Enter Itoshi’s Battlefield – Blue Lock Ep 13 Review

Itoshi Rin’s militaristic approach to soccer is off-putting to Isagi’s team. Bachira is snatched from Isagi, leaving the latter scrambling to recover his ace.

Welp, Isagi vs Itoshi went about as well as expected.

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Team Isagi vs Team Itoshi

The top three players Tokimitsu, Aryu, and Itoshi are egoists to their very core. While their individual skills are impressive, their teamwork is severely lacking.

After all, what good do they have for a team when their own skills can make up for the entire team itself? King Barou was also a similar player who had this mindset – to his defense, that self-confidence is probably what carried him into the second selection despite his team’s elimination.

Team Isagi is getting crushed by Team Itoshi during the Second Selection
Team Isagi is getting crushed by Team Itoshi during the Second Selection

Through teamwork and the power of friendship, Isagi, Bachira, Kunigami, Chigiri, and now even Nagi have grown as players. Through rivalry, Isagi has grown between matches with Niko, King Barou, and now Itoshi.

As much as I love the sheer egoism and raw talent dominating the field, Itoshi probably won’t fully unlock his true abilities without the Power of Friendship in his arsenal.

Itoshi’s Battlefield

Itoshi Rin views soccer as a battlefield where he can ruthlessly crush his opponent
Itoshi Rin views soccer as a battlefield where he can ruthlessly crush his opponent

I don’t know if this is intentional, but Itoshi Rin looks like a direct reskin of Isagi Yoichi – minus the green eyes. When I was looking at the key visual for the second cour of the anime I actually thought there was a timeskip somewhere in the series and we would fast-forward through years of practice.

That probably sounds silly, but that is just how similar the two boys look to me.

Was Rin supposed to be a mirror of what Isagi could have been without finding a decent core set of friends? Or rather, teammates – since at the end of the day Blue Lock is meant to only have one player come out on top.

Bachira Leaves with Itoshi

It’s funny how Isagi reflected on how much Bachira’s passes have helped his game during his one-on-one AI training. When you think about it, Bachira has been Isagi’s day one.

So, it hurt to lose him to Itoshi’s current squad.

Bachira motivates Isagi to be a better player. Without him, I wonder if Isagi's playstyle will suffer
Bachira motivates Isagi to be a better player. Without him, I wonder if Isagi’s playstyle will suffer

It hurt even more that the monster inside of him wants Isagi to chase after him, otherwise he’s no longer worthy of his passes. You could even see Isagi trying to wrack his brain on what to do next in order to recover his most valuable asset.

Honestly, it was a dumb move but necessary for Isagi and Nagi’s growth.

I wonder since they now lost together, if Nagi will ditch Isagi for more useful team members?

Ugh. I don’t know. There was just so much going on here.

Itoshi’s worldview and jealousy (?) of his famous brother Sae is probably why he views soccer as a battlefield and is so militaristic. Bachira is laid back and views everything as a game. Nagi acts like a tool that is capable of being the general whenever the situation demands.

And Isagi is the playmaker…who sometimes forgets to look at the board every now and then. Or in the case with Itoshi, leaves the board up on the table and walks away – forgetting that sometimes things can be viewed from afar.

I wonder if body language and psychological tactics are what Isagi can learn from Itoshi next, seeing as how it seems that is what weapon he’s utilizing. You know, along with his sheer talent and genius soccer prowess.

Either way, it’s been fun watching and catching up with this series. I’m glad I didn’t drop it and just do one bulk review. Only downside is that I have about 7 reviews I need to mass edit but…the experience was definitely worthwhile ☺.

Tell me your thoughts.

Nagi and Bachira's egos had a great chemical reaction while facing Itoshi's team
Nagi and Bachira’s egos had a great chemical reaction while facing Itoshi’s team

Will Isagi regret losing Bachira?

Is Nagi’s ego now in check?

Who do you think Reo paired up with?

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