Iron Fist Ketil – Vinland Saga S2 Ep 7 Review

Ketil’s oldest son Thorgil returns home from battle and causes problems on the farm. Arnheid suffers abuse in her life as a slave.

Thorgil returned home from war and has turned into such a complete monster that even his father Ketil is afraid.

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Thorgil – Ketil’s Cruel Son

War has a way of changing people. While we have no inkling of Thorgil’s personality or demeanor before leaving for war, based on Ketil’s reaction he obviously wasn’t like this before.

Thorgil is Ketil's oldest son who returned home from war a cruel man
Thorgil is Ketil’s oldest son who returned home from war a cruel man

What’s even worse is that Ketil was visibly uncomfortable by his son’s actions the entire episode. I don’t know why Thorgil thought it would be a great idea to continually taunt his younger brother for his perceived “weakness”.

Now sure, Olmar absolutely is weak and a coward at the current point in our story. However, he refused to murder two innocent men taken as slaves by his father – the argument being that he would have to pay compensation for their lives or otherwise is irrelevant to the point.

Thorgil mentioned that Snake taught him how to fight before he went off to war but seeing as how Sverkel likes Snake’s company and Snake in general seems like an honorable man, I highly doubt he was murdering slaves for sport like his men (almost) did. It was most likely a training regiment giving him the bare minimum needed to survive. What became of him on the battlefield was not Snake’s doing, but his own.

I mean really – who gives a gift of Englishmen ears on a necklace to somebody as a joke?

Especially to your little brother? That’s psychopathic behavior right there.

I don’t even think any of the rouges who fell in with Askeladd would have done something like that. We know Thorkell wouldn’t tolerate that mess either, since he killed the deserters from Askeladd’s army for cowardice and demanded they grab a weapon, fight back, and at least attempt to reach Valhalla honorably.

What type of glory-hungry rouges was Thorgil rolling with? Since Canute outlawed pillaging after the battle, I guess Prince Harald is letting his forces run wild and anything goes?

(Is Prince Harald even in the mix at this point or is England completely under Canute’s command?)

Sture and Thora Receive Punishment

Perhaps I initially judged Ketil too harshly.

Siblings Sture and Thora brace for their punishment after stealing wheat from Ketil's farm
Siblings Sture and Thora brace for their punishment after stealing wheat from Ketil’s farm

I thought he was hiding something and it turns out to only be cowardice as a Norseman living during a cruel age. The ability to feel and show empathy isn’t something to be ashamed of, despite what everybody around him verbally says.

However, ofttimes in life our actions do not match the words that come out of our mouths.

Pater suggested a reasonable solution on how to deal with Sture and Thora’s wheat theft, but then added that they must be punished.

Snake suggested that a beating would suffice, and grabbed the wooden handle of his ax to do so.

Ketil wanted no part in the beatings, but instead doubled the initial amount he proposed, only to then do the deed himself after his son began brutalizing the boy Sture.

Pater, Snake, and Ketil all verbalized they wanted to punish the children for stealing wheat, but their body language showed the true intention in their hearts. Unfortunately, Thorgil was the only one who relished the idea of beating a 12-year-old boy with no training as a warrior.

It was honestly pretty sickening to watch.

Will Arnheid Escape Ketil’s Farm?

Will the mistress ever let Arnheid leave Ketil's farm? Arnheid was beaten just for enjoying her morning
Will the mistress ever let Arnheid leave Ketil’s farm? Arnheid was beaten just for enjoying her morning

Einar wondered aloud to Thorfinn if Arnheid would ever be able to “buy” her freedom as they might one day. Thorfinn told Einar that he should ask her the next time they meet by the well. Judging by the way the mistress treated Arnheid for talking and having a moment to herself, I doubt they will let her go.

Especially considering Ketil’s wife made the remark about “a slave girl and a slave boy” being made for each other, the connotation that another slave would be a better match for Arnheid than her husband, Ketil.

Keeping with the theme of saying one thing but truly feeling another way, Arnheid encouraged Ketil’s compassion in bed but her expression was lifeless and unconcerned. I guess that must happen often, where Ketil turns to a pool of jello and cries on Arnheid before (or after) visiting her chambers for relations.

Either way, I think Arnheid has most likely had enough of life as a slave. Only thing is, I’m not sure there would be a way out of that system for her.

But, tell me your thoughts.

Thorfinn finally touches grass. Farmland Saga is truly wonderous, indeed
Thorfinn finally touches grass. Farmland Saga is truly wonderous, indeed

Any chance Arnheid could potentially buy her freedom from Ketil one day?

Why did Ketil’s son Thorgil turn cruel?

And…was it nice seeing Thorfinn touch grass for the first time?

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