Finding Hidden Treasure – Dororo Ep 18 Review

Reviewing Episode 18 of the Dororo 2019 anime!

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Before I begin, can I ask if anyone else is worried that someone will take that money before Dororo decides to return?

I mean, because of Shark Boy’s tirade and refusal to just die, half of that small island appeared to be blown to bits. If travelers can get past the demon shark corpses and jagged cliffside with Buddhist artifacts spewn about, they may find it to be a resolve away from the war. One person could go up and hike to the top of a mountainous peak, only to notice a hole leading to the interior of a cave. They quickly lower themselves down and catch a glint of gold as the sun shines high overhead.

The person enters the cave and realizes they have been blessed by the gods, discovering a treasure trove! Dororo comes back years later, Hyakkimaru doing whatever he decides to do, and her finally having a stable home in a less war-torn area. Because unless she lives past a hundred and fifty, she is not out -surviving the war.

From her memories the map illuminates the path and when she arrives she realizes it is all gone. On her way back home she overhears a casually conversation between a villager and wayfarer speaking of the good fortune once found in that area.

Defeated, she hangs her head and apologizes to her parents for failing to ignite their dreams.

Unless of course, the battleground proves to be too intimidating and travelers accidentally step on a live explosive, blow a limb off and decide the island is cursed and shun it forever. In which case, Dororo should be fine for a few years.

Speaking of battleground, how the heck did Tahomaru and Hyakkimaru get to the island so quickly? I know the location wasn’t too far away from Lord Daigo’s lands, but geez that happened fast. I enjoyed the battle between the two brothers, and thought Hyakkimaru would take his brother’s now good eye.

Itachi got what he deserved, as did his gang. I don’t know why the episode opened with a naked Dororo once more, wasn’t really digging that but okay. I kept wondering if Itachi had suddenly become protective of Dororo this episode because he respected her father and their uncle-niece relationship, or because she was his little moneymaker and if he lost the maps he still had Dororo to force the treasure route out of.

This may be mean to say, but I relished when the other brigands kept referring to the treasure as “theirs” only to be shot down by Daigo’s archers. The treasure would have caused so much infighting and would not have ended well. Almost as badly as Hyakkimaru outstretching his hand for Dororo to take while leaving, and deciding he couldn’t wait literally five seconds for her to grab some gold to aid their travels. If that is foreshadowing, Dororo will end this series much better than I anticipated.

Hyogo's blue-ish weapon, Dororo episode 18
Hyogo’s blue-ish weapon, Dororo episode 18
Wall of Banmon, Flashback featured in Dororo episode 18
Wall of Banmon, Flashback featured in Dororo episode 18

It was a great episode, and I am excited for the next! I do wonder though what was up with Hyogo’s weapon with the bluish-glow.

Maybe a protection spell was cast on it, as was the wall of Banmon (I reference this every single episode review because it was my favorite arc ☺ haha ).

Tahomaru, Off to face a disappointed Lord Daigo...
Tahomaru, Off to face a disappointed Lord Daigo…

Do you think Tahomaru and Hyakkimaru can come to an agreement that keeps both brothers alive? Will someone steal Dororo’s treasure before she journeys back to the island? Was Itachi’s death warranted?

Leave your thoughts in the comment section below, I’d love to hear from you! Also be sure to follow us for more Dororo 2019 episode reviews!

See you back here next Monday for another one!

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