Ego Lied! – Blue Lock Ep 11 Review

Ego reveals that he lied about there being more players in other buildings at the facility. Team Z walks into the second selection challenge with confidence.

So, it turns out that Ego lied. There aren’t even 5 buildings in Blue Lock, only one.

Better question – are we even surprised?

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Ego Lied About the Second Selection

So, it has now come to our attention that Ego lied about the entire concept of Blue Lock Project in order to motivate his Japanese players.

There are 5 buildings in the Blue Lock Project, but they are all named Building 5. The teams held within are all Team V, W, X, Y, and Z. Meaning, there were never any Buildings 1 – 4 or teams higher in the alphabet than V.

Ego lied to make all of the athletes believe they were the lowest of the low during training.

To be fair – Ego astutely illustrated why this lie was necessary: soccer doesn’t affect the lives of Japanese players like it would somebody else in another country.

Ego uses Isagi’s favorite player Noel Noa as an example.

Noa grew up poor on the streets of France and used soccer as his way out. You hear a lot of stories like that in American football and basketball. The Japan National Football Team members most likely haven’t experienced anything like that before.

Isagi Yoichi finally has that hunger to succeed and dominate the field in his eyes thanks to Ego's lie
Isagi Yoichi finally has that hunger to succeed and dominate the field in his eyes thanks to Ego’s lie

Ego wanted to instill that sort of hunger in the players who until now, were even hesitant to take shots that would steal glory away from their teammates. The players needed to learn how to be competitive, selfish, the importance of self-preservation, and the entire game of soccer from zero in order to grow past their limits and be the best striker.

The Second Selection Begins

I wonder if Team Z’s group bonds will be even stronger after they complete the solo trials during the second selection. I’m glad the boys could hype each other up and gain confidence in their last match.

Itoshi Rin was the first player to go in and seems to be related to the red-haired player Sae we saw earlier at the press conference at the beginning of the series. I don’t know if Isagi will end up facing off against him since he went in second, but either way, I’m excited to see what happens from here.

But, tell me your thoughts.

I almost feel bad that the boys fell asleep without celebrating their first big win
I almost feel bad that the boys fell asleep without celebrating their first big win

Do you think Chigiri will have to face whoever enters the second selection on a 1 v 1 since he went after Isagi?

Was it unfair to lie to the players like Ego did to boost their confidence? (Or, did Ego simply break them down to build them up?)

And…did you also smile when Raichi punched Kuon for betraying them on the field?

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