A Small Warning

Just a small warning against odd events currently transpiring in New York City.

In a message for those who would listen, I mentioned possible evildoings and/or troubles ahead before the global pandemic and shutdowns.

Here I am again, as we shift into fall and then winter.

Now, I could be saying a lot here – or I could be saying nothing. It is up to the reader to interpret or decide. It is up to you out there reading this to decide how you want to take this information.

If you think I’m crazy? That’s totally fine. If you don’t – that’s swell, too.

There are some pretty nefarious things going on around major cities in America.

Over the summer, most of us were plagued with fireworks (and what sounded like a mix of gunshots thrown in for good measure). Some claimed this was a psyop on the citizens living in these areas to unnerve them and mess with their subconscious sense of security.

Others said it was just kids “playing pranks and letting off steam” with high-quality professional fireworks.

What’s the truth here? Who knows.

But I remember how bad the fireworks in New York were over the summer. It even spilled into a certain Kmovie review I was trying to complete on the night of the Fourth. I remember the jumbo Reddit thread of New Yorkers complaining about how out of hand it had gotten in then recent weeks.

I remember the New York Post article that showed videos of the illegal fireworks being lit by FDNY firefighters in Brooklyn one night. I remember seeing a grainy video of fireworks coming from the back of an (alleged) NYPD precinct.

I remember the video someone took outside their window of 4 – 5 ambulances blazing sirens and creating noise pollution while riding around the block in circles for residents early into the morning.

I remember the videos that surfaced during those ‘organic’ protests after a certain killing of a certain man. The videos from social media that showed pallets full of bricks laid all across the streets, right in front of fancy boutiques and big corporate money-makers. The pain and anguish in those on the frontline’s voices as they tried to deter clueless young and angry adolescents running on emotion to not follow the random men in suits telling them to throw bricks into window store cases.

The arguments and cursing out of those riding around without any sort of face covering or masks to hide their identity offering bricks to young men on the streets. Or at a gas station.

Those who came into our city of New York, professionals – or as the news put it – “bad actors” who came from out of state to destroy, loot, and then leave our great city. Their faces were caught on social media. As every single bridge and many stoplights have cameras, their license plates were caught on feeds.

But, no arrests. No warrants. Nothing.

Just a collective “oh well” from the media as these corporations cashed in checks for damages.

No inquiry into the pallets of bricks. No inquiry to the single-form lines of ‘angry protesters’ and ‘rioters’ who calmly threw the first brick before inciting the crowd and disappearing into a cloud of smoke.

Now, there seems to be more fuckery afoot. Excuse my language.

A few days ago, videos surfaced of large sandbags in front of transportation hubs around the city. So large that it came up to the video-taker’s chest.

There is a gigantic steel door that can be hermetically sealed in one of the subways. The type that can be found in bank vaults to lock away valuables, or trap would-be criminals in.

All along 5th avenue, shops are boarded up. Places in Times Square seem to be the same. To be honest, I don’t even like Times Square – I used to avoid it at least 3 blocks over to steer clear of the tourists and crowds – but that just seems odd to me.

Sure, no tourists are around – but that is frequently considered to be the ‘crossroads of the world’. Where advertisements are at their peak. If it’s all shut down, then who is all of this for?

The famed Macy’s of Herald Square is boarded up, due to ‘preparation for anticipated rioting come the 2020 presidential election’, allegedly. I’ve even seen a photo or two of a high-end corporate establishment that was boarded up, had a fence around it, armed guards and even barbed wire on the top to boot.

If you’d like to find some of these photos yourself, you simply have to search ‘NYC boarded up’ or something similar to that phrase on Twitter. It’s no secret.

So you are probably wondering: why am I saying all of this?

It’s not meant to be political. It’s not meant to fear-monger you in any way, shape or form. It’s to make you aware.

There are similar reports from people all along other major cities across the country of the same events happening. D.C., California, Chicago….all similar actions.

People online are also casually mentioning that their jobs and places of employment have sent out memos on ‘what to do in civil unrest’ just for funsies.

Separately, it means nothing. But put it all together…and something seems to be brewing.

I am now re-thinking that strange email I got from the water company requesting my phone number in case the water supply becomes contaminated and they need to quickly update me.

That email from the light company requesting contact information in case the power goes out in an ‘unforeseen event’ in the future some months ago.

These little things do mean something.

