The Last Bastion – Ousama Ranking Ep 19 Review 

As Ouken murders Despa, Kage, and Bojji, the Four Knights of Bosse’s Kingdom face off against the immortal beast. This is a review for Ousama Ranking Ep 19.

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Wow, I don’t even really know what to say after watching this episode.  

Honestly since it ended, I’ve just been sitting here dumbfounded, scrolling Reddit to see what everyone else thought.

I also don’t think I’ve cried so hard in a while watching a tv series. Or anytime, really. 

I don’t know why, but seeing Kage reunited with his mom in the realm between worlds touched me deeply. Before I knew it, my glasses fogged up and I had to grab tissues to try and wipe away tears that just continued to fall.  

I’ve had a lot going on in the odd month or so I haven’t posted, so maybe it was a combination of things that simply had no outlet to come out otherwise, coupled with the beautiful storytelling of Ousama Ranking

Bosse finds Miranjo in the aftermath of the battle. Ousama Ranking Episode 19
Bosse finds Miranjo in the aftermath of the battle. Ousama Ranking Episode 19

* It’s now the next day, and I am still thinking about what we witnessed this episode heavily. 

I was reading the episode 19 main thread discussion on Reddit and many people were theorizing that the first-ranked kings go crazy because they are either: 

  1. Possessed by the old gods 
  1. Choose immortality and lose themselves 
  1. Refuse to be possessed, or go along with the agenda, and are driven mad 

Given what the god-king said about not enslaving the people of Gyakuza Kingdom, and factoring in Bosse’s age – all of this happened relatively not that long ago in the past. Then thinking about Bosse’s extreme guilt over killing Miranjo’s father in a duel, and ‘sparring’ Miranjo’s life rather than mercy killing the young crippled girl…I wonder what else he did that he’s not saying. 

Where was Bosse when Gyakuza came for the residents of Houma? 

Why did Bosse want to establish a kingdom (Bojji, aside) when the old gods were still a looming threat, elsewhere? 

And…is the ranking of king’s auditor guy one of the old gods in disguise?

The old god heavily featured in the opening of Ousama Ranking
The old god heavily featured in the opening of Ousama Ranking

Especially since we can see Desha’s father in the old god ranks last episode, and the man in the forefront of the opening in this episode…then there was Kingbo’s father, from episode four I think whose eyes glowed golden under the full moon…did he reject the old god’s wishes? 

Is that why Kingbo’s father suddenly burned down their kingdom, and went into hiding in his flashback? Because his father was disgusted by the old god’s plans? 

I guess Miranjo would have to get her body back though, right?  

Judging by that sequence in the opening of large hands uncovering someone’s eyes to show them the wonders of the world, and Miranjo supposedly wants to go on another adventure with Bosse…could that be a hint at their future? 

Or is it in the past? 

Either way, I’m really excited to see what happens in our story later on today. 

But, tell me your thoughts. 

Bosse and Miranjo set off on an adventure. Ousama Ranking Episode 19
Bosse and Miranjo set off on an adventure. Ousama Ranking Episode 19

What do you think Bojji’s mom Sheena and Miranjo’s mom have to say to Miranjo at the crossroads between worlds? 

How was Miranjo’s locked away persona/core saved by Kage’s words? 


Is Ouken a prisoner of his own fate? 

Leave your thoughts in the comment section below, we’d love to hear from you! Also be sure to follow us for more weekly Ousama Ranking reviews and discussions!   

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