The Monster Inside – Blue Lock Ep 2 Review 

The origins of the Blue Lock Project are explored at a JFU press conference. Bachira and Isagi listen to the monster within and eliminate Kira Ryousuke.

Bachira and Isagi tag-team Kira while unleashing the monsters they hold inside. Will this be our core duo going forward in the show? 

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Relearning Soccer From Zero 

I really like the concept of Blue Lock Project. Sure, it may seem a little harsh now but in the long run, it could incubate a generation of truly strong athletes. 

The JFU Press Conference about Blue Lock Project
The JFU Press Conference about Blue Lock Project

At the Japan Football Union Press Conference Anri Teieri made good points: it will not be the adults who will change soccer, but a bunch of nobody athletes who need to re-think the sport. In order to completely dominate the sport, they will need young minds who are not yet set in their ways. 

Ego’s speech about relearning soccer from zero by completely deconstructing everything the forwards once knew about it and building new ideas from scratch was kind of genius.  

If all players in the project are taught to be selfish while already knowing the old rules, wouldn’t that create a new sort of hybrid game by making these powerful strikers play on one team? 

By rotating through each position normally not held by them, they can assess the strengths and weaknesses of the position and make improvements while playing games. The strikers who are eliminated but learn these new tactics would bring something new to the field, but the techniques would never be fully revealed based on the player world cup bans after elimination. 

The new Hero of Japanese Soccer would therefore debut like a comet on the field, outwitting his enemies and inspiring jealousy in his teammates alike. People would be forced to take notice, study, and create new ideas and playbooks centered around that player alone – which would be the successful death of old Japanese soccer and the beginning of a soccer renaissance worldwide. 

There is so much potential here for changing even the very foundations of the game itself. 

What Happens to Kira Ryousuke in Blue Lock? 

Kira Ryousuke breaks his calm facade under pressure
Kira Ryousuke breaks his calm facade under pressure

Kira Ryousuke is eliminated from the Blue Lock Project after Isagi and Bachira team up to eliminate Room Z’s strongest player. 

Decidedly not taking it well, Kira shows his true colors by demeaning Isagi and Bachira’s soccer abilities and protesting the fairness of the elimination game. Ego explains that the room they played in was meant to mimic a penalty box and that he wanted to push the young strikers to see who would survive by thinking on their feet. 

Since Isagi and Bachira decided to take out their room’s strongest player, their selfish behavior is what made them stand out in the game. Ego explains that Kira only was eliminated because he accepted defeat by not using the one-second left on the timer to go after the injured Igarashi. 

While we have no information at this time on whether or not eliminated players ever return to the Blue Lock Project, I’d like to think Kira’s consolation prize for losing is going to nationals with his high school team. Even though the only downside is that the ‘Ace Striker’ considered a National Treasure in his country can never play for the Japanese National Team or try and win the World Cup. 

(But…that doesn’t mean Kira can’t join another country’s team in years to come…) 

The Monster Inside Bachira Meguru 

For whatever reason, Isagi seemed to feel guilt over being the player that eliminated Kira. As we all know, Kira’s high school soccer team beat Isagi’s in the prefectural match and is going to nationals.  

Not to mention, Kira is a relatively famous player who knew the risks before joining Blue Lock Project and still entered. So in all honestly, Kira will be fine once he gets over his bruised ego.  

I don’t know if Kira had a monster inside of him, but Bachira and Isagi sure do – and that monster is what will propel the sport forward in the future. 

Bachira Meguru and his 'monster' talk on the soccer field
Bachira Meguru and his ‘monster’ talk on the soccer field

Being that this is an anime show (and a shonen at that) I don’t know if the players have actual monsters within them, or if it’s a personification of their player instincts constantly stifled by the established rules in soccer and Japanese society.  

As we all know, Japan is a society where “the nail that sticks out is hammered” and people or actions that go against the group are deemed selfish and ostracized. I think that’s why Blue Lock Project needs youth players who have not been ‘hammered completely into the board’ so to speak.  

Players that are still able to dream – as Anri stated. 

Either way, another great episode and I’m looking forward to the next. 

But, tell me your thoughts! 

Team X has weak character designs so I think Team Z can beat them easily
Team X has weak character designs so I think Team Z can beat them easily

Do you think Kira Ryousuke will one day return to Blue Lock? 

Will the Project be successful? 

And…do the current updated rankings mean that Isagi is still essentially dead last and will continue eating natto with his lunch until he ranks up? 

Leave your thoughts in the comment section below, we’d love to hear from you! Also be sure to follow us for more Blue Lock Episode Reviews and Discussions!        


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