Himeno’s Last Fight – Chainsaw Man Ep 8 Review

Himeno sacrifices it all on a chance the Ghost Devil can save Aki. Katana Man shows up holding a grudge against Denji for killing his Yakuza grandfather.

Hmmm…wasn’t Himeno’s death kind of in vain?

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Himeno Sacrifices Herself For Aki

Himeno sacrificed herself to save Aki by making a last-minute and all-consuming pact with the Ghost Devil.

In exchange for attempting to save Aki, Himeno literally gave her entire being to the devil on the off-chance that it might change their situation.

Himeno makes a last minute pact with the Ghost Devil to trade her remaining body in exchange for possibly saving Aki
Himeno makes a last minute pact with the Ghost Devil to trade her remaining body in exchange for possibly saving Aki

Maybe I’m missing something here, but was that little girl with orange hair supposed to be the Curse Devil? Was she orchestrating the attack on Denji and the Special Division 4 members with him?

I don’t know, this whole entire episode was weird on a whole.

Special Division 4 Is Taken Out

There was a clear assassination attempt on almost everybody we met who attended that welcome dinner the day before. In all honesty, they would probably all still be alive if they hadn’t celebrated and tried to be happy.

Makima and her associate were killed on the train, while Kobeni and Arai were taken out by an old person. As they didn’t show their bodies on screen, Kobeni and her useless partner most likely survived the attack.

While writing this I just looked it up, and the orange-haired girl is a former devil hunter employed by the Gun Devil – which would explain why she’s working with a Yakuza who has a grudge against Denji.

Akane Sawatari and Katana Man were apparently so overpowered that the Ghost Devil was afraid of them, Power didn’t want to be bothered, and Aki’s sword and Fox Devil were useless against them. Honestly, what kind of nonsense is that?

Was Katana Man really so strong that Aki's sword and the Ghost Devil at full strength couldn't harm him?
Was Katana Man really so strong that Aki’s sword and the Ghost Devil at full strength couldn’t harm him?

Did Himeno have to die in order for Aki to grow as a character? Why did Aki even bother looking for the Gun’s flesh pieces and bullets if the devil himself is literally searching out Denji because Pochita is in his heart? 

I mean I’m just so confused at what all of this is even over. Yes – they want Denji’s heart, okay. What does the rest of his division (that employs Devils and Fiends) have to do with Denji? It’s not like everybody is Aki and would have protected Denji, they just would have turned him over and went about their day.

After Himeno’s death, why did Akane and Katana Man stop attacking Aki? Akane even summoned her Snake Devil, is she only allowed to summon it once each fight?

I literally see no reason why those two should have stopped their attempt at killing Aki after Himeno’s sacrifice. Now next episode will they magically just grab Denji’s body and leave Himeno’s clothes just blowing in the wind on the rooftop with a smile?

Like…what the hell was the point of Himeno’s sacrifice when she literally changed nothing?

Why did they stop attacking when Himeno’s death meant nothing?

Sigh…I think I’m going to end the review here.

But, tell me your thoughts.

I 100% bet that Makima will be fine after this little ordeal and walk away unscathed
I 100% bet that Makima will be fine after this little ordeal and walk away unscathed

How do you feel about Himeno’s death? Was it necessary?

Why do you think the usually boastful and proud Power wanted nothing to do with this fight?

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