It Was Fun, Toma! – Stars Align Ep 7 Review

This is a review of Hoshiai no Sora, or Stars Align episode seven.

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Augh whose parent complained to the principal? Was it Shinjou’s mom? It’s always something.

Who is scheming now?

Anyway, we’ll worry about that next week. For now, let’s celebrate the grasshoppers’ win over Misaki Academy! So I know the boy’s soft tennis grasshopper team didn’t actually win, but I view their ability to keep up as one.

Misaki Academy is apparently the best of the best, so the fact that they gave their team a run for their money – against their ace pair – means a whole lot! I am so proud of them, damned if they are just fictional characters or not. Their hard work is paying off, although it seems forces are conspiring against them to halt the success.

I had a bad feeling that for some reason, the summer tournament might be their last event. That’s why Sakurai-sensei elected to take them out for a treat. I thought he would break the news then, but Oji Arashi showed up to crash the party. The boys are (understandably) hesitant at first, but Makimaki and Arashi seem to hit it off so eventually the team accepts him into their BBQ.

Maki usually has an ulterior motive concerning things, so I was wondering if his acceptance of Arashi was half being friendly, half wanting to know more about him for their future playbook strategies.

Arashi, like Kaori, is also a child from a rich household. I thought he was just a spoiled sport, but it would explain why even the Misaki coach referred to him as ‘Prince Oji’. I bet his folks donate a lot of money to the academy, especially the boy’s soft tennis team. In exchange, their son is a star. Not saying the kid doesn’t have any talent, he clearly does – but there are other factors at play.

I’m glad Itsuki is finally comfortable with Maki enough to change in the locker room with the rest of the team like they always had. It’s also great that Yuuta (I think that’s his name – the team manager) noticed that Mitsue is lonely. I’m glad the team has accepted her, and didn’t make her feel bad about eating so much food. Especially since they have pretty much stopped questioning why she shows up at these events – like did they even tell her to meet them on the beach? How did she have directions?

Her and Maki live in the same apartment complex, why didn’t they just come together?

Either way, I adore this show. The bittersweet quality at times does depress me, but the good always outweighs the bad. I’m looking forward to finding out what exactly is Shinjou’s issue. He’s still young, so there’s no way to tell if he has a personality disorder (antisocial, bi polar, etc.) but it would somewhat explain his mother’s attitude. Only somewhat though.

Two Grasshoppers have a heart to heart. Stars Align Episode 7.
Two Grasshoppers have a heart to heart. Stars Align Episode 7.

So, who do you think is plotting against our soft grasshopper team this week? (yes, I am intentionally leaving out the ‘boys’ in this phrase) Do you think Mitsue and Makimaki came to a sort of agreement off screen? Will Yuuta ever get his man?

Leave your thoughts in the comment section below, I’d love to hear from you! Also be sure to follow us for more Stars Align episode reviews.

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