I’ve Been Nominated! – Real Neat (Anime) Blog Award

I’ve been nominated for the Real Neat Anime Blog Award!

I’ve been nominated for the Real Neat Anime Blog Award by Jun from Convoluted Situation! Please check their blog out if you have time!

The Rules

Display the logo

Answer the questions from the person who nominated you

Nominate 7-10 bloggers

Leave seven questions for nominees to answer

The Questions

What’s an unexpectedly good series that you’ve seen recently?

I really enjoyed Children of the Whales. I know it has a mixed reception, but I thought it was really great ☺.

Do you put more importance on art or story?

Story. I can deal with “crappy” or bad art styles. But if the story isn’t enticing while the art/background/production/decorum is – then what’s the point? It would be so hollow.

Is there an unpopular or underrated series that you’d recommend to others?

Zankyou no TerrorTerror in Resonance. I don’t know if it’s unpopular but I never hear much about it and (personally) thought it was an absolute masterpiece.

What anime has your favorite soundtrack?

Anime – Natsume Yuujinchou, or Natsume’s Book of Friends

OVA/Short Film – Hotarubi no Mori E, or Forest of the Fireflies

(Both stories by author/mangaka Midorikawa Yuki! haha)

Although, Samurai Champloo is a close second.

Do you have any upcoming series that you’re looking forward to seeing?

Log Horizon season 3 and Attack on Titan season 4!

Are there any manga that you’d like to see come to animation?

Oh this is an old one, but Hibiki’s Magic. I remember going to Barnes & Noble back in the day and sitting on the floor reading volumes until the store staff started giving me looks. I don’t know if I own the whole series, but I think I have the first two (or three?) volumes.

Who’s your favorite couple in anime or manga?

Ummm…I don’t think I have one haha. But in regards to regular animation…Zutara 4 lyfe ☺

Nominees (in no particular order…)

Anime As A Cup of Tea

Krystallina from Daiyamanga (“Diamond Manga”)


Geek Nabe

Isn’t It Electrifying?

Lost in Anime

Religiously Nerdy

Congrats to all of the nominees! You all deserve it!

Questions for Nominees

Can you remember the first anime you ever saw?

What drew you to it?

If you could live in any anime world – where would you go?


Would you rather go to an urban, suburban, or rural high school if you had to in an anime?

About how many shows have you watched from start to finish?

What is your least favorite anime, or one you dropped pretty quickly?

Thanks again to Jun from Convoluted Situation for the nomination! I really appreciate it!

(plus, it’s always fun to just answer questions haha ☺)

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