For Lost Love – Vinland Saga S2 Ep 11 – 12 Review

Canute terrorizes his own Danish citizens out of love for his dream. Leif ventures to Ketil’s farm in search of the real Thorfinn.

Canute is plotting against the wealthy landowners in Denmark to fund his fantasies, and Leif is finally venturing to Ketil’s farm to find the real Thorfinn. What could possibly go wrong?

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Vinland Saga Season 2 Episode 11 Review

Olmar really stole the show this episode! And not in a good way
Olmar really stole the show this episode! And not in a good way

King Canute Meets Ketil

Oh man, I just knew this wouldn’t end well for Ketil or his farm.

I think even a few episode reviews back, I mentioned that the king could just commandeer his land one day if he felt like it. One of the episodes back when we were first introduced to Sverkel and learned his opinion on his son’s ‘heedless’ wealth.

Canute is just too calculating, poor dim-witted Olmar never even had a chance.

Canute needed to assess Ketil’s military strength, and Ketil just happens to show up a week late to meet the former King. Olmar, boisterous as ever – decided to “prove himself” and only ends up embarrassing himself – which Canute allows to test the heir’s pliability for their requisition plan.

I want to say that when Canute even entertained the idea and then told them he would discuss it with his commanders, Ketil and Olmar should have known something was up. But even if they let on their suspicions, it would be rude to question or even insult the crown. So Olmar screwed the family over in two ways, really.

It seems like Thorgil was even suspicious of the timing of his audience request for his father and its acceptance. I didn’t know Thorgil was a thegn (thane) for Canute’s military. The way he regaled his tales, I for sure thought he was a rouge or fell in with a bad band of soldiers. Then again, Canute has been working on cleaning up his ranks so…maybe surrounding himself with the worst people is what he’s planned.

Especially since Gunnar is still a snake. I fully do not believe Gunnar made that list, and presented it without an inkling of the various hold’s military strength. Ketil is a man with the largest lands in the South I believe, so you would think he would be a warrior of renown or have a large military.

Canute’s test of his son’s own strength, and the show of Ketil’s demure character really do make Ketil’s farm the perfect “test run” for the requisitions in Denmark.

Will Leif Find Thorfinn This Time?

Leif is so desperate to find Thorfinn that he went and adopted a slave who looks similar to him! Bless his heart
Leif is so desperate to find Thorfinn that he went and adopted a slave who looks similar to him! Bless his heart

You got to give it up for Leif, that man will not rest until he finds Thorfinn and brings him home to Iceland. He even adopted a discount version of Thorfinn named Bug Eyes because he probably felt bad for the boy. Well, I should say young man.

It’s kind of funny that Leif’s crew is refusing to make the 5-day trip out to Ketil’s farm when this really would be the right Thorfinn this time. Same with Bug Eyes trying to talk Leif out of exploring their new lead. Thorfinn should still be on the farm with Einar awaiting Ketil’s return to officially release them from slavery, so I expect that Thorfinn should be meeting Leif soon.

Either way, I’m going to continue on to the next episode.

But, tell me your thoughts – how royally did Olmar screw over his family without even knowing?

Vinland Saga Season 2 Episode 12 Review

Man…I feel so bad for Olmar. He really had to learn the hard way that you can’t keep whipping out your sword and then be surprised when somebody expects a fight.

We’ve seen Olmar for what, 3 – 4 years now? Ketil is a “weak” man by Norse society standards, but we know that he is kind. Olmar, for better or worse – is just like his father.

That is not necessarily a bad thing, especially since Olmar was set to inherit the farm.

Olmar has the skillset of a farmer and although Ketil tried his best, Olmar hadn’t learned any life skills outside of that. Ketil knows his son – he knows that Olmar is hardheaded, and proud. A country boy through and through. Well, a country man – since he’s 20 years old now.

I’d say that Canute’s plan would have worked had it not been for Thorgil.

Olmar Becomes A Man

Earlier in the season, the retainers were trying to get Olmar to murder Thorfinn and Einar in order to “become a man”. Thorfinn would have all but handed his life over if it meant escaping the nothingness he felt at the time. Despite the circumstances, the kill would have been handed to Olmar easily had he taken it.

Here again, Olmar was handed another kill and after being egged on by Thorgil, took it.

Olmar murders his first man and finally becomes a warrior in the eyes of Norse society. So why doesn't he look happy?
Olmar murders his first man and finally becomes a warrior in the eyes of Norse society. So why doesn’t he look happy?

Wulf needed the murder to happen, and Thorgil noticed too late that something was amiss. The soldier was intimidated and Thorgil later was able to learn the truth that at the very least, Wulf had set them up. Although it cannot be confirmed (or said aloud for fear of treason) basically Thorgil acknowledges they have now made a “very powerful enemy” in the crown.

Canute is cunning, manipulative, and never gets his own hands dirty if he can help it. Wulf really seems to be a wolf in sheep’s clothing as Canute’s number 2 in command. Both of these men somehow overlooked the very proud warrior Thorgil potentially defending his brother’s honor.


How on earth did they miscalculate this very simple thing? Wulf was even aware of Thorgil – did they really not expect him to help his family out?

Anyway, I’m really excited for next week’s episode. It seems that Sverkel is sick, and Snake ends up fighting someone at nighttime. But, tell me your thoughts.

My boy Canute is really plotting to become the villain of his own story, huh?
My boy Canute is really plotting to become the villain of his own story, huh?

Thorfinn used to be a lookout/scout. What do you think he saw in the distance over the horizon?

Why didn’t Ketil tell Leif that Thorfinn was already freed from slavery?


Did Thorgil being a wild dog come in handy this episode or what?

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