A Soccer Superhero – Blue Lock Ep 4 Review

Kunigami wants to be a soccer superhero who used the power of friendship to make plays. Team Z faces off against Team Y using their strategists Isagi and Niko.

I honestly don’t know why Isagi doubts his special abilities so much.

He may not be a soccer superhero like Kunigami’s revealed ambition in his little backstory segment, but Isagi arguably controls the game using his special technique weapons of perception and strategy.

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Team Y vs Team Z

Isagi mentioned earlier in the episode that it’s only been a week since he enrolled in the Blue Lock Project, but it’s obvious that Isagi’s strengths lie in his perception, instincts, and keen strategic analysis.

I know that may be hard to articulate or realize based on how Isagi primarily operates on instinct, but that instinct is what saved the team in their last match. Although, it seems not only did Team Y do research on their opponents, they also have a ‘perceptive strategist’ in their own player Niko Ikki.

Operation: Next Up, It’s Me Nine

Kunigami Rensuke is literally just a superhero-loving Kurosaki Ichigo reskin from Bleach
Kunigami Rensuke is literally just a superhero-loving Kurosaki Ichigo reskin from Bleach

Kuon is a great team player, and I’m glad he is there to counter the generally unhelpful and arrogant Raichi. I think Operation Me Next Nine was a good strategy: let each individual player shine, and that way there are no complaints like last time about missing out on scoring goals.

(Especially when scoring goals can lead to steak, cell phone usage, and even a free day pass away from the facility. It was really cool of Kunigami to acknowledge Isagi’s contribution to his goal and even share the prize meal with him. Very soccer superhero of him.)

Kuon’s plan also has the added bonus of confusing their opponents due to no discernable strategy being visible.

The only wrench in Kuon’s plan so to speak was the fact that Team Z operated on the assumption Team Y didn’t do their research or plan accordingly. Team Z also didn’t factor in defense being an absolutely valid tactic to counter their very aggressive play style in the first round.

Battle of the Strategists: Isagi vs Niko

Team Y decided to utilize subterfuge as their technique and special weapon and until Isagi figured it out, the game was almost toast.

Niko blocks Isagi's attempt at a goal during the Team Y vs Team Z match
Niko blocks Isagi’s attempt at a goal during the Team Y vs Team Z match

I absolutely loved that little glitch in the matrix moment where both Isagi and Niko are casually throwing insults at one another. All while simultaneously acknowledging that a battle of wits between the two playmakers will ultimately decide the fate of their game.

To be honest, I half expected somebody to say “requiescat in pace” before walking offscreen into the foggy white void. Seeing as how we got a One Piece reference and that Kunigami is literally a discount Ichigo Kurosaki, it’s definitely possible.

Niko and Isagi discuss strategy and plays from within the simulation
Niko and Isagi discuss strategy and plays from within the simulation

Anyway, I think I’m going to wrap this episode review up here.

I really enjoyed this show when I began, and that hasn’t changed despite the second cour starting in a day or two from now. I kept trying to debate whether or not I wanted to play catch up, or just do a full series review at the end of season one.

I decided to keep up the weekly reviews – and I should catch up. Eventually.

Why my Blue Lock Reviews Have Been Late

Honestly, I’ve had my computer a little over a year now and since I got it the C drive keeps filling up needlessly. Even after moving as many files as I could over to the D drive, it still kept hindering the PC’s performance. Lately, it’s been to the point where I save files to the D drive and it still fills up, goes into the red, and basically prevents me from doing any meaningful work.

Still waiting to learn what special abilities Chigiri Hyouma possesses
Still waiting to learn what special abilities Chigiri Hyouma possesses

It’s been annoying, and I’ve tried to fix it myself and even reach out to support as I had it under warranty. They have been…unhelpful. So eventually I’m just going to have to get a new desktop when I can and work around my computer’s current temper tantrums. Which have set me back…weeks…

Anyway, if anybody was wondering why I’ve been uploading sporadically – that’s the reason.

I usually don’t mention stuff like this, but honestly why not. ☺ Before it was my files not saving properly and causing major losses after I’d finished writing articles, and now it’s my PC literally deciding to go on strike whenever it feels like it.  

Like Team Z, you win some, you lose some.

But, tell me your thoughts.

Requiescat in Pace, Gagamaru
Requiescat in Pace, Gagamaru

Do you think Kuon is a decent playmaker?

What is Chigiri’s secret ability?

Is it bad that I read Iemon’s name as “Lemon” in subs and thought they were calling him that because he sucks as goalie?

Leave your thoughts in the comment section below, we’d love to hear from you! Also be sure to follow us for more Blue Lock Episode Reviews and Discussions!   


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