The True Dilemma – Trolley Ep 15 Kdrama Recap

Yeo Jin tells Hye Ju the details of her assault five years ago, filling in the blanks concerning Ji Hoon’s death. Soo Bin attempts to bring down Joong Do.

It’s great that Hye Ju is now questioning if acts committed for “the greater good” are truly sincere if others close to her are irrevocably damaged.

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Soo Bin’s Trolley Dilemma

I really like that there is no “good” choice for the situation all of the characters find themselves in.

Soo Bin wanted to escape her abusive “boyfriend”/Pimp JD, and asked or just naturally received help from Nam Ji Hoon. Why Ji Hoon was hanging out with that crowd in the first place is a mystery, but given the area of Seoul he lived in and who his father was, it’s not all that surprising.

By Ji Hoon attempting to help Soo Bin escape an (arguably) perverse man, Ji Hoon ended up finding the meth JD dealt in an attempt to bring the criminal to justice. I don’t know how far that would have gone, as Assemblyman Kang’s aide is entangled with JD and may have attempted to cover up his crimes for fear of reprimand for soliciting prostitutes.

After finding the meth and being confronted by Woo Jae, Ji Hoon threw it into the Han River only to try and find it again – seemingly losing his footing, drowning, and dying in an accidental death.

Given what we’ve seen about Ji Hoon, he was ready to turn the Trolley onto his father, Nam Joong Do, and Soo Bin’s pimp, JD.

Joong Do's expression changes when Chae Eun and Yeo Jin are brought up in an interview with reporters
Joong Do’s expression changes when Chae Eun and Yeo Jin are brought up in an interview with reporters

Soo Bin, believing Joong Do murdered his own son to hide his crimes, tries her best to finish what Ji Hoon started.

She shows up at his family home and spies on Joong Do, all the while being harassed by his lackey Woo Jae and her ex JD. Soo Bin then blackmails Yeo Jin for money under the guise that she was having an affair with Joong Do, to which the latter reluctantly agrees.

Finally confronting Hye Ju with the information Ji Hoon knew before his death and filling in the blanks regarding the incoherent texts on his phone, Hye Ju finally puts two and two together and realizes her husband is trash.

Soo Bin attempts to help one last time to nab Assemblyman Nam in the act, and is stopped by his (semi) faithful bulldog Woo Jae. He threatens Soo Bin one last time before deleting the footage. Soo Bin attempts to try and sway Hye Ju from going through with the coverup of Yeo Jin’s rape, stating that she is as much a hypocrite as those who said she was lying all those years ago.

Hye Ju and Yeo Jin stare at each other for a very long time in the hospital room, ruminating on Soo Bin’s words.

Will Soo Bin’s attempt to bring down Assemblyman Nam for Ji Hoon’s (accidental) death bring about justice? Or will Hye Ju side with her husband under the impression that ruining Ji Hoon’s legacy in death is for “the greater good”?

Hye Ju’s Choice

I really enjoyed the conversation between Chairwoman Woo and Hye Ju regarding her husband, Assemblyman Nam.

Did Hye Ju make the decision to meet with Chairwoman Woo in the hospital while visiting Yeo Jin after her suicide attempt?
Did Hye Ju make the decision to meet with Chairwoman Woo in the hospital while visiting Yeo Jin after her suicide attempt?

The party is ready to turn on Assemblyman Nam due to his reckless behavior and countless scandals, and even his biggest ally – Chairwoman Woo – was prepared to do the same. Weighing the options carefully on a scale, it seems like the Chairwoman really does care about the people, and the story almost hints that something happened to her in the past which is why she is deeply concerned with sex crime victim advocacy and constitutional protections.

Both the chairwoman’s words and the testimonial from the hospital worker let Hye Ju know that many would benefit from the constitutional appeal, which in turn causes an internal dilemma in Hye Ju.

Based on conversations with her husband (getting a divorce, coming clean about the rape, lying on his dead son Ji Hoon, etc.) Hye Ju knows that Joong Do doesn’t necessarily feel guilty for the things that he’s done. Sure, he proposed that law to investigate sex crimes even after an apparent suicide or death, but he only fought so hard to supposedly “atone” for his crimes.

When being interviewed in his campaign office, the reporters bring up Yeo Jin’s deceased child and mention how happy the surviving family must be that he helped them – all the while Joong Do raped the child’s mother and forced her to suffer in silence for 5 long years.

Yeo Jin’s Assault

Also, I don’t know if I should mention this but I saw a lot of stupid comments online concerning why Yeo Jin stayed in the house after Joong Do raped her. Well, she stayed out of loyalty and love to Hye Ju.

Yeo Jin fully attempted to find some sort of closure regarding the situation, while Joong Do continually gaslit her and claimed he “made a mistake” that night and that it “wouldn’t happen again”. Being that Joong Do was an assemblyman, Yeo Jin did not want to face retribution from the beloved “honest, hardworking” Assemblyman Nam Joong Do.

So, she did what she could.

Yeo Jin attempted to commit suicide twice after Joong Do raped her
Yeo Jin attempted to commit suicide twice after Joong Do raped her

Yeo Jin went to therapy, but could never speak aloud what actually happened to her because it still felt so unreal to her. Only she, Joong Do, and (partially) Ji Hoon and Soo Bin knew the truth, and Ji Hoon was dead and buried. Life continued on, and Yeo Jin was close to Joong Do’s mother and even took over the shop.

She most likely tried to compartmentalize the trauma, drinking in her shop alone at night and afraid to even enter the study or be alone with Joong Do. When Joong Do makes the careless remark about Yeo Jin grabbing a letter from the study she was raped in, she blew up and all of the trauma she compartmentalized daily and held back exploded to the surface.

If Joong Do “forgot” he raped her in the study, who is to say he wouldn’t “forget” again and while Yeo Jin is finding the envelope, make the same “mistake” of forcing himself on her?

So, Yeo Jin attempted to run. She wanted to sell the shop and disappear quietly into the night. Yeo Jin also told Woo Jae, who covered the crime right up and made vague threats to Yeo Jin about what would happen if she got in the way of their pursuit of championing the greater good.

When it got to be too much again, Yeo Jin attempted to commit suicide – being found before she was deceased.

Given Yeo Jin’s reveal to Hye Ju and her belief in her friend, I think Hye Ju will firmly choose to fully turn against Joong Do and go against “the greater good” with Soo Bin waiting in the wings to completely finish exposing the Assemblyman’s lies.

But, what do you think?

Chairwoman Woo and Hye Ju meeting was a very powerful scene
Chairwoman Woo and Hye Ju meeting was a very powerful scene

Were you surprised by Hye Ju’s decision to go public?

Do you think Hye Ju will do the (annoying) joint interview with Seung Hee?

Will Ki Young finally turn on his wife?

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