The Devil’s Proof – Classroom of the Elite S2 Ep 5 Review

During the Sports Festival, Ryuen throws Class D into chaos using their leaked participation form against them. Despite this, Ayanokoji decides not to help.

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Horikita makes it so hard to root for her sometimes. 

The fact that Ayanokoji spoke plainly to her about how she needs to use Sudo’s affection for her to her advantage as Ayanokoji uses her was bad enough. Then, for Suzune to immediately fall into Kushida’s trap – when Ayanokoji has already warned Suzune that Kushida is the Class D traitor – was stunning to watch, at the very least. 

Is Ryuen Smarter than Suzune? 

While Suzune excels in academic situations, she is still too strait-laced and naïve to defeat Ryuen on any level intellectually. Although, Suzune is (slowly) beginning to learn from her mistakes. 

I am glad that Horikita noticed Ryuen set her up by leading her to the Nurse’s office and blackmailing her to go to the Student Council when he knows Manabu would be embarrassed…I am kind of annoyed that Horikita isn’t putting two and two together. 

During the Island Arc, Ryuen beat Mio and had her infiltrate Class D.  

While there, Mio spied on the Class and (along with Ayanokoji) caused chaos in their ranks. This led to the confrontation in the rain where Suzune got her ass handed to her, and Ayanokoji used the situation to his advantage and saved the day. 

Now during the Sports Festival, Ryuen is using the same playbook as before – with the added bonus of intel from traitor Kushida. Only this time, Ayanokoji has no intention of saving the day. 

Ayanokoji’s Plan for the Sports Festival 

I’m not fully sure what his plan is, but it would make sense to release the leaked class lineup as Ayanokoji did so that the class loses, and gets pissed off at their losses. While already setting up Kushida’s opinion on what the class should do in the Sports Festival by using Kei, the evidence of Kushida’s treachery should manifest itself. 

Kushida Kikyo - the Class D traitor
Kushida Kikyo – the Class D traitor

I mean just think – Kushida was the one who lead Suzune to Ryuen in the nurse’s office, and the Kinoshita girl from Class C’s leg is much worse than it was earlier on the field during the incident. Ryuen is doing the same exact thing as the Island Arc, and using Kushida to deliver messages to her own class to set them up. 

Now with whatever else transpires, the class can question why Kushida was in a room meeting with Ryuen and a Class C student in the first place – especially when they are their direct competitors during this current testing period. 

Not to mention Kushida hugging Ayanokoji while someone was creeping out of a door while the students were still on the ship…the material will definitely be materialized. 

Although he is Class D’s adversary, I can’t help but admire Ryuen’s plans. They are always well-thought-out and multilayered. 

I know I’m beating up on Suzune a bit in this episode review, but her strategy for the Sports Festival was kind of trash.

To put all of the strongest people in all of the competitions: 

  1. Exhausts those students who participate 
  1. Makes them obvious targets for Class B and Class C during the games 

Because of this super straightforward and obvious strategy, it is not hard to disrupt their plans – even if Ryuen didn’t acquire the class participation list. 

So on the surface, it just looks like Ryuen is taking advantage of their poor and obvious gameplan – which makes him above reapproach when he gets aggressive in the games and injures players.  

After disrupting their initial plans (and knowing they have no backups based on Horikita’s consistent lack of foresight), Ryuen knew it would demoralize and throw Class D into chaos – and that’s when Kushida comes in. 

Using Kushida, Ryuen tries to further break Horikita – as Ayanokoji predicted. 

I wonder what other developments will materialize next episode? 

I’m going to wrap it up here, but tell me your thoughts.

Horikita watches Ayanokoji walk away after giving her sound advice during the Sports Festival
Horikita watches Ayanokoji walk away after giving her sound advice during the Sports Festival

Do you think Horikita is an idiot for not learning from her mistakes? 

Can Ryuen get away with using the same playbook during each special test? 


Will Ayanokoji really not save the day? 

Leave your thoughts in the comment section below, we’d love to hear from you! Also be sure to follow us for more Classroom of the Elite Season 2 Episode Reviews and Discussions!        

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