My Insecure Self – Blue Period Ep 12 Review 

As the stressful period of his life fades away, Yatora grapples with adapting to his new reality. This is a review and discussion for Blue Period Episode 12 Finale on Netflix.

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Man, this episode actually got to me! 

After Yatora’s acceptance was confirmed, I started blubbering like a baby. 

I think it was his mom’s reaction that initially did it for me.  

From Yatora’s mom being so starkly opposed to him pursuing art, to Yatora drawing how he sees the world and giving her that portrait, to her making bento for him each examination day, to finally breaking down over the phone at his TUA acceptance touched me deeply.  

Believe it or not, I’m actually sitting here crying again as I type this. 

It’s 80% Yatora’s character arc coming full circle, and 20% remembering my own experience of both my mother and I on the floor crying when I got my acceptance letter to Art school in the mail. 

Watching Yatora numb as he walked to the counter for registration, not believing what had really happened was…super relatable, to say the least. ☺ 

He worked so hard, and I am glad that the story has come full circle. 

I’m going to be honest – I was worried about how Blue Period would end. But after seeing the full product, it was a solid anime adaptation. 

Of course, I have yet to read the manga (and when I do, I’m not sure if I’ll share my thoughts or not, as I am not in the habit of doing so on this blog regarding that creative medium) but from an anime-only, and linear storytelling perspective, it was solid. 

In Episode one, Yatora is going through life listless; reading between the lines in conversations and saying aloud only what he believes others want to hear. He sees Mori-senpai’s pure expression of art, and is moved for the first time in his life. 

Thus, he pursues art. 

Average student Yaguchi Yatora is captivated by something for the first time in his life. From Blue Period Ep 1
Average student Yaguchi Yatora is captivated by something for the first time in his life. From Blue Period Ep 1

Due to the nature of creating in general, let alone pursuing the art of oil painting on canvas, Yatora is forced to examine himself. He is forced to reach down deep, and dig out all of the wires and vines that act as barriers around his heart.  

Yatora has to bear it all for the world to see, lest should he fail by becoming unauthentic. 

So, he does just that. 

And for the first time…Yatora is honest with his group of friends. He has a sincere conversation with his buddy Koi, and realizes that everyone struggles with something they are not yet ready for the world to see. 

Yatora meets Kuwana, Hashida, Takahashi, and reconnects with Ryuji, also known as “Yuka”. 

Through these bonds, he grows from a mindless NPC to a young man worthy of being the main character of Blue Period. And because of this, his art grows alongside him. 

From being pissed off (and slightly intimidated) by Takahashi, to breaking down and crying once he realized his rival recognized the artistic vision he was unsure anyone else would ‘get’ during the final exam. 

From watching the ‘genius’ girl Kuwana excel in prep school, only to be cursed with ‘first place’ and within that self-fulfilling prophecy fail the entrance exam. Or, was it the fact that she believed she was destined to fail due to the shade of willingly living in her sister’s shadow that ultimately dimmed her light? 

From making friends with artsexual Hashida, who just wanted to have a good time, look at art, and eat good food.  

(and judging by his ending scene, maybe wanted to get to know Sekai-kun on a…deeper level? ☺) 

To having meaningful connections with both Oba-sensei and Saeki-sensei that continued to propel him forward. 

Finally, in Episode 12, after realizing that his inner strength and drive to pursue art being dictated by his use and knowledge of technique is not a weakness – Mori-senpai finally views his art. 

After accepting himself, Mori-senpai, the one who inspired Yatora’s art, recognizes him as an equal. 

That was a perfect bookend to this story. And with that, I think I’ll end it here. 

Mori senpai admires Yatora's art. Of course, Yatora isn't there to be recognized in person! ☺Blue Period Ep 12 Finale
Mori senpai admires Yatora’s art. Of course, Yatora isn’t there to be recognized in person! ☺Blue Period Ep 12 Finale

Thank you to everybody who watched the show and then read my reviews each week! It’s been a lot of fun to enjoy this series! ☺ 

I’ll still be reviewing the second cour of Ousama Ranking when it starts next week, and will be doing Attack on Titan the Final Season Pt 2 when it comes out on the 9th

But, tell me your thoughts. 

And just like that, spring comes again once more. Blue Period anime on Netflix
And just like that, spring comes again once more. Blue Period anime on Netflix

Did you enjoy watching Blue Period?  

What do you think could have been improved upon during the anime’s production run?  

Are you satisfied, or left wanting more after the story’s conclusion? 

Leave your thoughts in the comment section below, we’d love to hear from you! Also be sure to follow us for more weekly winter anime reviews and discussions!    

次のエピソード: Fin. ありがとう ございます!

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