Time Changes Everything – Our Beloved Summer Ep 5 & 6 Review 

As Choi Woong makes his official debut as Go-Oh, Yeon Su notices a different side of him. This is a review for Episode 5 & 6 of Our Beloved Summer on Netflix.

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Okay, I’m just going to be blunt and come out and say it – what redeeming qualities does Ji Woong currently have?

Episode 5 

Because it seems like from his Pov episode alone, he’s done nothing but mooch off of Choi Woong his entire life. And, he does indeed have a crush on Yeon Su – which I was sure about, but then ended up doubting myself because most other reviewers and people on the forums were saying otherwise. 

(Which is funny – since I usually ignore forums and other reviewers until I first write my own thoughts, but the one time I decide not to, I end up second-guessing myself.  

Group thought is a powerful thing, yes?) 

Anyway – I understand Ji Woong feels guilty for being a parasitic leech to Choi Woong his entire life due to both sharing the same name – but at the same time I’m pretty sure the only reason he didn’t pursue Yeon Su is because he knows that is where Choi Woong would put his foot down.  

Wow, I really must be passionate writing about this tonight.  

I have my first run-on sentence/paragraph for this series now, haha. ☺ 

Or, maybe it’s because I knew something was off with Ji Woong, and realizing I was right makes me feel more invested in the story. Petty, I know – but I feel like I’m finally settling in. 

It wasn’t shocking that Mr. Jang has a thing for Yeon Su, but rather his choice of words when attempting to ‘stick it’ to Choi Woong during their private meeting.  

If I remember correctly, Yeon Su told Mr. Jang her past relationship with Choi Woong/Artist Go-Oh would not be a problem after apologizing for her drunken night when she acted out.  

Then, without properly sharing context to add confusion and exaggerate a relationship or closeness between Yeon Su and Mr. Jang that does not exist, Mr. Jang tells Choi Woong that Yeon Su said her past relationship with him wouldn’t be a problem.  

(Wow, I feel like I’m playing a game of telephone. I was about to write something snarky about how during this telephone exchange these are “adults” and “grownups” acting really childish but then realized Choi Woong and Yeon Su are supposed to be about 29 in this drama, which is my current age. So… can I really talk? 😅 )  

Given the conversation and topic at hand, and Jang’s little snide “you’re surprisingly easy to read” remark to Choi Woong – he fully knew what he was doing. Especially since it seems like he’s trying to cause as much chaos as possible, when episodes earlier Jang proudly proclaimed he doesn’t get into petty squabbles when meeting Yeon Su at the restaurant by chance. 

He’s so petty, and I don’t know if I’m here for it. 

On one hand it adds spice to the show, on the other hand- it’s just annoying. Especially since Yeon Su already told him off once.  

Unless…Mr. Jang is the type to get…excited…over women playing “hard to get” when in reality she really does not want him. 

Anywho – 

Tomorrow’s episode should be really exciting. 

Artists Go-Oh and Nu-a finally face off at the Soen Shop opening!  I like that despite both being in the forefront of the frame, Choi Woong is in focus, while Nu-a is out of focus. His tablet on the screen in the back is clearly visible. Highlighting the differences in mediums of art.
Artists Go-Oh and Nu-a finally face off at the Soen Shop opening! I like that despite both being in the forefront of the frame, Choi Woong is in focus, while Nu-a is out of focus. His tablet on the screen in the back is clearly visible. Highlighting the differences in mediums of art.

We’ll see the results of the Soen Shop opening, Go-Oh/Choi Woong’s first semi-public appearance, the supposed stand-off with Nu-a, and then witness NJ come and ruin it all by showing up uninvited yet again to another event. 

(I know it wasn’t really an event before, but showing up to Choi Woong’s house because he didn’t text back just to immediately leave when he returns home is super creepy.)  

I bet she badgered Ji Woong about his current project, and she did some digging or put two and two together and decided to show up. Or, maybe she’s going full-blown stalker and put a gps tracking app in his smartphone.  

Who knows – anyways on to the next! 

(Quick update: Just found the infamous “Yeon Su’s Grandma is dead and a figment of her imagination” thread on Twitter. Give it a read if you haven’t already done so!) 

Episode 6 

Boy, did that episode go by fast! I swear, I went to pause the tv and when only fifteen minutes was left, I was so surprised. 

Also since it’s been a day, let me go ahead and get my Ji Woong bashing out of the way. Because I mean really…did he let Yeon Su walk home alone, while drunk, all because he didn’t like her answer regarding Choi Woong? 

Really mature, Mr. I-live-vicariously-through-other-people producer man. 

Haha, what is with me tonight? ☺  

It’s been such a long and weird day, maybe I’m subconsciously trying to let off some steam by being as silly as possible? 

Anywho, it turns out we finally learned the real reason why Yeon Su and Choi Woong broke up: Yeon Su has an inferiority complex and feels like she’s no good for Choi Woong. 

Which I’m sorry to say…I’d kind of agree with that sentiment. 

Based on what we’ve seen alone, Yeon Su consciously made the decision to isolate herself. 

She had people in high school who wanted to be friends, but because she was self-conscious about being poor – she decided to cut relationships short before she could be hurt in the end.  

I can totally understand that, but if you decide to live like that…is it really right to still be miserable at the same time? 

What is the point of isolating oneself to the point that you are overworked, underappreciated, and according to her lone friend, Yeon Su apparently has dead fish eyes.  

If you are still being hurt in the end, was it really worth it? 

Does it make it better, or more “noble” because you hurt yourself instead of letting others hurt you first? 

Yeon Su pretending to drink her problems away for the night, instead of just facing them head on. Our Beloved Summer Ep 6
Yeon Su pretending to drink her problems away for the night, instead of just facing them head-on. Our Beloved Summer Ep 6

Unrelated, but I’d love to see Choi Woong get some new friends.  

I understand that he’s a nice guy, but it seems like a lot of people try to take advantage of his laid-back demeanor because he never gets angry, or says anything out of the way. Even if he is pissed off.  

Yeon Su was the only one who brought emotions out of him, and Choi Woong says he’s in pain…do sleeping pills really have the side effect of memory loss? I know Choi Woong said he can’t tell his dreams from reality sometimes, but then in this episode he was so sure what happened between he and Yeon Su was real. 

Then again, Yeon Su did act in a way that was pretty obvious something indeed happened…even if she was initially trying to play it cool. 


I’m looking forward to hearing Yeon Su’s verbal answer to Choi Woong as to the reason why they broke up.  

But, tell me your thoughts. 

Yeon Su stares at Choi Woong at work, realizing that he's changed. From Our Beloved Summer Ep 6
Yeon Su stares at Choi Woong at work, realizing that he’s changed. From Our Beloved Summer Ep 6

Do you think Ji Woong is upset that he wasn’t filming when NJ showed up unexpectedly ((again)) to crash Go-Oh’s debut? 

Why do you think Yeon Su saw something “soulful” in Choi Woong’s eyes when drawing, while all his parents saw was sadness? 

Will the Subway product placement in kdrama every become obsolete? 

Leave your thoughts in the comment section below, we’d love to hear from you! Also be sure to follow us for more weekly Our Beloved Summer kdrama recaps and discussion!    

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