Bojji Has Become Strong – Ousama Ranking Ep 16 Review

Bojji unleashes a new power in the underworld – shocking Hokuro and Domas. This is a review and discussion for Ousama Ranking Episode 16.

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Wow, watching that episode was like riding an emotional rollercoaster that later punches you in the gut.

It’s been a good while since I’ve experienced so many emotions in twenty-two short minutes. 

The fact that we got the death of Bojji’s mom two minutes into the episode alone wasn’t enough – I mean Bojji was underneath his mother while she was being killed!  

I don’t know how he has stayed so innocent for so long.  

Unless he just repressed the bad memory, since it seemed like Bojji recalled the incident only after Desha brought up the name Miranjo. But my burning question after watching that scene is: why on earth was Miranjo trying to kill Bojji? 

I mean if Bojji dies, wouldn’t the pact with the demon dissolve, as well? 

Did Miranjo make another pact as she lay dying, and got double-crossed into being trapped in her mirror?
Did Miranjo make another pact as she lay dying, and got double-crossed into being trapped in her mirror? From Ranking of Kings Episode 16

Also, where was Bosse during all of this chaos on the castle walls? Where was anybody, for that matter? 

Watching Miranjo use her stupid magic mirror to signal to the mercenary archers to kill the queen was agonizing enough – but you are telling me nobody in her court saw what happened? As I’m typing this, I’m thinking back to that scene in Code Geass where Lelouch’s mom Marianne was killed and only 2-3 people were witnesses, despite Lady Marianne being beloved by all in the castle. 

I just don’t get why on earth Miranjo’s master plan or revenge (or whatever she is doing) would require the death of Bosse’s heir, Bojji? Unless, that’s why Miranjo wanted Bosse to remarry and have another kid – because Miranjo always planned on getting rid of Bojji. 

Or, prolonging Bosse’s life through a continuous cycle of body-snatching immortality. 

Speaking of things not going according to plan…Ouken, Sword of the Underworld – is Desha and Despa’s brother?? 

I mean, I guess it makes sense why Despa didn’t want Bojji and Ouken to square off…considering Bojji is apparently stronger than Desha and his lightning bolt hacks. I guess Ouken, in pursuit of being an eternal yes-man for his older brother, sought out Immortality to forever control the Knights of the Underworld he would later form? 

I do wonder though why Bosse was shown standing in front of a burning castle, similarly to how Kingbo’s father (the mad forest king from episode 4) was shown before. 

Especially since Bosse apparently could have ranked first, but chose not to. 

(Is this why Bojji is ranked strongest in the world? Because even with Bosse taking all of his physical strength and charisma, Bojji remains able to relate to others, and form meaningful relationships and bonds with ease despite all of the surrounding circumstances against him?) 

Also, did everyone know about Bosse’s deal with the demon, or did Despa and Desha only figure it out after meeting Bojji? 

I’m going to wrap up this review here, but tell me your thoughts! 

When Hokuro the Champ started crying, I actually cried, too. Bojji has come so far, and we're only sixteen episodes in. I almost don't want this series to end.
When Hokuro the Champ started crying, I actually cried, too. Bojji has come so far, and we’re only sixteen episodes in. I almost don’t want this series to end.

I don’t blame Gigan for doing what he did, but do you view him as a sympathetic character – or a mercenary who turned criminal by not completing the job he was hired for? 

And… Do you think it’s a good thing that Bojji now has a loyal retainer in the Knights of the Underworld? 

Savages. Ousama Ranking Episode 16
Savages. Ousama Ranking Episode 16

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