Carol & Tuesday is Looking for Voice Actors

A many anime fans have dreamt of lending their voice to an onscreen character. Oft times, I have attended conventions where a voice actor contest signup sheet was completely filled minutes after the showroom floor opened. How do these people act so fast? I always wondered before shrugging off to look at overpriced Black Butler wall scrolls. Well, now here is your chance but there is the catch: you have to be a singer.

Carol and Tuesday [キャロル&チューズデイ] seems to be a musical anime with the tagline:

“The two met and created a song. No one knew what a miracle it would bring.”

The news I have been able to find about the slated show is that it is set to premiere next April in 2019. Watanabe Shinichiro is involved (known for Zankyou no Terror, Samurai Champloo, and other classics) as well as Studio Bones (Full Metal Alchemist, My Hero Academia, Bungo Stray Dogs…).

The production is looking for Native level English speaking female singers under the age of twenty-five to serve as ‘dub’ vocals. Dubs are English or country-specific languages ‘dubbed’ over original animation sequences. If the (Japanese) audio is left on an anime and subtitles are added, it is known as ‘subs’ or subtitled.

Video submissions will be considered as auditions for both of the leading title roles.

Also, I may be a bit late on this news…as the submission period is March 8th – April 25th 2018. A simple reminder that Japan is a day ahead of most (American) time zones.

I don’t even have a good shower singing voice, but hopefully many talented people applied! Also if you applied based on this post, Good Luck!

Visit the official website here.

Do you have a favorite Japanese Seiyuu? Do you know someone who may be interested in applying? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below, I would love to hear from you! Also be sure to follow us for more Anime News!

(Kamiya Hiroshi is my favorite VA. He voices Natsume Takashi, Mephisto Pheles, Ranpo Edogawa, Orihara Izaya, Yato, Levi Ackerman and so many others. He is, in my opinion, an incredibly talented man.)

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