Whose Memories Are Those? – Shingeki no Kyojin S3 Episode 21 Review

Attack on Titan Season 3 Part 2 Episode 9 (or 21) Review.

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Hmm, so I am pretty sure they have to be in some sort of perpetual time loop now. Eren, through Kruger, tells his father Grisha that for his friend’s sake and everyone else, he has to see the mission through to the end. If not, it will just keep repeating.

Eren has had two dreams now via PATHs. One in the first episode of the series, surrounding the death of his mother by the smiling titan Dina Fritz. The other, his father’s conscious memories.

In both instances, Eren seemed to lose time and not know his surroundings. In season 1, Eren is confused that Mikasa has longer hair, and in the anime he also sees flashbacks of things we have yet to see. In jail, Eren recounts the memories and pieces together the gaps.

While speaking to Armin, he narrates the memories normally. While alone when Armin, Hange and Levi come to get him, he is “reliving” it aloud by himself. As if his actual consciousness slips into the living memory, and he is there speaking to his father on the wall, instead of Kruger.

Eren Yeager bleeding through Eren Kruger's consciousness to address his father. SnK s3 pt2 Ep21
Eren Yeager bleeding through Eren Kruger’s consciousness to address his father. SnK s3 pt2 Ep21

That somehow, Eren’s actual memories are that of Eren Kruger’s. That even though it is a different time, everything is non-linear and the information can be accessed all at once, or not at all.

Maybe that was the case with Historia and Ymir’s letter. It seems like the closer the Eldians get to the actual truths of their world, the more PATHs is (unconsciously) utilized.

Historia used PATHs when she dealt the final blow to her father, Rod Reiss. She was able to see and confirm that the Founding Titan is bound by the will of the 145th king. In the military hearing, she is able to piece together more of her family’s history because of this.

If she ever speaks to Eren about it, the two could talk about how his father stole the titan from her family.

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But going back to Eren’s dreams, does the intensity of the memories change now that the coordinate lies dormant within him? And if so, why can’t he remember his first dream at the beginning of the series?

There is also the issue of past titan wielders’ memories and personalities bleeding through. Maybe while Eren was sitting in jail, the memory bled through time and space and Eren was actually there living through his past wielder? If that was the case, wouldn’t that explain why Eren has no clue where he is after waking up from PATHs memories?

I know I’m all over the place, but between reading theories from the anime and manga there are just too many possibilities. Especially between Eren and Historia, and their importance to one another. I mean, she’s named History for heaven’s sake – humanity’s titan weapon and history becoming one would be something special to this world, right?

I’m on board with that theory, by the way. The one concerning Historia’s situation and the theory on just how much Eren was involved. I won’t spoil it for non-manga readers but it is totally his. There is too much foreshadowing for it to not be.

Anyway, before I end this review here, I’d like to share some theories concerning the number 13 from Reddit. The number comes up frequently in the story, and is always associated with Ymir Fritz. Maybe when events lead towards the odd number, it means Ymir had a direct hand in it?

Reddit theories on the significance of the number 13 in Attack on Titan.
Reddit theories on the significance of the number 13 in Attack on Titan
Reddit theories on the significance of the number 13 in Attack on Titan
Reddit theories on the significance of the number 13 in Attack on Titan
Did Isayama employ god-tier foreshadowing in the Attack on Titan series?
Did Isayama employ god-tier foreshadowing in the Attack on Titan series?

Either way, I’ll leave this one here.

What do you think about PATHs? Did Eren inherit the personality of his father and Eren Kruger from the Attack Titan? Why do you think Ymir is showing everyone extremely specific visions, and does this add to her endgame?

Leave your thoughts in the comment section below, I’d love to hear from you! Also be sure to follow us for more Shingeki no Kyojin Season 3 Reviews!

See you back here same time next week!

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