Chigiri Unchained!  – Blue Lock Ep 7 Review

Chigiri joins the game and goes supersonic after a literal push from Isagi. Kuon desperately seeks out ways to secure his place in the second round.

I’m glad that Princess Chigiri decided to join the game.

Not to make light of his injury or anything, but his full backstory and flashbacks soured me on his character.

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Chigiri Joins the Game

I am glad that Chigiri overcame his mental trauma concerning injuring his leg again.

What I wasn’t really feeling was the entire mental breakdown Chigiri had on the field. I mean really, you’re just going to stand there and be angry that the clock isn’t running down fast enough so that you have an excuse to quit soccer?

I get it, I get it – Chigiri was in a rut.

Chigiri was having an identity crisis because he based his entire existence on being able to outrun his opponents and when that was gone, he had nothing left.

The clock had less than 3 minutes left and yet Chigiri had time to hallucinate force ghosts and his younger self playing soccer simultaneously. Wild.
The clock had less than 3 minutes left and yet Chigiri had time to hallucinate force ghosts and his younger self playing soccer simultaneously. Wild.

It’s fantastic that Chigiri overcame the literal mental shackles and hang-ups he had on his leg (and he even landed on it later on after scoring the tying goal) but it took Isagi hurting Chigiri’s pride to make him act?

The funny thing is, I don’t even think Isagi meant to say that to Chigiri – he just wanted him out of the way.

Instead of just staying down like he was whining about for the entire game, being pushed is what made Chigiri have the drive to get back in the game. It’s great Team Z won against Team W but I could have done without all of the theatrics.

Does this all just come back to Isagi’s spatial awareness and monster doing what’s right on and off the field?

Team V is Actually Cooler than Team Z

Zantetsu, Reo, and Nagi shooting down Kuon’s proposal for intel was fantastic.

Team V's Reo, Nagi, and Zantetsu actually seem pretty cool
Team V’s Reo, Nagi, and Zantetsu actually seem pretty cool

I’m not sure how Team Z is going to beat these guys, one had his feet on the table and another was actually tired of eating meat. Seeing as how we just saw Team Z have a potluck and share their two plates of steak, these guys are the real deal.

Then again, the Wanima Brothers were just all talk and no game – so of course, they took the intel for the easy win. Kuon tried the same tactic again with people who actually have talent and failed miserably.

I am so excited to see how the match between Team V and Team Z is going to work out. Especially since I have no clue what position the team will stick Kuon in.

Can’t Kuon just voluntarily quit after causing such a mess?

Or, does he still think he has a chance to make it past the first selection?

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