A New Fantasy World – Re: Zero S1 Ep 1 Review

This is a review and rewatch of the Re: Zero – Starting Life in Another World anime series. Covering Season one Episode one (Director’s Cut Edition).

I say ‘rewatch’ and not review because I saw a few episodes via a reactor I was watching.

Then I feel asleep. 

Not because they were boring, but I was just particularly tired that day.  

When I woke up, the reactor was on season two and I watched a few more episodes before deciding to actually properly watch it myself. 

I’ve wanted to do a rewatch series on my blog for a while now, since there were so many good anime and animated tv shows I never got a chance to review live because…it was many years ago.  

So I figure, what better time than to do them now! 

For reference, my favorite isekai series is Log Horizon, with Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash being a close second. I also really like Attack on Titan, but that hasn’t been confirmed to be an isekai anime series…yet. 😏 

Anyways, enough talking – let’s get into this dark fantasy series! 

So starting off with an unpopular opinion here, but I think Emilia is shady. 

I know that she is a half-elf, and has some sort of resemblance to the Witch of Jealousy Satella, but is not actually her. Despite all of this, time travel shenanigans are at play here via Return by Death – so anything is possible. 

I’m going to hold onto my suspicion of Emilia for a while longer. Especially since she and Puck seem to know something more about Subaru than they let on. 

Speaking of Subaru…he mentioned staying at the arcade all day long before hitting the conbini and being transported to Lugnica randomly. He also seemed to be crying out for help, or trying to warn his future self not to go there…but then later on in the episode makes a promise to save Emilia basically however many times it takes. 

So…could that have been the start of the time loop? Or the revival that is somehow connected to the Witch Satella and her love for Subaru? 

Why does Subaru even feel compelled to keep saving Emilia over and over no matter what? I get that he thinks she is pretty, but is it really worth putting yourself through the mental torture of dying over and over in the most gruesome ways? 

There has to be something deeper at play here.  

It was never stated if Re:Zero is actually a video game, but since “starting life in another world” is part of the title does it mean it is an alternative universe?  

Or one parallel to Subaru’s current world of ordinary Japan in our present time?  

Because how on earth would Satella be powerful enough to summon a human into a video game unless the video game character was somehow…sentient? And since Subaru played in the arcade all day he was somehow transported into her world? 

I don’t know. I probably sound like a crackpot naming all of these off the wall theories and it’s only the first episode. 

Either way, I’m going to keep watching. Hopefully you will all continue to read and watch along with me ☺. 

(Also…I’m kind of digging Elsa. I know that she’s the villain but, she seems to have a really interesting world view. Then again, sometimes I just like the antagonist just for the sake of liking them. Especially if they seem more interesting than the current protagonist…) 

But, tell me your thoughts. 

I've got my eye on you, Satella. Or Emilia. Whoever you really are. Re:Zero Episode 1 (Director's Cut)
I’ve got my eye on you, Satella. Or Emilia. Whoever you really are. Re:Zero Episode 1 (Director’s Cut)

Have you already seen season one of Re:Zero? What is so special about Subaru that he has the Return by Death power? Does Emilia turn into Satella in some distant alternative timeline? 

Leave your thoughts in the comment section below, I’d love to hear from you! Also be sure to follow us for more weekly Re: Zero – Starting Life in Another World rewatches and reviews!

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Come back Next Wednesday for another episode review! 

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