Ayanokoji Throws the Sports Festival – Classroom of the Elite S2 Ep 6 Review

A traitor in Class C saves Horikita from being blackmailed by Ryuen, and Kushida Kikyo confesses the real reason why she hates Suzune and wants her expelled.

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Interesting, interesting. 

Why Does Kushida Hate Suzune? 

While revealing in Classroom of the Elite season one to Ayanokoji that she hates Suzune because she has no hidden side to her personality, this episode delves even deeper into Kushida’s psychology. 

We finally learned Kushida’s goal and the true reason behind her hostility toward Suzune: to get Horikita Suzune expelled due to her knowledge of Kushida’s past. 

Kushida's two-faced split personality comes out during a conversation with Ryuen and Horikita
Kushida’s two-faced split personality comes out during a conversation with Ryuen and Horikita

Suzune even told Kushida this episode that she didn’t remember her at first, so I’m fairly certain as Suzune points out that if Kushida had just left her alone in year one instead of forcing a friendship – things would have been fine. But since Ayanokoji is in the picture, and Kushida has now threatened both Ayanokoji twice, and Suzune once – Kushida is going down.  


The Class C Traitor 

I do wonder who the Class C traitor could be. 

I think Class C’s class discussions were closed off from others, but my first thought was Ichinose Honami finding out about Ryuen’s plan somehow – or through one of her many spies.  

Who knows, maybe it’s even Albert since he’s probably tired of Ryuen’s shenanigans.  

The prospect of Ayanokoji being this far ahead in his scheming and figuring out Ryuen would just announce his plan to Class C aloud like the tyrant he is – and just expected everyone to obey mindlessly – was a great move. Ryuen’s arrogance is his only weakness that even I as a viewer can point out.

He’s pretty solid on all other fronts. 

Why Does Ayanokoji Want to Lose the Sports Festival?

Ayanokoji wants Class D to lose the Sports Festival in order for them to suffer a loss that ultimately will lead the class to bond. Ayanokoji also wants to use the Sports Festival as a way to flush out Kushida Kikyo as the Class D traitor.

Horikita and Sudo Bond

Horikita moves Sudo Ken with a great speech, and brings him back to the Sports Festival
Horikita moves Sudo Ken with a great speech, and brings him back to the Sports Festival

It seems Ayanokoji planning for Class D to throw the Sports Festival also inspired growth in Horikita and Sudo. 

I’m so glad Horikita was honest for once and spoke her true feelings to motivate – and inspire loyalty – in Sudo.  

Hell, I’m just watching this on a computer screen and Suzune’s speech fired me up, as well. ☺ If Sudo and Horikita do remain allies until graduation, I can’t wait to see how much they grow together after this incident. 

Speaking of incident – why on earth did Kei leave when Horikita punched Ayanokoji in the stomach? 

Did Kei get jealous or something over their perceived closeness?  

I hope she knows that Ayanokoji doesn’t even consider Suzune a true friend – although his concerned face after she apologized for her faults during the Sports Festival was…interesting, to say the least. 

And with that…I think I’m going to wrap up the review here.  

But, tell me your thoughts. 

Who else wanted to see the full Ayanokoji vs Manabu race?
Who else wanted to see the full Ayanokoji vs Manabu race?

Do you think Kushida’s reason for wanting Horikita Suzune expelled is stupid? 

Will Sudo and Suzune remain allies until graduation? 

And…why on earth did someone have to trip and prevent us from seeing the full Ayanokoji vs Manabu match in the track race?  

(I really wanted to see Ayanokoji take that win.) 

Leave your thoughts in the comment section below, we’d love to hear from you! Also be sure to follow us for more Classroom of the Elite Season 2 Episode Reviews and Discussions!        

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