Lying Won’t Help – Trolley Ep 8 Kdrama Recap

The nature of Soo Bin and Joong Do’s mysterious relationship is revealed. Hye Ju’s misplaced guilt causes unexpected consequences for Assemblyman Nam.

We finally learn why Soo Bin and Joong Do have been so hostile toward one another! Also, Hye Ju is causing tons of problems with her sanctimonious behavior.

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Soo Bin Has A Miscarriage

Soo Bin most likely miscarried due to the immense stress Joong Do put her under. Not to mention, I don’t think she was eating well while staying in the Nam household.

Yeo Jin wasn’t nice to Soo Bin either, but still hesitated to tell Woo Jae about the miscarriage at their dinner together.

I’m not really sure how Yeo Jin knew Soo Bin was at the hospital since she was alone in the room after arriving. I know the two met in the elevator before when Yeo Jin was going to the dermatologist but the elevator doors don’t open into private rooms of the clinic.

Does Soo Bin even have Yeo Jin’s number to call her?

Joong Do and Soo Bin’s Relationship Revealed

In line with the reoccurring themes of this series, Joong Do blames Soo Bin for the death of his son, Ji Hoon. Specifically, Ji Hoon threatened to kill himself if Soo Bin broke up with him – which is toxic in itself.

Who drew a heart on Assemblyman Nam's business card? Did Soo Bin take that from Yoon Seo's room?
Who drew a heart on Assemblyman Nam’s business card? Did Soo Bin take that from Yoon Seo’s room?

I’m not going to go on a tirade about that line, but I would like to point out that what Ji Hoon allegedly did was highly manipulative. In the same way Hye Ju was blamed for Seung Ho’s suicide, and Assemblyman Nam is blamed for Ji Seung Kyu’s suicide.

Super hypocritical that Joong Do can blame Soo Bin for his son’s death and refuse to tell his wife why he “doesn’t want her” in their home. For a couple that has no secrets, what reason did Joong Do have to lie about Ji Hoon’s phone being missing when he took it himself? 

Then again, Joong Do was sitting alone by the Han River at night nearby where Ji Hoon allegedly committed suicide. My theory from the last recap stands – I firmly believe Assemblyman Nam had a hand in his son Ji Hoon’s death.

The only question is – just how deep does the rabbit hole go?

Assemblyman Kang is now looking into Ji Hoon’s death, so any new information we get will most likely come from him or another one of Seung Hee’s poor blackmail attempts.

Who Stole Hye Ju’s Package?

Hye Ju received text messages earlier alerting her that dozens of charitable donations had been transferred successfully. Women’s organizations, suicide prevention, and anything else imaginable is where Hye Ju sends her funds received from work.

We learned this earlier on in the show, and now those donations can be put into a different context.

Soo Bin visits Hye Ju's office and asks for her photo to be taken
Soo Bin visits Hye Ju’s office and asks for her photo to be taken

I always felt like Hye Ju learning how to repair books at the library before opening her own small shop was an analogy for her life. She wanted somebody else to put her back together and was denied the opportunity when the police closed her case without investigation after Seung Ho’s death.

Now, Hye Ju spends her time mending books and lost treasures others refuse to throw away. Being a woman without parents or family for most of her adult life, Hye Ju takes special care to document the before and after process of the books she works on.

I would like to think that in a way, Hye Ju is trying to repair herself and “put herself” back together by restoring others’ memories. It is a literal way for their stories to live on so that they are never forgotten by anybody in the future.

I think Yoon Seo is the only one in the family no longer pretending to miss Ji Hoon
I think Yoon Seo is the only one in the family no longer pretending to miss Ji Hoon

Soo Bin asks Hye Ju to take a photo of her before leaving the Nam household for good, and the images are delivered just as Hye Ju is leaving for work. We see somebody steal the package and it is replaced after Hye Ju returns home after receiving the delivery alert.

As she just skimmed through the images of Ji Hoon, I doubt she noticed yet that Soo Bin’s photo is likely missing. I guess Soo Bin wanted to be a project that could be fixed, but thought instead she might be too damaged to save?

Ki Young Asks Hye Ju to Apologize

Let’s end the recap with this ridiculous scene – Ki Young really had the nerve to ask Hye Ju to apologize to Seung Hee and her family.

Ki Young asks Hye Ju to apologize to Seung Hee and Yoo Shin for Seung Ho assaulting Hye Ju as a teen
Ki Young asks Hye Ju to apologize to Seung Hee and Yoo Shin for Seung Ho assaulting Hye Ju as a teen

Note that this is after Woo Jae vaguely threatened him, Assemblyman Nam vaguely threatened him, Seung Hee told him to get lost, and Ki Young himself confirmed that Hye Ju wasn’t lying about the assault based on her face when asked.

Despite all of this – Ki Young wants Hye Ju to return to Youngsan, get on her knees, and apologize to Seung Hee and her mother for their son and brother sexually assaulting Hye Ju as a teen.

I mean really, you can’t make this sh*t up.

What got me the most was Ki Young’s reasoning: that Seung Hee and her mother are suffering, and since Hye Ju just lost her (step) son, she should feel empathy.

Assemblyman Nam was trying to talk some sense into Hye Ju, but I don't know if it was working
Assemblyman Nam was trying to talk some sense into Hye Ju, but I don’t know if it was working

Again, as a reminder: when Hye Ju was being blackmailed into an apology, Ki Young took it upon himself to call her husband and take Yoo Shin on a detour so that the two would never meet. Nobody forced him to do that.

Now, he suddenly woke up the next day and decided Hye Ju needs to be dragged back out to Youngsan and make a vain apology despite knowing it would not fix Yoo Shin and Seung Hee’s mental instability – and in all likelihood would aggravate it.

What’s worse is that Hye Ju is suddenly blaming herself again and empathizing with people like Ji Seung Kyu – who drove Ms. Jo’s granddaughter to suicide through blackmail and instead of facing the consequences decided to release the video and kill himself.

Why? Because “they lost a son”.

I mean…I don’t know what the hell happened to Hye Ju. She went from being a teen ready to burn the entire town down for justice to now this meek and naïve older woman who is married to an assemblyman and begs him not to seek justice for herself, or other victims.

Like, what?

Are you serious, Hye Ju? Are you thinking clearly?

I cracked up when Joong Do told Hye Ju that she was sleepy and they would talk in the morning after she begged him to stop seeking justice for dating violence victims.

I mean wow, was this episode wild.

But, tell me your thoughts.

Hye Ju falls apart after finding Ji Hoon's phone in Joong Do's study
Hye Ju falls apart after finding Ji Hoon’s phone in Joong Do’s study

Do you find the shift in Hye Ju’s behavior odd?

Why is Ki Young suddenly against Hye Ju? Does he think a mere apology will save his crumbling family?

And do you think Joong Do was wrong to hide Ji Hoon’s phone from Hye Ju?

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