regarding his cross-dressing was spectacular to me. seems Ryuji might be bi-sexual? 

Not that I’m trying to label him or anything, just trying to figure out what’s going on in his head. Then again, I don’t even think Ryuji knows what’s going on. 

I liked that the two decided to bare it all so to speak by drawing each other naked, and showing the portraits to one another offscreen. Would have loved to see the actual exchange, but that’s what the manga is for, I guess.  

Not going to lie, between the suggestion of staying at a Love Hotel to the nude drawing session, I totally thought Ryuji/Yuka and Yatora were going to sleep together. Especially since last week’s preview didn’t leave much to the imagination. 

Kind of glad they didn’t, though. 

Yuka, Ryuji and Yatora drowning in a sea of emotion. From Blue Period Ep 10
Yuka, Ryuji and Yatora drowning in a sea of emotion. From Blue Period Ep 10

Also really glad Ryuji didn’t kill himself, as I felt like the death flags were fairly strong regarding the different routes he could take. I keep thinking about the comment he made about belongings being thrown out “fairly common” given his situation. Which, is true.  

Growing up, I had friends kicked out and their belongings trashed just for simply coming out. It’s a rough life to live, especially when you are younger like Ryuji is and trying to decide how you want the world to perceive you. 

I hope he sticks to his word and pursues fashion after moving out of his grandmother’s house. 

That was such a complex segment of the episode to ultimately be brushed over in a few short conversations. I understand this show is about Yatora, but as Ryuji/Yuka brought Yatora into the art world to begin with…I wish we got more focus on their struggles. 

Either way, solid episode – excited for the next one. 

But, tell me your thoughts. 

Did anybody else think that the owner of the seaside inn was shady and did something to their food?
Did anybody else think that the owner of the seaside inn was shady and did something to their food?

Did you think Ryuji/Yuka intended to self-harm by going to see the ocean? 

Will Yatora be alright to take the (final?) exam? 

Was there any sexual tension between the two artists? 

Leave your thoughts in the comment section below, we’d love to hear from you! Also be sure to follow us for more weekly Blue Period reviews and discussions!   

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