The King and The Sun – Ousama Ranking Ep 23 Review 

Relinquishing the crown back to his younger brother Daida, Bojji decides to set out with Kage on another adventure. Bojji will instead create his own Kingdom.

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You know, it doesn’t even bother me that much that Bojji relinquished the crown back to Daida. 

I know she is supposed to be ‘redeemed’, but the worst thing for me is that Miranjo will now be queen of the kingdom she quite literally died trying to destroy. 

That is crazy to me.  Speaking of crazy –

Are Miranjo and Daida the Same Age?

Although the Sorceress Miranjo physically appears to be in her mid-late twenties, she is at least 15 – 20 years older than Daida.

It was so awkward watching Daida sweep Miranjo off her feet because I immediately thought “oh no, is he going to go and try to consummate the marriage before vows are even exchanged?” and I hate thinking like that.

I know it was a different time (it is a medieval fantasy and period drama) and Miranjo quite literally saw Bosse, Sheena, and her mother give the thumbs up in favor of marrying the boy king Daida so…all’s well that ends well, eh? 

If anything, it’s more magic in the family.  

Hiling has healing abilities from the old gods magic, and Miranjo is one of the last living Houma people and is an excellent sorceress…so good for Bosse’s bloodline, I guess? 

Ugh…this is a weird train of thought I’m on. Time to switch tracks – 

Why Is Ousama Ranking So Good?

Ousama Ranking is a good anime because it subverts our expectations in a season filled with expressive and original series.

Ousama Ranking is a big thumbs up from both myself and Queen Sheena in the afterlife.
Ousama Ranking is a big thumbs up from both myself and Queen Sheena in the afterlife.

Throughout the 23-episode anime series, we experienced a plethora of characters who each had hidden motives that deeply contrasted with their public face.

Queen Hiling seemed cold and cruel when really she was warm and caring. Domas seemed like the quintessential loyal knight, only to betray our trust with his assassination attempt on Bojji by the end of episode 4.

With the flipping of traditional character tropes, along with the playful and almost fairytale-like appearance of its characters and Wit Studio’s top-tier animation, Ousama Ranking has staked its claim as a masterpiece that is well worth watching.

Loose Ends In Ranking of Kings Season One?

I know I'm talking about Daida and Miranjo right now, but I loved this scene between Bojji and Hiling. Although she had to glance around first, it was nice to see her let her guard down, and also acknowledge her hand at demolishing Bojji's self-confidence at court.
I know I’m talking about Daida and Miranjo right now, but I loved this scene between Bojji and Hiling. Although she had to glance around first, it was nice to see her let her guard down, and also acknowledge her hand at demolishing Bojji’s self-confidence at court.

I know it may not be possible due to the curse and all, but does anybody else wish that Bojji got his power back? 

I don’t expect him to ever be as strong as Bosse, but is Bojji’s strength (and giant form) really just gone even though the thief is now dead? Or, does the demon only make exceptions for his buddies, like Miranjo? 

When you think about it…Miranjo is the only character who came out of this whole ordeal better than when they started. 

Sure, her people were slaughtered and her limbs were torn from her body. And she suffered countless years in an unrequited (?) love with weird (adopted) familial undertones…but in the end, she has a kingdom, is admired by her peers, has unlimited access to her heart’s desire for work-related research, and is the princess turned Queen she always wanted to be. 

Again, I don’t know if I really like that or not…but it is what it is. 

If King Bosse’s ghostly apparition is fine with his son banging his adoptive daughter/potential lover, I guess I should be okay with it too, right? 


Other than Kingbo randomly “coming back from the dead ” to one-up Ouken, and Desha’s fate – there isn’t much left to explore if we get a second season.

I know the world is rich, but there are no major conflicts with the old gods pretty much out of the way. Seeing Kage and King Bojji’s adventures would be fun, and Bojji going through the process of finding loyal retainers would be entertaining – but would it be enough?

(Also, what did the snake say to Kingbo? Did Bebin tell the snake to tell Kingbo how to defeat Ouken, and a catfish just happened to finish him off?)

So many questions, so few answers as always….

Will Bojji Create His Own Kingdom?

At the end of the series, Bojji decides to relinquish the crown stolen by Daida back to his little brother, instead opting to adventure with Kage and eventually, form his own kingdom.

Bojji and Kage both benefited from their friendship and grew through their past wounds together. Although there are a few loose ends, do you think there could ever be a sequel series detailing Bojji and Kage’s adventures?

Is Ousama Ranking Getting A Season 2?

Kingbo randomly shows up for the series finale
Kingbo randomly shows up for the series finale

As of right now, there is no official release date or news surrounding Ousama Ranking Season 2. The series is based on the ongoing ‘Ranking of Kings’ fantasy manga written and illustrated by Sōsuke Tōka.

Wit Studio reportedly adapted 156 chapters of the manga, leaving only around 35 chapters of source material that would not be able to fill an entire new season.

Maybe the decision to switch the tone of the series to something more lighthearted in the last few episodes was Wit Studio’s decision, or the mangaka’s.  

(I think I remember reading something on Reddit about the mangaka believing in traditional happy endings, or something to the effect but don’t quote me on it.) 

I’ve heard that the manga was relatively unknown until now, and is still ongoing despite being untranslated. I don’t even know if Bojji actually got the throne in the manga, or is planning on ditching it in favor of adventuring with Kage like in the anime adaptation. 

Either way, I greatly enjoyed watching this series. 

It’s not in my top 10 due to the whole Daida-Miranjo plot line along with the drastic tonal shift in the later portion of cour two, but it is in my top 15. I’m not sure if that is a petty reason to not praise the series more, but it’s just my honest opinion. 

Bojji got everything he thought he wanted, and in the end the Power of Friendship was stronger than a strong dynasty created by giants. 

But hey, everybody is happy in the end, right? ☺ 

And I guess that is all that matters.  

With that, I think I’ll end this series here. 

Tell me your thoughts! 

Kage and Bojji, on to the next adventure...
Kage and Bojji, on to the next adventure…

How did you enjoy Ousama Ranking?  

Were there any plot points that you thought could be expanded on? 

Leave your thoughts in the comment section below, we’d love to hear from you! Also be sure to follow us for more weekly anime reviews and discussions like Ousama Ranking ! 

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