So I don’t know where you are in the world reading this, but I know France is locked down again and under strict curfew. New Zealand is under lockdown. Who is next?

And what is really going on in NYC?

For reference, I live about an hour outside of the city. Not close enough for simultaneous weather patterns, but close enough to feel the after effects. I live about a five minute drive from the coast…from water. On a good day, the streets nearby only flood. On a bad day, the streets only a few blocks over from me flood for a good week until the water evaporates.

The street I live on is the cutoff for our hurricane evacuation zone.

If some sort of small-scale cataclysm does hit NYC (which I hope it doesn’t) – it would have a ripple effect everywhere. The surrounding boroughs, the tri-state area…the very heart of this great nation’s economy would be hit.

Again, I am not trying to scare you, just trying to bring awareness.

Are you prepared for things that may happen when the president is re-elected this year? Because let’s be honest – we all know it’s going to happen. In this simulated reality at least. I’m not even trying to ruffle any feathers here, just merely talking.

After all, this is a live demonstration. So along those lines, is whatever happening, or ‘planned’ to happen in NYC another demonstration? Another Operation Gotham Shield? Look it up.

(I’ll link to the live demonstration thing if I ever find another link. The original clip from the press briefing has been mysteriously taken down.)

I’m pretty sure the news has begun their heavily biased and propaganda-laden tirade on this supposed ‘racial divide’ in the country. A few more men will be shot and the weeks of protest will begin again, causing a shut down for whatever reasons. Again I don’t want that to happen, but the narrative seems to fit for now.

Either way, are you prepared for whatever is to come? Do you have enough for you and your family? Do you know the difference between fireworks and gunshots? If you don’t, you need to learn real quick.

I never directly shared this, although I did allude to it in a few posts around the time on the website. But there has been a lot of fireworks and actual shootings going on in my neighborhood. I don’t know why.

One morning, in broad daylight, a bullet came through my bedroom wall. Had I been up there at the time, I would most likely be dead.

I think about this everytime I go to bed and it’s one of the first things I think about when I wake up.

“I’m still alive.”

It plays on my mind all day sitting at home. Essentially taking away my sense of comfort.

Maybe that’s why I’ve been like a bat out of the underworld lately, writing and trying to take care of my personal affairs like a woman possessed. Like I’ve sprung directly out of the primordial waters of chaos and come straight back to this. As the legends say, at least.

But you know what? My head has never been clearer. It’s funny, what something like that will do to you psychologically. It essentially takes away your innocence, to the point where you feel like you are ready for anything.

There is no off-switch, only the path forward. Maybe that’s why I’m sympathizing with Eren Yeager and the Yeagerist faction from Attack on Titan so much right now, haha.

I feel like I’ve essentially lost the point now in this article, so I’ll leave it here.

Are you prepared for what may come in your country? Do you have enough for yourself and your family to survive, last, and/or ride this one out?

With death, brings rebirth. So, I fear nothing in my country. Because I am home. You can’t run the American Indian away from her birthright. This is my land.  I am home.

And I will be here to see its end, and its new beginning. Through whatever may come.

Will you?

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Is it the sea or clouds we're seeing?
Is it the sea or clouds we’re seeing?

Author: In Asian Spaces

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3 thoughts on “A Small Warning”

  1. The thing about it is that it’s a very real threat – when I had them, I visited my grandparents in South Central LA, I learned what gunshots were. Now in New Jersey, I live in a quiet town filled with the violent opposition of change and progress and people who are just different – but lately, I’ve been hearing those “fireworks”, as my boyfriend insists they are. I recall those moments you mentioned in the summer with the “fireworks” (since I live extremely close to Manhatten), but sure, we’ll call them fireworks to ease the mind. You’re right, though, that this oddly makes everything clearer in terms of what’s happening but I don’t think it’s remiss of companies to preemptively board up in case something happens tomorrow evening. To be honest, it’s *terrifying* and I’m trying to cling what I can to retain some semblance of peace and hope as much as I can but I also don’t want to deny what this actually is: fear, pure fear. I’ve been in small towns before and they make it clear that I’m not welcome (and my boyfriend for that matter should he lived there with me) but I hope they realize that it doesn’t MATTER if they refuse the change that’s both here and coming. And they need to accept that they no longer live in a world where stamping their foot and talking to the manager will earn them a rush of superiority over those “below them”. You’re right – a new beginning is coming and I know I’ll be here.

    I’m worried about those who won’t.

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