Chanda Breaks the Simulation – Pantheon Ep 3 Review 

A copy of Chanda’s core data breaks free from the Alliance telecoms simulation. Meanwhile, Maddie forces her parents into a digital date night via a video game.

“Emotion is important for creative problem solving.” 

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“…our mind is not simply our perception of experiences, but those experiences themselves.” 


It seems Laurie Lowell, David Kim, and Chanda were able to break through the simulation based on the principles of Social Utility. 

Mythology with a Human Touch 

I remember hearing many years ago about a story that is considered a falsehood, or myth.  

Logorhythms and Alliance scheme for power using human minds and emotions
Logorhythms and Alliance scheme for power using human minds and emotions

Either way, it goes that a King long ago sought to figure out humanity’s true language. So, in order to do so, he gathered babies across the kingdom; and forbade any interaction with them. The experiment failed because none of the babies ever spoke – or rather, no child lived long enough to do so.  

The moral of this tale being that without interaction from other humans, we die and lose what gives our spirits their initial spark. 

Both David and Chanda were given hints from their former life to continually motivate their productivity – David wanted to provide a better future for his family, and Chanda wanted to provide for his beloved mother.

Even those from the slums of India taken by Alliance only volunteered to have their minds obliterated at the notion that their families would be provided for in perpetuity by the company. 

Love is the human factor that makes anything possible. 

Caspian Fulfills His Role 

Hammers build the world
Hammers build the world

I don’t know why the pageantry of deception was necessary, but it seems Caspian’s ‘teenage inflection point’ of overcoming his father was met– which resulted in the orchestrated injury of his mother. 

Although we don’t have concrete evidence, it seems Caspian’s mother Renee was in a relationship with the ‘visionary’ Stephen Holstrom.  

I don’t know why Renee and Julius Pope found it necessary to orchestrate Caspian’s life in a way that would make him gravitate toward conspiracies, and now actively search for a job to support (what Caspian believes to be) his beaten and battered parental figure. 

In a call back to episode one’s discussion of mythology and overcoming the father, Caspian was motivated by love of his mother and intrigue towards Hannah to stand up to his ‘abusive father’ and take charge of his teenage life.  

Julius mentioned that Cary would see Caspian again soon, so I wonder if they are just going to straight up let Caspian know his life has been a lie, Stephen Holstrom is his father, and congratulate Caspian on making it this far down the rabbit hole. 

I really wouldn’t put it past them. Truly. 

Ellen and David Reconnect in Reign of Winter 

Did anybody else catch that Ellen's avatar is modeled after Sailor Moon? And David's a Gundam?
Did anybody else catch that Ellen’s avatar is modeled after Sailor Moon? And David’s a Gundam?

Based on Chanda’s escape from the matrix, it makes sense to make an educated guess that there are multiple versions of both David, Chanda, and Laurie floating around. 

One version of Laurie’s code was captured and stored away for safety in Norway. This does not negate the set of code that made contact with her still-living husband Cory, or the subset of her data still being used by the Stock Exchange. 

One version of David’s code was reuploaded and captured for storage in Norway, while the raw data was unlocked and converted into a UI personality by a secluded algorithm created by Laurie. This does not negate the set of code still being used by Logorhythms to solve complex mathematical equations or the subset that first made contact with Maddie. 

One version of Chanda’s code is still locked in the simulation doing busy work for Alliance telecoms, while the ‘core’ persona of data has retrieved its memories and escaped along with the others that came before him. 

It’s almost like the raw data from these brain scans served as the ‘master drive’ in a file set. But as we all know, computer files can be added, changed, deleted, or even by certain glitches – copied at will and added to new folders.  

I truly feel like Alliance and Logorhythms have created a mess they will never be able to stop – or solve. 

Chanda is confronted - and saved- by the consciousness of past test subjects
Chanda is confronted – and saved- by the consciousness of past test subjects

Laurie obviously has a backup plan if she isolated David from accessing the clear web, and capped his digital signature. Just as David had a plan to use a ‘cheat code’ and cheat death, living forever in a machine.  

I wonder what Chanda will decide to do next? 

And with that, I think I’m going to leave this one here.  

But, tell me your thoughts. 

Chancellor Jaha overlooks The City of Light
Chancellor Jaha overlooks The City of Light

Do you think Caspian will be cool with learning his life was a lie? 

Why does Maddie want her parents to get back together? 


Did the ‘Internet of Things’ allow David to find out about Gabe? 

Leave your thoughts in the comment section below, we’d love to hear from you! Also be sure to follow us for more AMC Pantheon Episode Reviews and Discussions!        

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