Nagi Seishirou’s Awakening – Blue Lock Ep 10 Review

Kuon’s sad backstory motives him to help Team Z one last time. Nagi’s awakening as playmaker forces everybody else on the field to work harder for a win.

I can understand Kuon’s backstory, and appreciate his sacrifice…but more than anything I’m glad he realized Team Z’s desire to win.

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Whoo! This was another fantastic episode of Blue Lock!

Kuon’s Sacrifice

I’m going to be 100% real with you – when Kuon’s backstory flashback came on, I immediately rolled my eyes. I do not give a damn about his sad backstory that caused him to be a traitor today.

However – I will give it to him that it must have hurt being the only one passionate about your team sport.

I know that in Japan, sometimes part-time clubs (bukatsudo) are just used by students to fill time and make them look better on college admissions because extracurriculars make “well-rounded” students. So most likely, the guys signed up to just hang out and waste time until the school year was over.

I don’t remember how old these guys are, but if Kuon is 17 this most likely was his last shot at winning nationals and pursuing a career in soccer. To have that taken away and then be given another opportunity via the Blue Lock Project must have been a dream.

Now, where I can fault Kuon is his interpretation of Team Z being absolute losers who aren’t also taking their second chance seriously.

Team Z has been giving it their all in their match against Team V
Team Z has been giving it their all in their match against Team V

Team Z is on the field having their egoist awakenings and quite literally fighting for their lives to make their dreams happen. If Kuon was unable to see that during all of their training sessions and bonding exercises, then maybe he should have looked harder.

I don’t really like Kuon anymore, but I can respect him taking one for the team and getting a red card to trigger the rest of the match around a penalty shot. It gave the team extra time to score and hopefully win.

Also, Kuon most likely realized that the rankings are arbitrarily shuffled after each game. Kunigami was gaining headway into tying his 3-shot record, and Kuon hasn’t been active at all this match.

Since the rankings are based on participation, why on earth would Kuon have a chance at moving on to the next round?

I mean really – did Kuon actually think that through?

Yeah, sure – betray your team for 3 easy trick shots. After that, I guess he wasn’t thinking about the backlash? Did Kuon really think so little of his team that he believed Team Z wouldn’t notice he’s suddenly making goals and they are losing badly?

Did Kuon’s One Act Redeem Him?

I don’t know if Kuon fully deserves to be forgiven and redeemed as a character based on his betrayal of Team Z.

I get the hesitancy to trust your teammates after experiencing disloyalty like on your high school team, but if Kuon would have just talked to his teammates he would have realized all of them have similar stories.

Bachira, Chigiri, and Isagi screwed up matches and were ostracized for their decisions.

Isagi’s whole thing this entire time was hesitating to pass the ball because his teammates called him selfish, and here at Blue Lock his teammates call him weak when he does.

Bachira kept trying to unleash the monster and would get called self-centered and a ball hog for doing so at school.

Chigiri played egoistically until his leg gave out and it humbled him into a reclusive, risk-averse player.

And all three of them overcame their past hang-ups in barely a week.

All while Kuon is still angry over what happened with his last team.

Nagi Seishirou’s Awakening

Either way, Nagi’s monster awakening and shift into a playmaker role was amazing.

The penalty shot kick-off between Chigiri, Gagamaru, and Kunigami was thrilling.

Raichi’s trash-talking and save in the penalty box was spectacular.

Isagi’s use of his spatial awareness weapon was phenomenal.

Who was your favorite MVP on Team Z in this episode?

Does anybody else love the Additional Time segments at the end of the episode where Blue Lock makes fun of itself? Kunigami imitating Niko's defeat and crying was priceless!
Does anybody else love the Additional Time segments at the end of the episode where Blue Lock makes fun of itself? Kunigami imitating Niko’s defeat and crying was priceless!

I love this show! See you in the next episode review!

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