Rejected Dreams and Sociopathy – Itaewon Class Ep 10-11 Review

This is a review of episode 10 & 11 of Itaewon Class, or 이태원 클라쓰 kdrama currently airing on Netflix.

Check out the previous episode review here.

Welp, there goes the DanBam manager haha.

Seriously though, what was Park Sae Royi thinking?

I honestly don’t understand that.

Given Geun Soo has decided to be petty and our first introduction to Sae Royi was him dismissing a girl’s feelings…I still didn’t expect it to turn out this way.

“I like Soo Ah.”

Are you freaking kidding me, Sae Royi?

I mean, I can understand where he is coming from. He doesn’t want to lead anybody on or give them false hope. There’s nothing wrong with that. I’m even okay with him pointing out the age gap! Honestly, I’ll be twenty-eight next month. If someone in the same age group as Yi Seo approached me romantically I wouldn’t entertain it as well.

I’d see them as just a kid. So in that regard, I cannot fault Sae Royi. But in every other regard, what on earth is wrong with him?

Yes – Park Sae Royi owes Jo Yi Seo absolutely nothing. She came of her own accord, and he needed her expertise. He viewed her as family, but when the time came to say the right thing he botched it. To the point where it seems like Sae Royi was just using her and didn’t even care at all. It seems…callous.

Yes, Jo Yi Seo is a sociopath. But, she’s been sincere in her actions and truly wanted to help Park Sae Royi AND DanBam grow.

She gave up university, a stable job, and used her own social media prowess to grow the company into what it is today – a literal corporation. That was her doing. That was Jo Yi Seo’s handiwork.

Needed customers in the place? Yi Seo handled it.

Needed interior design for DanBam? Yi Seo handled it.

Needed the chief to be trained to actually cook and cook well?

Yi Seo handled it.

Needed a business plan, guidance, and a strategy? Yi Seo handled it.

Needed industry connects to bring publicity to the pub? Yi Seo handled it.

Needed someone to save Sae Royi from himself? Yi Seo handled it.

No, Park Sae Royi doesn’t owe Jo Yi Seo anything, but to put her down OVER Geun Soo of all people’s feelings? Really Sae Royi? Like…are we in the twilight zone here? What is he thinking?

Yes, the boy had nothing to do with his family, but is Sae Royi really going to prop his feelings up over the person who has been riding for him this entire time? The son of the man who covered up your father’s murder? The one with divided loyalties? The one who seems to be consumed with the manifestation of nature vs nurture within him?

What, because he reminds you of yourself when you were younger? Because Geun Soo, the (rich) bastard (heir) of the top food company in Korea who mopes around town is feeling sad?

Get real, Sae Royi.

Success! You're on the list.

So, Oh Soo Ah is really that important to Sae Royi? So important, that he has never kissed a woman, or thought about anyone else for over ten years because she was his first crush?

Despite repeatedly telling Soo Ah she can live however she wants, and not holding it against her – he decided that Yi Seo is not worthy of that standard? Soo Ah can actively sabotage his pub, his business, his revenge against the men who murdered his father – but Soo Ah can work for them?

Soo Ah can help them destroy her “friend”? Soo Ah can continue to play both sides and pretend to feel bad about it and then what – bat her eyelashes and Sae Royi swoons to her side? Is it truly okay with Sae Royi that the person he claims to love does not love him back and actively emotionally abuses him, but the one person who has been helping him – despite her mental illness – is just disposable?

That just doesn’t sit right with me. I thought Sae Royi was better than that. Even Hyun Yi saw straight through the situation. You know, Soo Ah had better watch out – Geun Soo might give her a run for her money in his level of petty.

I don’t actively ship anyone together (whatever happens in the story happens) but it broke my heart to see Yi Seo break down like that. Whatever your own personal feelings are about the story or her character, that was wrong.

Jo Yi Seo bet her life on Park Sae Royi, and he let her down.

Honestly, he deserves whatever turmoil they are facing in the preview for tomorrow’s episode. How he treated Yi Seo was unacceptable. Totally and completely and utterly unacceptable.

That rejection scene actually broke my own heart. And simultaneously reminded me I was watching a kdrama with the awesome soundtrack. Wow. Wonder what the song title is, “rejected dreams and sociopathy”?

Ugh, I’m just disgusted by the whole thing. This was supposed to be a joint episode 10 and 11 review, but I keep harping on this. So quickly to summarize:

I’m glad To Ni found his family. It sucks that his father passed, and because his dad was estranged from his mother it seemed like he abandoned the family in Guinea. I don’t know why To Ni’s grandmother didn’t accept her son’s wife – whether it be prejudice or a lack of control or both – but hopefully she can have a relationship with her grandson. It seems like they could both use someone.

Most importantly, To Ni needs citizenship ☺. Add him to the family registry, grandma!

I actually felt really bad for Geun Won when he went to jail last episode. Not because he didn’t deserve to serve time for his crime, but because he is dumb. Geun Won is the stupid son of Jangga. Who didn’t catch that Ms. Kang was threatening his position, or that his father was hugging him goodbye for the first and final time.

He truly didn’t catch on that his father threw him under the bus. I watched episode 10 twice, and it was a nice touch that Geun Won’s hair looks the same as it did in high school. Almost like they had gone back in time, and shown what should have happened.

Geun Won also losing his tie running away could be symbolism for the noose being off his neck – he is no longer shackled to Jangga.

Then Soo Ah coming to do the Chairman’s dirty work by signing away his shares was just the icing on top of the delicious cake that was his life. Did that sound lame? Yes. But it was the first metaphor that popped into my head so let’s go with it.

Soo Ah conveniently is no longer working at the Itaewon pub, and has been sent to spy now for the Best Pub cooking show. Convenient. So, very, convenient. That even Sae Royi doesn’t question it.

Chairman Jang has two spies now, but one of them doesn’t like sharing the spotlight.

We’ll see who can be pettier next episode. But, how did you feel about what went down?

I cannot forgive this. Itaewon Class Episode 11.
I cannot forgive this. Itaewon Class Episode 11

Do you think Sae Royi was too cruel to Jo Yi Seo? Was it right to accept all of that investment money to franchise right off the bat? Is Seung Kwon’s crush on Hyun Yi getting a little too awkward to hide?

Leave your thoughts in the comment section below, I’d love to hear from you! Also be sure to follow us for more Itaewon Class reviews!

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6 thoughts on “Rejected Dreams and Sociopathy – Itaewon Class Ep 10-11 Review”

  1. Totally devastated too…you articulated everything I was feeling about Sae Royi and Yi Seo…and the double standards of how he deals with Soo Ah. “I don’t want to lie to you…” heartbreaking.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I have nothing to add to your insights except to say that i enjoy your reviews and rants about IC. Very coherently, worded.
    I read some comments saying that Yi Seo deserved whatever was coming to her due to her careless way of responding and baiting Geun Soo. What are your thoughts on that?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for the kind words (=

      I don’t think she deserved that. Maybe this is wrong to say, but Geun Soo knew how she was and wasn’t too suprised when she basically told him to his face that she didn’t really care for him. If this is his form of retaliation, so be it. I’m sure on some level, Yi Seo expected this.


  3. I stopped watching this drama after Episode 10. I dont know, it just lost its spark in my opinion. The first few episodes got me, but it was a bit dragging till here. Or maybe people keep posting spoilers of this on Facebook 😅

    Liked by 1 person

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