Adaptability in Still Life -Blue Period Ep 5 & 6 Review

As tensions come to a head between rivals Yatora and Takahashi, the art students crack under the pressure of midterms. This is a review and discussion for Blue Period Episode 5 and 6 on Netflix.

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Wow, this episode was like a rollercoaster of emotion. 

But, also very realistic at the same time. 

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The Blue Period Arc

A slight explanation as to why I haven’t been uploading lately, and an introduction to a possible blue period arc on the website.

Hey Everyone! Sorry I’ve been gone for quite some time. 

I actually do have more to upload than just Tokyo Revengers reviews, but lately it’s been a struggle to write.  

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Stop Idolizing These People

Just a friendly reminder that criticism is healthy for a fandom, and to stop idolizing these people you do not know.

So as usual, I was going to write this a few days ago. But then stopped myself because I felt that I was being too harsh. 

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The Shield of Marley – Attack on Titan S4 Ep 3 Review

This is a review of Episode Three of Attack on Titan Season 4, the Final Season. Titled “The Door of Hope”.

Poor Reiner.

He can never quite catch a break, can he?

Check out last week’s episode review here.

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It’s Too Late to Apologize – Shingeki no Kyojin Ch 134 Review

This is a review of the Shingeki no Kyojin monthly manga, Chapter 134: In the Depths of Despair.

My alternative post title for this chapter would be ‘Eren plays baseball in Marley’.

But, ♫ it’s too late to apologize ♫ is just too melodramatic to pass up.

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A Small Warning

Just a small warning against odd events currently transpiring in New York City.

In a message for those who would listen, I mentioned possible evildoings and/or troubles ahead before the global pandemic and shutdowns.

Here I am again, as we shift into fall and then winter.

Now, I could be saying a lot here – or I could be saying nothing. It is up to the reader to interpret or decide. It is up to you out there reading this to decide how you want to take this information.

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I’m Doing NaNoWriMo Again This Year! (And More Site Updates)

What’s upcoming on the website this month? I’m really looking forward to Attack on Titan the Final Season. Also, is anyone else doing # NaNoWriMo?

Hey Everyone!

It’s been a while since I’ve written one of these.

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Weird But True Paranormal Stories

Taking a look back at some true paranormal phenomenon (and creepy people) I’ve had experiences with in the past for Halloween.

So last year, I took the 31 Days of October & 31 Days of Halloween challenge on my blog.

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