King of Adaptability – Blue Lock Ep 15 – 16 Review

Isagi learns what it means to be adaptable on the soccer field. Reo acts like a scorned maiden and chases after Nagi with all of his might.

Wow, Reo is actually in love with Nagi and borderline obsessed. Who would have thought the fandom really wasn’t trolling?

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Blue Lock Episode 15 Review

I’m going to get to Naruhaya’s sad backstory momentarily, but can we talk about Reo and Nagi for a second?

Is Reo Gay For Nagi?

Like…I know the whole homoerotic “fight for me if you want me” jokes going around about Bachira and Isagi, and how Reo was depressed about losing his ‘boyfriend’ Nagi…but is Reo legitimately obsessed with Nagi?

Reo is literally doing "he love me, he loves me not" with his toothbrush bristles while thinking of Nagi
Reo is literally doing “he love me, he loves me not” with his toothbrush bristles while thinking of Nagi

During the Additional Time segment, it said something about Reo being a “maiden in love” while he was picking the bristles of his toothbrush, pretending they were flowers awaiting Nagi’s return? Then in Episode 16 Reo was acting like a woman scorned and even decided to target Isagi during the match because of…jealousy?

I totally thought people were just trolling when they mentioned that Reo was in love with Nagi but Reo might actually legitimately be in love with Nagi. Meanwhile, Nagi just wants to play the game. I don’t really care either way, it just surprised me that even the actual anime decided to make fun of Reo’s (homoerotic) co-dependency on Nagi.

Naruhaya’s Sad Backstory

Okay so we learned Naruhaya’s backstory after he was disqualified when Isagi took a direct shot.

Naruhaya smiles at his hard-working older sister as they eat dumplings
Naruhaya smiles at his hard-working older sister as they eat dumplings

Basically, Naruhaya is an orphan and comes from a poor family with a lot of siblings. He would like to win Blue Lock in order to give his hard-working older sister and siblings a better life. And…that’s it.

Haha. ☺

I mean, I still don’t care for that scrub.

If anything, it’s nice knowing he’ll most likely be working at a convenience store upon returning home before figuring out another goal for his life. Maybe he ate the candy packet his siblings gave him during the bus ride home.

I’m sorry if that sounds mean, but Naruhaya had it coming. He got into Isagi’s head (which is fine, shaky confidence is one of Isagi’s weaknesses) and was so sure he could emulate his direct shot only to fail.

Upon that failure, Naruhaya finally admitted what we all already knew: that Isagi is a genius when it comes to adaptability on the field. After all, Isagi’s spatial awareness technique is literally based on calculating the field around him and adapting his playstyle to “smell a goal”.

The only one who hasn’t realized this yet, is Isagi.

Blue Lock Episode 16 Review

If Barou doesn’t get it together and learn how to cooperate on the field, he’s going to cost his team a chance at advancing to the next round.

Barou is really beginning to hold him team back...again.
Barou is really beginning to hold him team back…again.

King Barou the Maid

Maid Barou has a very strict set of principles and morals he lives by. I can respect it- but someone as ridged as Barou would have trouble playing with two highly adaptive and (fairly) free-spirited players like Isagi and Nagi.

What’s a shame is that Barou’s high set of morals and rules he holds himself to is literally keeping his playstyle from evolving. Since everybody knows that he’s a ball hog, Kunigami and Reo were able to easily gang up on him and steal the ball. And since Reo is acting like a jilted lover, he’s not going to stop marking Isagi which limits how much Isagi can playmake the match.

Isagi wants to see Bachira again, so I’m sure they’ll make it through but I really need to see Barou evolve past what he is now. Since he’s played Kunigami before, I wonder if Barou will be able to adapt to blocking and guarding against his plays as Kunigami now does.

Either way, I think I’m going to end this one here.

But, tell me your thoughts.

Is Reo really gay for Nagi?

Will Isagi realize that spatial awareness is the pinnacle of adaptability?


Why doesn’t Barou wear his hair down more often?

Maid Barou is love, Maid Barou is life
Maid Barou is love, Maid Barou is life

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