Doubtful Intentions – Trolley Ep 10 Kdrama Recap

Yeo Jin attempts to run from her past when confronted by her ex-husband. Joong Do throws his wife Hye Ju to the wolves without her consent.

I had to rewatch Trolley Episode 10 TWICE because so much happened. Let’s get into it!

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Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve written about this show.

There was a two-week gap due to the Korean Lunar New Year (or at least so I’ve heard) and in addition to that, I’ve just had a lot going on in my personal life that prevented me from writing this review sooner.

Luckily, I already had written notes in my word doc, so I’m just going to go from there.

What Really Happened 7 Years Ago?

Yeo Jin is a woman with a lot to hide.

Obviously, not only was Soo Bin able to blackmail money from Yeo Jin in lieu of confronting Joong Do, Woo Jae also seems to be keeping tabs on her. Then there was Yeo Jin’s strange apology to Hye Ju after visiting deceased daughter Lee Chae Eun’s grave site.

So, what actually happened 7 years ago?

I wonder what Soo Bin has on Yeo Jin that she can so easily blackmail her?
I wonder what Soo Bin has on Yeo Jin that she can so easily blackmail her?

We know that Joong Do was tapped by Chairwoman Woo Jin Seok 7 – 8 years ago to join the National Assembly. From his own admission during one of their conversations, Joong Do mentioned that he has Blue House ambitions.

After footage of Ji Seung Kyu’s father assaulting Assemblyman Nam “leaked”, Chairwoman Woo’s aide noted that Assemblyman Nam’s secretaries were naïve to think that a citizen filmed the event. The Chairwoman countered that his team trusts him, and mentioned that despite his past constitutional appeal for filicide failed 8 years ago, he still got something out of it.

Going back to Assemblyman Nam’s phone background and what was on screen during the Chairwoman’s statement, it is implied that Joong Do got the support of his people and constituents during those events.

But going back to this issue – it seems Woo Jae was introduced to Joong Do while both men were working as a reporter and a lawyer, respectively. Woo Jae covered Yeo Jin’s filicide case, and Yeo Jin apparently knew Joong Do’s mother – and even took over her shop after her (implied) death.

When Hye Ju went with Yeo Jin to visit Lee Chae Eun’s gravesite, her (ex?) husband was at the site as well. Yeo Jin had mentioned that she fell asleep with Chae Eun beside her and woke up in the hospital after being told she was dead. Although her (ex?) husband was put in jail for filicide, we can possibly argue that he could have potentially been framed since Yeo Jin didn’t see it herself.

This could be further evidenced by Yeo Jin’s (ex) husband’s reaction to Hye Ju saying she was the wife of lawyer Nam Joong Do, and her “family”. Maybe as Soo Bin has implied, the “Betrayal” Yeo Jin committed may have been an affair with Joong Do. Possibly even resulting in a child – Lee Chae Eun.

Given the storyline with Yoon Seo’s friend’s father committing adultery, the storyline specifically focusing on Yoon Seo’s jealousy and hatred of her (half) brother Ji Hoon, and then her own betrayal of her friend in the classroom by saying adultery is the worst crime ever – we can’t count this out.

Also, we can’t count out Yoon Seo’s friend spilling the beans about Soo Bin’s (past) pregnancy since Yoon Seo basically humiliated her friend without even realizing it.

“For the Greater Good”

Nam Joong Do is a snake who uses others for his own means, and an absurdly capable politician in his own right. With Woo Jae as his right hand and underground connections, those two men have singlehandedly orchestrated many of the events in our story today.

Assemblyman Nam Joong Do sets his wife up yet again in order to pass his legislative bill
Assemblyman Nam Joong Do sets his wife up yet again in order to pass his legislative bill

Assemblyman Nam has turned every possible crisis surrounding him into a win and projected his “justice” as something “for the greater good”. Woo Jae and Joong Do both manipulated Grandma Jo with the footage of Ji Seung Kyu’s father assaulting the assemblyman as justification for his ‘pure intentions’ on seeking justice for her granddaughter.

While privately, he tried to scrub the internet of the video and (rightfully) did not let the old woman know until it went public. As with his wife, Assemblyman Nam told his staff (presumably) about his wife’s past and now threw her to the wolves again.

I’ve noticed that each time Assemblyman Nam is doing something wild, his wife Hye Ju steps on his “forgotten” Assemblyman pin. I don’t know if this is symbolism for Joong Do forgetting his original purpose, or that somehow, he has lost his way.

Once it happened before Ji Hoon’s body was found in the river, and the next was just before Hye Ju was ambushed by reporters over “killing somebody”.

Either way, the next episode should be something interesting to say the least.

But, tell me your thoughts.

Yeo Jin and Hye Ju visit Lee Chae Eun's gravesite together
Yeo Jin and Hye Ju visit Lee Chae Eun’s gravesite together

Do you think Joong Do had something to do with Lee Chae Eun’s death?

Is he using his wife Hye Ju to further his political ambition?

And…why do you think Yeo Jin said sorry to Hye Ju?

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