Kobeni Sucks – Chainsaw Man Ep 6 Review

Kobeni drinks toilet bowl water and tries to kill Denji. Power aspires to become Prime Minister of Japan. Let’s admit Chainsaw Man is Mid already.

Wow, Kobeni sucks.

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I mean when you think about it, it’s actually impressive just how lackluster of a character Kobeni is.

Why Does Kobeni Try to Kill Denji?

The episode begins and the public safety squad are stuck on the 8th floor.

As 8 (mugen) is also the symbol for eternity, it makes sense that the aptly named Eternity Devil would keep them trapped there. The Eternity Devil seems to grow on fear, and Himeno says as much to Kobeni while trying to calm her down.

Due to Arai and Kobeni having complete meltdowns (and drinking toilet bowl water??) Kobeni grabs a kitchen knife and decides it would be a great idea to take the Eternity Devil up on his offer of freedom in exchange for killing Denji.

Both Himeno and Aki aren’t with the plan, and tell her to calm down. Power on the other hand, doesn’t mind killing Denji if it means that she can be Prime Minister of Japan and secure the Nobel Peace Prize.

(Seriously, what the f*ck is this show. I’m already half sleep typing this and trying to recall what went on in the episode feels like a fever dream.)

So you know what, let me level with you for a moment.

Is Chainsaw Man Really a Good Anime Show?

Unpopular hot take? Chainsaw Man is kind of trash. Dare say, I’m tempted to call this show mid. And I don’t even use that word in my everyday regular speech.

So uh...Power for Prime Minister 2024? Anybody?
So uh…Power for Prime Minister 2024? Anybody?

I’m trying, but literally all I see are a bunch of highly dysfunctional people and creatures stuck together in impossible situations where I guess they are supposed to bond? There’s a lot of random dialogue that I guess is supposed to be funny but for the most part, comes off as cringy.

Am I supposed to root for a kid whose only goal in life is to touch some t*ddies and take a hot bath?

Should I realistically care about someone like Kobeni – a girl whose parents made her choose between dying as a Devil Hunter or laying on her back being screwed by different men (or women) for money?

I get what Chainsaw Man is trying to do – Denji has a bleak worldview.

Every woman he’s come across has either betrayed him or tried to kill him. All of the devils and other monsters he encounters want him dead because Pochita is in his heart. He’s got zero social skills, money, clout, and is quite literally indentured to the government against his will.

I feel like I am watching the anime version of Shawshank Redemption and Aki, Himeno, and Power are the wardens. I’m going to finish this show because I’m hoping my feelings will change, but watching these oddballs struggle each episode is like pulling teeth for me.

The scenes between Aki and Himeno have been the most interesting to me. I really enjoy their relationship dynamic
The scenes between Aki and Himeno have been the most interesting to me. I really enjoy their relationship dynamic

But, tell me your thoughts?

If you have any? …. Is anybody even reading these reviews anymore?

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