Slice of Life Takemitchy – Tokyo Revengers Ep 23 Review

Is what Takemichi did considered cheating in Japan? And why is Kisaki still in Toman? This is a review and discussion for Episode 23 of Tokyo卍Revengers.

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This was a nice little episode! 

I really enjoyed the slice of life and romcom elements. It takes away from having such a serious plot each week.  

Takemichi even became more likable and we finally saw the effects of his time traveling actions: 

respect from Draken for saving his life, and stopping Mikey from killing Kazutora 

respect from Mitsuya, who personally sewed his new Toman jacket 

Takemichi even got invited back to Draken’s place just to get a personal thanks. 

Am I the only one who laughed at Draken having a whole rack of clothes with the same patterned jacket he always wears?  

Draken's wardrobe really consists of the same jacket with slightly different pattern variants. Hilarious. Tokyo Revengers Episode 23
Draken’s wardrobe really consists of the same jacket with slightly different pattern variants. Hilarious. Tokyo Revengers Episode 23

It reminded me of that Hey Arnold episode way back when Helga opened her closet and had the same pink dress on the entire rack. 

Anyway, I was visiting the forums as usual and came across this topic of discussion: “Takemichi is a cheater”. 

Well, he’s honestly not

It seems that people were upset that this is the second time we’ve witnessed Takemichi try and sleep with another girl.  

Once was Takemichi being zapped into his past self while automichi had Emma half-naked in the karaoke booth, the most recent was this episode.  

Takemichi thought that Draken “gifted” him a prostitute so that he could finally lose his virginity. 

(Mind you, I’m pretty sure Draken and Takemichi never even discussed the latter’s virginity but nonetheless…dude has a complex. Despite traveling twelve years into the past and making tons of friends, Takemichi’s still got a strong hikikomori personality.) 

Many people were disgusted by Takemichi being so willing to sleep with the woman, but I don’t think a lot of people realize that Japan is still an actual place? With…actual people? Who live their lives in different ways than (presumably) you and I? 

Believe it or not, Japan has a pretty bad “cheating” problem. In other words, it’s relatively common there. Not to mention regarding attitudes surrounding brothels, it’s generally not considered a form of cheating in Japan.  

Just clients requiring a ‘service’ they cannot get at home or from an intimate partner, as shown in Jdrama My Husband Won’t Fit. Many Japanese married couples also frequent Love Hotels for this reason, as multigenerational families under one roof and thin walls make for very awkward situations. 

Because let’s be honest, nobody wants a note in their mailbox complaining about their “loud sex noises” from an anonymous neighbor, right? You having a sex life would be inconveniencing the entire apartment building by being too noisy with your moaning. 

Of course, this is not meant to generalize, because not everybody in Japan thinks and acts the same. I just wanted to throw that out there, though. And at the same time remind everybody that the legal age of consent in Japan is still 13 years old. 

So as weird as it may have been to see a grown woman about to sleep with 14-year-old Takemichi, it’s perfectly legal in Japan. This is not me agreeing or disagreeing with the situation, just trying to shed some light on it without ‘morality policing’ involved. 

(I mean…isn’t this the same anime where we got a 15-year-old Draken “being huge” dick joke while Takemichi and Mikey were in the onsen with him?) 

I know this may be uncalled for, but I think people often forget that outside of anime, Japan is still a real place. Sure, there are things you may not personally like – but you can’t change that based on your ‘outsider’ perspective. 

Japan is Japan. There is good and bad.  

Once you accept that, it’s hard to get riled up about simple things like this being shown in anime. 

But enough about that. 

Overall, I highly enjoyed this episode. 

Mitsuya was doing normal things which will impact him in the future later on. 

Draken has a crush on Emma, and this will be touched on in the future later on.

A picture of Draken and Emma hanging on Draken's bedroom wall. Tokyo Revengers Ep 23
A picture of Draken and Emma hanging on Draken’s bedroom wall. Tokyo Revengers Ep 23

We have an exciting announcement coming next episode, followed by an insane cliffhanger.  

Speaking of which – is a second season of Tokyo Revengers a given at this point? The series has been insanely popular, and the manga has been selling volumes like hotcakes.  

Either way, I’m going to keep an eye on that. I really can’t wait to see the Black Dragons arc animated! ☺ 

But, tell me your thoughts. 

A picture of best boys Draken and Baji together on Draken's bedroom wall. Tokyo Revengers Ep 23
A picture of best boys Draken and Baji together on Draken’s bedroom wall. Tokyo Revengers Ep 23

Do you consider what Takemichi did to be cheating? 

What do you think Chifuyu and Hanma have to say at the Toman gang meeting? 

And, was it weird seeing Naoto as a child again when he looks older than even Takemichi in the present? 

Leave your thoughts in the comment section below, we’d love to hear from you! Also be sure to follow us for more Tokyo卍Revengers reviews and discussion during the spring anime season! 

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